Poll: What Are Your Premier League TV Viewing Habits?

Sometimes I wish I supported one Premier League club. Instead, I support Swansea City, the club I’ve followed since I was 10 years-old.

The reason why I sometimes wish I followed a Premier League club is two-fold. One, there would conceivably be only one fixture on my TV schedule each weekend that I would feel obligated to watch. And two, life would be much easier if all of my energy was focused on rallying behind one club.

Instead, being in charge of EPL Talk, I feel obligated to watch each of the teams closely so I can provide my unbiased viewpoints regarding all of the clubs in the Premier League. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not a bad job to have. And it’s not something I don’t enjoy. However, I often feel that I’m everyone’s worst enemy when it comes to Premier League clubs, especially when I share my critical opinions regarding each club. If I supported one Premier League club, it’d be easier for supporters to understand that I’m biased and that I’m criticizing one team because they may be the arch enemy of the team I support. But when I support no one in the Premier League, it’s harder for some readers to understand or relate to my opinions, which are just the way I feel and sometimes are quite contrarian.

The other thing about being a supporter of a Premier League club is that it’s easier to be biased. I understand, trust me. When I was a teenager and went to see a home match at Swansea, it was us against the world. It was the referee, his linesmen, the opponents who were all conspiring against us. Every call that went against us was criminal. And when one brave soul spoke up to say that a call against Swansea was actually a correct decision, that person would be met with scorn and derision. But more often than not he was right. But he was the outsider.

It’s interesting to monitor how peer pressure on the Internet has a profound impact on the way you view a game. You’ll often see supporters of certain clubs regurgitating the same opinions made by the manager and key bloggers, believing every word of it and saying the same things over and over again across message forums and comments on the Web.

But that’s not everyone. That said, I’m interested in knowing who you support in the Premier League? Answer the poll below to give us a better idea of your typical Premier League experience throughout the season.

18 thoughts on “Poll: What Are Your Premier League TV Viewing Habits?”

  1. I only watch daytime games on TV.
    I refuse to watch evening games as I feel this interupts my life with my family and that would not be fair.
    I notice this season that fewer Premier games are shown during the day but we have gained my seeing a few more League games.

  2. Your sentiment of “us against the world” is the only way to root for a team. That’s the whole reason I’m trying to find that team. I don’t particularly blame Wenger for his actions after Sunderland equalized, because the referee could have just as easily ended the game after the corner was won. And as a fan, you are going to dog the officials over that as much as possible. It’s just the way you’re supposed to act as a fan.

  3. I watch as many football matches as I can every weekend and that includes the EPL, La Liga, Budesliga and Serie A. The league whose matches I watch the most is the EPL, followed by La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga. I don’t think the level of football in the EPL is necassarily better than the other leagues but the excitement and unpredictability of EPL matches is the reason why I end up watching it more. Recently I have been watching a few more Bundesliga matches because there’s more open play resulting in more exciting matches with more goals.

  4. I always try to get out to the bar for Spurs games and I’ll usually get up early on Saturday and watch the 7:45am game. Other than that I pretty much only watch the marquis matchups. They have to be live too, I’m definitely not a fan of watching tape delayed games. As far as other leagues I try to watch AS Roma games if they are on and I’m always up for watching Barcelona, Real Madrid or Inter Milan get beat.

  5. I went with the last poll option. I watch (or listen to) every Fulham match and then I’ll supplement that with only the most important EPL matches that weekend. I love watching Rugby, College Football & Serie A as well, so I don’t have time to watch an EPL match I don’t care about.

  6. I went with option 4 although the “as many as i can get was a close second. I will DVR all the games that are aired on FSC and ESPN, and will watch on Foxsoccer.tv for any other games im interested in. I absolutely must watch Newcastle. A buddy of mine will come over saturday afternoon or evening to drink beer and catch the recorded games. As for the non-Newcastle games, it really doesnt matter what teams we watch. I like tottenham (because of crouch and bale) and will gravitate towards that game slightly, but as long as its good soccer, we are happy.

    Another viewing option for people with Foxsoccer.tv: This may be old to people, but i just tried it, and love it. I have a macbook pro at home and bought a USB -HDMI adapter and a long HDMI cable. now i can watch the games that stream on foxsoccer.tv on my computer through my tv. the sound goes through my tv as well. Its not quite perfect HD, but its much better than FSC SD (i dont have the option for FSC HD). just thught I’d throw that out there for people looking for new ways to watch.

