Will Chelsea Pass Their First Real Test Against Manchester City This Season?

Feb. 27, 2010 - London, UNITED KINGDOM - epa02057656 Chelsea's John Terry (L) and Carlos Tevez of Manchester City during the Premiership game between Chelsea FC and Manchester City in Stamford Bridge Stadium in west London, Britain, 27 February 2010. ManCity won 4-2.

So far, Carlo Ancelotti has had it easy this season. The only times he has risen off his manager’s chair is to celebrate the blitzkrieg of goals his Blues have been putting in the back of the net. The Premier League champions have 5 wins out of 5 with a whopping goal difference of +20.

On paper, their dominance is astounding. However, the teams that Chelsea has faced so far are mediocre at best. Three of them (Stoke City, Wigan, West Ham) occupy the bottom of the Premier League table while Blackpool and West Brom are still viewed as relegation fodder although being mid-table at present. Chelsea should have and did win these games by a resounding margin. As champions, they have continued a strong run of form that is not surprising, although there is a small crack in the foundation that Ancelotti will want to patch up immediately.

This cause for concern is how Chelsea, while appearing invincible, can lose focus for stretches in a match. This was evident in how although winning at West Ham 3-1, forward Victor Obinna was able to penetrate into the box on numerous occasions. If Robert Green didn’t have another spot of woeful defending and Obinna actually finished his stirring runs, West Ham could have had a draw in front of their home fans. As for the Blackpool match, yes, Chelsea was up 4-0 at halftime. So they took their foot off of the gas a little….and it showed. Blackpool was able to control the midfield and have a good handful of chances to pull a couple back in their favor.

This Saturday, Chelsea will need to focus 110% as they face their first real test this season playing away to Manchester City, an opponent slated for European competition next season, not the Championship. City was only one of two teams that defeated Chelsea twice last season, the second victory a 4-2 demolition at the fortress that is Stamford Bridge. Carlos Tevez scored a total of three goals in those two games and will be on the prowl for more alongside new strike partner David Silva. Coming off of their last two wins over Wigan and SV Salzburg in the Europa League, they are starting to look more composed than at the beginning of the season. A win over the undefeated Chelsea could propel them even more to reach the top of the Premier League table. However, Chelsea will have their stalwarts John Terry and Frank Lampard back from injury. They also have probably the best tandem in the midfield in Michael Essien and John Obi Mikel, both playing to their fullest potential. And who would have thought Drogba would actually like passing the ball?

Will Chelsea prove their champion credentials or falter for the third time in a row against a resurgent Manchester City? One thing is for certain, Ancelotti will be up off his chair a lot more….

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16 thoughts on “Will Chelsea Pass Their First Real Test Against Manchester City This Season?”

  1. I’m still not worried. I haven’t seen anything of Citeh that would lead me to believe they can beat Chelsea. It’ll be a closer game, but Chelsea will come out on top, in my opinion…

    1. I think that a little too much credit is given to Tevez and his goals last season against Chelsea. For me, the biggest threat and biggest pain the the bum in those two matches was Craig Bellamy. He absolutely plundered down out right flank, setting up two and scoring one of his own in those two matches if memory serves me right. Without his direct approach and Adam Johnson being covered by Ashley Cole on the other flank, I think that we will be able to suffocate the Citeh attack. Seriously, Bellars, despite his infinitely punchable face, was the catalyst of that Citeh attach so many occasions last season and was absolutely not given enough credit.

  2. The league title is decided by what team gets the most points from the lesser opposition. So far Chelsea are beating them handily while MU, Arsenal, City and Spurs struggle. Saturday fixture is maybe exciting but not that important in the long run.

    1. Andrei’s three sentences pretty well annihilate Mr. Hirsch’s article!

      I keep hearing how this is an important match for Chelsea, and I think that’s just a crock. This game is important for City; if they look poor against Chelsea, the sky will begin falling in Manchester, and Mancini may well be on the hot seat. They’ve paid a lot of money in transfers, and City fans want to see a Champions-League-quality side. Especially if they lose, after beating Chelsea twice last season without spending all the money, things are going to get ugly.

  3. Looks like writer hates Chelsea more than anything, I can bet writer is a Man U fan( typical man u fans are more happy with Chelsea’s failure than man u’s success). Claims to be the person with knowledge but Andrei tore apart his knowledge when stated precisely that Title is decided by what team get most points out of mediocre teams, and so far Chelsea is at the Best claiming all possible points and I am sure man u will drop many of those points and end up loosing title either to Chelsea or Arsenal.

  4. Chelsea will get all 3 points, although it will be a closer game than West Brom and Wigan and the others, which most anyone could have predicted. I agree with AJ that the writer is definitely no fan of Chelsea. It seems like there are never any good articles written about the team, or at least don’t remember one. If Chels do drop points, it could be a wake up call, but I still feel City aren’t a team, just a collection of individuals. Mancini to be sacked by December, no one can live up to those expectations…

  5. I too am feeling pretty serene about this match, for several reasons:

    1) A loss doesn’t knock us from the top of the table
    2) The Chels’ two losses to City last year didn’t stop us from taking the title
    3) We are playing with excellent form
    4) Most importantly, City’s two wins this year are against teams which are currently 16th and 18th in the league. Their loss was to the 11th-ranked side; one of City’s ties came against the 14th-ranked side. For all of the chatter about Chelsea destroying lowly sides, City have been less destructive against the same kinds of teams. Chelsea aren’t the ones who have to prove themselves.

    This is much more of a test for City than it is for Chelsea.

  6. Chelsea fans shouldn’t be too over confident. Remember last season? City won both home and away and have since strengthened the squad considerably. It will be a close game. probably end in a draw.

    1. Despite their summer signings, City have not improved considerably in the standings in relation to last year. In 2009, in City’s first 5 matches, they went 4-1, leaving them with 12 points, as opposed to this year’s 8. And it appears you haven’t read the above comments: Of course Chelsea fans remember last season. They remember winning the league despite losing to City twice. This isn’t a special game for the Blues.

  7. Well isn’t it ironic all you blues. Looking foward to Saturday, you seemed to have written off Newcastle before it even happened. Even with your soft penalty(Alex) you couldn’t pull it off at the bridge. Hopefully this is the start of many problems to come. Hats off to NC. They showed a lot of heart. More than you can say for the blues.

    1. If that keeps you warm at night, good for you, but understand: Chelsea lost to Newcastle today because Ancelotti doesn’t want to be bothered with the Carling Cup, not because of any particular strength or weakness of either team.

  8. uhhh, in case no-one noticed WE fkn lost against Newcastle today.


    Terrible terrible terrible.
    And in prematch interview Terry says that Chelsea has to show how strong it is being doing well in every competition.


    1. Yeah it was a loss, but it was in the Carling Cup with atleast five youngesters playing AND we came back down with ten men. We got a taste of what josh mceachran can do. The team showed alot of spirit. So i don’t really mind that we lost, id rather have this game be a wake up call than against city.

  9. despite lossing to Newcastle, that we strengthern the squad and win future games to come… Chelsea will do it again, no doubt about that.

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