Benitez Hits Back At Liverpool

Jan 16, 2009 - Birmingham, London, United Kingdom - Premier League: Wolves 0 v 0 Liverpool.Liverpool manager RAFA BENITEZ.
It’s already not been the best of weeks for Liverpool. A defeat at Manchester United is never easy to take, but now former manager Rafa Benitez has revealed some worrying information about the clubs hierarchy.

Pressure on the decision makers at Anfield is already at fever pitch, and Benitez’s accusations will only add further strain to the relationship between the Liverpool board and the clubs fans.

Benitez said: “The last year at Liverpool I had directors who knew nothing about soccer and you couldn’t talk about soccer with them. My relationship with [Inter Milan] president Massimo Moratti is good; he is a man who knows his soccer.”

The sceptical side of me looks on Benitez’s comments as a well timed bitter shot at the club who sacked him. Benitez is a clever man that will know that after a defeat to Manchester United will mean confidence amongst fans will be low. When Liverpool fans have low confidence they inevitably put the blame on the hierarchy at the club.

However if there is some truth in the claims it does make remarkable reading. Could a football club of Liverpool’s stature and history really have directors who are that out of touch with the on the field side of things?

If they have then it is nothing short of ludicrous. In an era of where football is a multi-million pound industry, it is often tempting to look at clubs from a purely business side of things. But there needs to be support from high up in the club for on the actual playing side.  It does make you feel slightly sorry for Roy Hodgson.

The worrying thing looking forward for Liverpool fans is that the proposed takeover  at the club seems to have faded away, and that the rumoured disjointed structure at Anfield could be set to remain for the foreseeable future.


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