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Liverpool's Dirk Kuyt Scores Bizarre Goal From Sunderland Free Kick

You may have seen some bizarre goals in your time, but this one has got to be in the top ten. And, without a doubt, it’s got to be the easiest goal that Liverpool’s Dirk Kuyt has ever scored.

In the first half between Liverpool and Sunderland, Dirk Kuyt committed a foul which resulted in a free kick for Sunderland. But Sunderland’s Michael Turner rolled the ball back to goalkeeper Simon Mignolet for him to take the free kick. Turner turned his back on the ball after he rolled it back. But Fernando Torres used a sharp bit of intuition by realizing that when Turner rolled the ball back to Mignolet, the ball was now live. Torres ran the ball towards the goalkeeper and passed it to Kuyt for the Dutchman to score the easiest goal of his career.

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10 Responses to Liverpool's Dirk Kuyt Scores Bizarre Goal From Sunderland Free Kick

  1. patrick says:

    well Liverpool really stole that one….

  2. David Griffith says:

    Letter of the law, freekick was taken & ball was live… Spirit of the law, not so much… It would be like calling a foul throw on a midfielder looking to take a throw in, then deciding not to & throwing to the fullback for him to take the throw…

  3. James says:

    If you listen closely, the ref blows the whistle to take the free-kick AFTER Turner has kicked the ball, so it wasn’t live – and therefore should not have been a goal.

    • Evan says:

      If you actually read the laws of the game you would know it’s not required for a referee to blow his whistle for a free kick.

  4. Clark Meyer says:

    Well, now we’re even for that whole beach ball thing.

  5. Lyle says:

    Kuyt has probably easier goals in his career. Tap ins and such.

  6. Yespage says:

    Yeah, spotted a gift goal and they still can’t get 3 pts at home. This season is getting depressing.

  7. cfc_mb says:

    Same old scousers, always stealing…

  8. Why? says:

    When the game is stopped the Ref does not need to restart it with the whistle. Here is the ruling from the F.A’s Referees handbook 10/11:

    The whistle is NOT needed to:
    • stop play for:
    – a goal kick, corner kick or throw-in
    – a goal
    • restart play from:
    – a free kick, goal kick, corner kick, throw-in

    This ref has had his problems in the past but he got it spot on whatever any pundits say, the rule book has the final say.
    The defender places the ball in the Ref’s view in the correct spot, he then passes the ball backwards (if this was for a retake it was 4 yards out of position). The defender makes a mistake the game continues not the most sporting act by Torres but well within the rules.

  9. John says:

    To “the letter of the law” Gerrard should have been sent off for this

    What did he get again? Oh right, nothing at all.

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