Manchester United’s Owen Hargreaves Close to Return


In the ongoing saga that is the life, career and knees of Owen Hargreaves, an end to the dramatic and heart-wrenching setbacks the England international has experienced over the last few years may finally have an end in sight.

It’s not as if United supporters haven’t had good news on Hargreaves’ progress heaped upon them every six months or so as a new niggle or additional set back emerges to dash any hopes of his curls on the pitch anytime soon. No, the positive news train has set out from the station only to return immediately back with a leaky gasket (can trains have leaky gaskets?).

Finally, maybe, hopefully, we’ll see, Hargreaves looks set to add to the 1 minute of senior action he’s experienced over the course of the last two years. Just a week ago Dr Richard Steadman, in all his world-renown glory, announced some sort of spiritual break through as the Gods of football awoke from their slumber to show a little mercy upon the knees of the knackered, breathing new life, a hope to Hargreaves that a salvaged career is his just reward to this hellish saga.

Also this week, Hargreaves has returned to full training where he’s impressed Sir Alex Ferguson. The boss, obviously concerned about a relapse, stated:

That’s the first thing on our mind (relapse) at the moment but having watched him in training yesterday if he continues that way he’s going to give me another selection problem, no question about that”.

Forget for a second where my loyalties lie. I so desperately want Hargreaves to make a successful return. Not as a supporter, not as a football fan, but as a human being. The sheer tenacity Hargreaves has displayed in not chucking it, in pushing through the pain and in proving he’s got weak knees but a strong heart warrants fate in giving him his just reward. If not for Manchester United’s motives, then maybe just for his moxie. 

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10 thoughts on “Manchester United’s Owen Hargreaves Close to Return”

  1. Yeah i personally would want Hargreaves to come back an do wel fpr United…a midfield of himself and Fletch flanked by Anderson & Nani in form is a match for any team any day…

  2. Let’s hope tenth time’s a charm! His style of play and tactical nous is exactly what United are a little thin right now.

  3. Ohhh Owen Hargreaves, you are the love of my life
    Ohhh Owen Hargreaves, I’d let you shag my wife
    Ohhh Owen Hargreaves, I want curly hair too…

    Come on Owen, we want both our injury prone Owens back on the pitch and rejuvenated!

  4. Funny thing is that when you say loyalties a side, I don’t ever think of an American as a loyal Man U fan. I know Jessie you are loyal, but its just hard when so many ( hard word choice there) are just fans that sorta watch and sorta know the players.. and why it is tiresome to hear team news of Americas team…

    anyway sports fans if your interested in other teams in the PL and their injury status bookmark

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