Chicago Fire Fans Create Amazing Mario Bros Tribute: Video

Chicago Fire’s Section 8 supporter’s group created an incredible tribute to Mario Bros. this past Saturday in their game against Seattle Sounders.

The supporters created a tifo, described as the name for any spectacular choreography displayed by supporters on the terraces of an arena or stadium in connection with a sport event.

The tifo features Mario, a Koopa Troopa and a fireball, and was performed before kick-off.

15 thoughts on “Chicago Fire Fans Create Amazing Mario Bros Tribute: Video”

  1. Trying to decide what it’s supposed to mean. The Sounders are sponsored by Xbox (Nintendo competitor based in Redmond, WA), but the home of Nintendo of America is also in Redmond, WA. (The founder of Nintendo owns the Mariners.) So as a statement about sponsorship it’s a little murky.

    Or maybe Section 8 just likes Mario. That’s cool too.

  2. The display was the highlight of an otherwise bad evening at Toyota Park. Section 8 are among the best supporters group in the world! They work long and hard on tifos each and every game.

    They deserve a winning team, but that is another story.

  3. Kinda cool looking I guess. But I guess I do not get the point. Why bother with all that? Seems like alot of money and time and planning that results in you not getting to watch as much of the game.

    1. calm down, the tifo was orchestrated before the game started. Section8 gets it done and league will succed as groups like Section8 succeed.

      1. Don’t worry. I am by no means riled up over this. If that is what they chose to do with their time and money (before or during a game) so be it. I just do not understand the point of doing it.

        You seem to suggest that they do it so the MLS will succeed. I have an even harder time understanding how a display like that will make the MLS succeed. But I could be wrong.

  4. “Section 8 are among the best supporters group in the world! They work long and hard on tifos each and every game.”

    Until they failed to urge their team on in the final minutes!

  5. @ michael “Trying to decide what it’s supposed to mean”

    Point is section 8 is old school like Super mario, unlike the Sounders who are rookies,

  6. the Mario was the wrong Mario. rofl, if you’re gonna do a video game tifo get the characters right. This display would have deserved the title “AMAZING” if instead of a “fireball” there were a bundle of flares. And for the turtle w/Sounders crest to be doused in gasoline and lit on fire at the end.

    Idea – B+
    Execution – B

    weird checkered flag at the end??? – F

  7. I like it and I am a Sounder’s fan, but I fail to see how the rest of us MLS fans without so much time on our hands will need to be like this for MLS to be successful.
    The ECS seems to be doing ok in Sounder land without being nearly that complicated.

  8. Epic tifo! Love the concept. The checkered flag thing was weird but other than that very cool. Well done Section 8!

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