Chelsea Continue Good Start, But The Big Tests Will Now Start To Arrive

Stamford Bridge, Chelsea v Blackpool , Premier League 19/09/2010  Didier Drogba of Chelsea celebrates scoring the 3rd goal 3-0 Photo Marc Atkins Fotosports International Photo via Newscom
After watching the dramatic Manchester United v Liverpool game, my Sunday afternoon Premier League viewing was completed by watching Chelsea cruise past Blackpool. During the later of the games the following comment from my Dad got me thinking.  

“Chelsea would put five or six past United or Liverpool at the moment.”

Now let’s get a few things clear, my Dad isn’t the most clued up on football, and his opinion was probably heavily influenced by the Blues four goal first half blitz of a beleaguered Blackpool. And while I don’t think for a minute Chelsea would beat Manchester United 6-0, I do see them being considerably stronger at present than the Old Trafford club.

Yes home games against Blackpool, West Brom and Stoke were never going to be the biggest examination for Carlo Ancelotti’s side, but 12 goals in three games tells its own story of the confidence that the Blues are playing with.

But in truth the season now starts for Chelsea, they face back-to-back Premier League games against title challengers. First up is a visit to big spending Manchester City, before they host Arsene Wenger’s ever improving Arsenal.

This will be a real test of how good Chelsea are.  But either way they certainly aren’t a weaker side than last season, and if anything they seem to have only improved.  But as I said games against title rivals will be the first real indication of Chelsea’s prowess.

Ancelotti is well aware that despite the good start the City game in particular will be vital. He told Sky Sports: “We wanted to start like last year, we had a good start last year, and we are doing that [again], now we have to look forward.

“We will arrive at more difficult games and we have to be ready for the next game. Last year we lost a big game against Manchester City and this year we want to do better.”

If I was a betting man, I’d be backing Chelsea to emerge from these two games with at least four points. I think an indication of the quality that Ancelotti has available is the fact he can leave out three of his best players and still get a very comfortable win.

John Terry, Frank Lampard and Nicolas Anelka all missed the defeat of Blackpool, and yet it was still all too easy for the hosts. My question is if you took three key players out of Manchester United’s side, would they be able to cruise games like Chelsea do?

I can’t help but think the answer is no, and I think Chelsea’s strength in depth will be the reason for their dominance this season. But as I said, this is all speculation, the real tests for Ancelotti start next weekend. The Premier League throws up surprises on a regular basis, so don’t be surprised to see Chelsea’s early season form means nothing come May.

20 thoughts on “Chelsea Continue Good Start, But The Big Tests Will Now Start To Arrive”

  1. well obv they wouldnt beat Man utd seeing man utd beat them in the community shield? after that they have had quite easy games,but now we shall see if they can still beat top teams by what they have been doing..the real test now

  2. I agree that Chelsea haven’t been tested yet. Their first 5 matches are matches they were expected to win, the only thing is that they have won in emphatic style. I back them to beat City though next week I just want to see how they do against United.

    1. And what will make the difference this season is that Chelsea will have won almost all of the games they “were expected to win”. Those games are typically where the Titles are won. Chelsea could give Man. United 6 pts, but still keep beating the smaller teams 5-0 and win the title, because Man. United will have tied or lost to Everton, Blackburn or any other team they shouldn’t be losing 2 or 3 pts to.

  3. Not scared at all. We thrashed Blackpool for a half playing at maybe 50% of what we normally do. We are far and away the best in the league, and even if we drop points over the next three matches, nothing will change that.

    I fully expect to pick up points on the challengers over the coming two weeks if the side performs well.

  4. yes they crush the lowliest of the low, but you don’t get over 3 pts for whipping blackpool by a wider margin. it will come down to how they do vs. the other 4 best sides, which is no surprise.

    1. Well, a side doesn’t earn more than 3 points for a 4-0 victory, but does add 4 to a goal differential, which could become important later on.

    2. Actually Matt, historically the matches against the top four sides do not determine the champion in the least – it is the amount of wins gained by beating teams that “should” be defeated and avoiding draws.

      Last year was notorious because the champions did not suffer at all against the traditional top four of the previous season.

  5. well they did what they were sopposed to do which is beat the s**t clubs,as far as the real test with man city and arsenal in next two weeks is still nothing,arsenal are without VP,walcott,bedtner,verm,and who knows how serious fabregas hamstring injury is

    1. Exactly. If we didn’t get 15 out of 15 and rack up an impressive amount of goals, everyone would be screaming for Chelsea’s heads.

      The question shouldn’t be Chelsea facing a tough test, but rather the rest of the league catching up to us.

  6. I think we’re all interested in seeing how Chelsea performs over the next two weeks. It’s time to see how they perform against Champions League caliber talent.

    However, I think Chelsea’s opponents are the ones who are being tested over the next two weeks. City needs to prove they can field XI that will play cohesively – something I’m not convinced of just yet. No matter the result, the way City plays vs. Chelsea will be telling about the next couple of months for them. I suppose the opposite could also be said to be true, but Chelsea doesn’t have a lot to prove at this point, and City does (IMHO).

    Arsenal, especially in light of Fabregas’ injury (among others), doesn’t seem like a particularly frightening prospect. Certainly I think facing Chelsea with so many starters out will be a test of the Gunner’s mettle. I don’t see that match as being all that meaningful to the Blues.

  7. how many times would we have to remind you blokes w/o Essien+Bosingwa+Cech Chelsea took all 18 points from the rest of the big4 last season

  8. the biggest change i think to last season is chelsea have a 100% fit drogba, essien back, bosingwa on the sidelines and some youth injection to help rotate players.
    Chelsea have generally strengthed with the arrival of benayoun and ramires who can play multi positional roles. Already benayoun looks more dangerous then j.cole used to. The only problem is the CB position is very light with only 3 proper CBs and 1 more a RB for the last 2-3 seasons.

    Can chelsea win the league. I honestly dont know, manU is still strong. The loss of valencia has hurt them but they have the cover to cope with it. considering rooney can play LW inside striker since evra overlaps and this lets nani play his favoured RW position. manU also has a very strong midfield and some great youth coming through. Arsenal will choke and i dont see tottenham having the consistency yet but it will be a mountain to climb.

  9. Chelsea looks scary good! The only question from the Blackpool game is whether Drogba’s goal will stand.Talent plus determination plus luck is a well-nigh unbeatable combination. I don’t realistically see anyone beating them in the Prem this year, and they could win the Champions League as well. Yikes!

  10. Not worried at all. Honestly, I haven’t been impressed with Citeh so far this year and I’m confident Chelsea can win the match.

  11. James you say,
    “My question is if you took three key players out of Manchester United’s side, would they be able to cruise games like Chelsea do?”

    Too early James, too early.

    Although, I think Man Utd can (Not a United fan). It depends on which teams we are talking here. I don’t think Chelsea and United can beat top half teams without three key players, just like I think both of them can beat lower half teams without those players. Thumping Blackpool doesn’t necessarily mean they are better than United. United had difficult games against Everton away, Liverpool and so far have 11 points.

    I can’t jump hasty into declaring Chelsea Champions by beating (West ham, Stoke, Wigan, West Brom, Blackpool), three of them at home. As Acelotti says, their real tests is playing top quality opponents. Then we’ll see how good they really are.

  12. Think it may be a stretch to call Terry, Lampard and Anelka their best players. Anelka is playing well, but Drogba, Essien, Mikel and Malouda are all above Terry and Lampard on the list of ‘best Chelsea players’.

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