  7. All I know is DirectTV makes it so much nicer w/all the HD. The fact you get the Champions League, Europa Cup and now La Liga on multiple channels AND HD is amazing! I’m watching Ligue 1 now just because it’s in HD on FSP.

  8. I watch Everton they are my number one and they come first. I watch Liverpool when I can as I like to see how the rivals are playing. I will watch a big game like Man City v Man Utd or Chelsea v Man Utd.

  9. My viewing schedule is largely at the mercy of FSC. I watch all of the live matches each weekend. If my club, Spurs, are not one of the live games I’ll try to hunt it down on the inny-net. Shoot, I’ll even watch a little Serie A if it’s live and I’ve run out of EPL to absorb.
    I love Spurs. I’m a relative newcomer to the sport, about 5 years in. Prior to that I rejected all US sports, never watched or played any growing up and have always been put off by “fan culture”, at least the rabid form that it often takes and which you, the gaffer, describe briefly above. I’m glad I haven’t inherited that die-hard attitude, it opens me up to enjoy all the matches I can possibly enjoy and not get too butt-hurt over decisions that don’t go my teams way. For the die-hard fan, the Tottenham rollercoaster of performances must be very frsustrating but to me, it’s all part of the entertainment. I also don’t have any deep hatred towards any other clubs. After Spurs I truly enjoy watching the big 3, Chelsea, Man U and Arsenal. They rarely fail to entertain.

    Gaffer, stoking the flames of controversy at every turn! You devil’s advocate! What joy must you derive from your lofty ivory-tower of bloggership as the peons sink their teeth into your paper-tiger opinions! O, the humanity!
    Calling the gaffer disingenuous is my one true passion. Next to Spurs. COYS.

  10. I don’t fit into your options. I always watch Arsenal, and then I watch the f
    games that interest me. Most times that is not the traditional top clubs. Man City is interesting right now because of all the players they are trying to turn into a team. I’m not a supporter, but they have the appeal of a bad reality TV show. I’m not proud of it but I just have to watch. Also, some match-ups are just intriguing. Newcastle v Everton was the one for me last weekend. I just had a feeling that those two would put on a good show. The score was deceiving because that was good football.

  11. I’m still new to all of this but I try to watch as much as I can. Lots of tvs & ESPN3 available where I work so I catch a lot of EPL (replay or live) games during the week.

    On the weekend I’ll watch the Saturday ESPN2 matchup. I don’t have the Fox Soccer networks but I will drive to the office to catch a Sunday Big 4 matchup (at least until other commitments get in the way of that).

    That EPL Review Highlight show on CSN is what keeps me sane.

  12. I don’t have a favorite team either. Depending on how busy I am, I watch a few matches live on the weekend, but I always try to make time for when any 2 of Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, and Spurs are playing each other. I did make time to watch Everton last year when Donovan was on loan, and I don’t think I’ll have a favorite team until there is a team with 2 or 3 USMNT players getting regular first team action (if that ever happens). I always torrent the matches I like for posterity, as well as MOTD. For other leagues, I’ll watch El Classico, and whatever Champions League matches get shown on my tv.

  13. My Premier League viewing habits are only changed in the Fall when College Football is going on. If Michigan is playing at noon then I will skip the 12:30p game on Saturday unless Man U is playing in that time period then I will watch one on TV and I will find a stream for the other. Since the 7:30am/10am games on Saturday and the 8:30am/11am games on Sunday don’t interfere with my College/Pro Football viewing I can enjoy the Premier League and not worry about feeling like I am missing anything. If there is no games of interest at 10am on Saturday I will watch a Bundesliga game or even watch SportsNation on ESPNU or College Gameday on ESPN in build up to the days College Football games. I don’t care for the NFL Yakfest’s so they’re easily skippable for me on Sundays.

    What is hindered during the gridiron season is my La Liga/Serie A viewing due to the leagues afternoon start times that do cause a conflict. On occasion I will flip on ESPN3 when Barca or Real Madrid are playing when their is a college/pro football game on but for the most part I will just wait to see the highlights. My interest in futbol really gets going after the NFL and especially the College season is finished.

  14. i am not from England…
    i watch(TV or Internet) all Arsenal games.. then some top sides.. i DVR every Arsenal game and watch them again in the week days.. delete them for space after next match..

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