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Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 5: Open Thread

 Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 5: Open Thread

It’s another Premier League Saturday and we have a ton of mouthwatering games in store for us today. As you go through the day, feel free to post your observations, outrage, questions or comments about the matches in the comments section below.

If you live in the United States, be sure to refer to EPL Talk’s Premier League TV schedule so you know which games are on which channel at what time.

For me, it’s going to be a busy day. It’s my birthday, so I’ll be spending time with my family, squeezing in a Premier League game here and there, watching my daughter play in her under-8 game and watching more Premier League matches later on delay. I’m looking forward to a great day.

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19 Responses to Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 5: Open Thread

  1. Ramesh says:

    I love EPL Saturdays! There is nothing better than starting your day with the EPL! I love the ESPN2 HD feed. I am one of the unfortunate people who do not get Fox Soccer Channel HD or Fox Soccer Plus. I am stuck with Comcast. After 3 live games on tv and simultaneously following on does it get any better? Then we move on to College Football!!!!!!!

  2. Ramesh says:

    Can someone please tell me what did Robert Green ever do to deserve being England’s number 1 this past summer? I will admit that I am new soccer fan. So, I didnt see anything last year. All that I have seen this year is mistake after mistake and him failing to get his hands around balls he should.

    I have absolutely fallen in love with this game. I cant get enough. I cant believe that I never followed the EPL before. I LOVE IT!

    • patrick says:

      he was very good last season… since his WC gaff, he’s been short on confidence.

      • IanCransonsKnees says:

        Apart from a blip in the first half he did pretty well today, the close range save from Jones in the second half was outstanding.

        Combine the two teams together and you’d have the makings of a top ten side.

      • dominjon says:

        Green, statistically, was very poor the season before the World Cup, I believe he had the most unforced errors of any keeper in the Premiership. He never should have been number 1, but James was injured much of the run up to the WC. Foster wasn’t playing. Carson was in the Championship. Kirkland was always injured and not in that good form anyway. Robinson was still being punished for former mistakes. Hart was easily the most inform English keeper playing regularly. But he was deemed too young. Green sought of got it by default. Personally I would have taken James, Robinson and Hart. And gone with Hart unless he showed any nerves in the pre-games.

  3. Ramesh says:

    I didnt realize that West Ham had three England Internationals plus the ever improving and exciting Scott Parker? How is West Ham so bad with C. Cole, Upson, Parker etc.? GK Green must have been good to deserve the call from Capello on the Senior squad.

  4. patrick says:

    Stoke are dirty cheating thug bastards.

  5. Jay A. says:

    The crowd noise/enthusiasm at Britannia Stadium is fantastic. It adds so much to the game and is one of the things that drew me to English football years ago. Great atmosphere and excitement for a match featuring 18th vs 20th place teams. There is no better sport than the Premier League.

  6. Gary says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GAFFER! The king of controversy. Here’s to all the positions you’ll disingenuously take over the next year to generate comment threads as far as the mouse can scroll! Haha!
    Happy birthday though, for real.

  7. RVPFan says:

    Happy Birthday, Gaffer.

    On another note, How did Wolves gave this one away to the SPUDS, I will never know.

  8. Martin says:

    Ref in the Sunderland vs. Arsenal game was horrible.

  9. Carolyn says:

    I agree that the ref in the Sunderland vs Arsenal game was really bad. Even the commentators said he wasn’t using common sense in his decisions and bookings. Last week the ref blew his whistle for fulltime while Everton was on the attack. Today the ref (different one) waited almost a minute and until the Sunderland attack was over (which resulted in the equalizing goal) before blowing his whistle for fulltime. No consistency among refereees. Arsenal feel hard done by.

    • Dave says:

      As a Gooner I feel the ref should have blown his whistle a lot sooner. They stated 4 minutes and the goal was scored on 95. There were no injuries or major stoppages in extra. Unreal.

      That being said we only have to blame ourselves. Down a man and away and you miss a penalty kick??? Rosicky has been AWFUL this year. He has been all over the place with his strikes. And Arsharvin? Don’t get me started. he could easily be leading the Premiership this season if he could finish.

      I also felt neither Wilshere or Nasri wanted to step up today when Fabergas came out and as a result Arsenal didn’t create much. Those two are more than capable it just seemed like neither wanted to grab the reins of the team.

      Still with your 3 main strikers (and Diaby) out the Gunners are getting through the season okay. I just hope Cesc isn’t out very long. Aresnal just need to make it to middle October and hope by the Chelsea match most of the first team is back. If not we could fall fast in the next few weeks.

      • Martin says:

        I agree. Arsenal had this game won and messed up their chance to solidify the win. Our midfield couldn’t get in the “groove” of the game and Sunderland controlled most of the game. Wilshere looked like he had no business being out there today. It’s frustrating how Arshavin just disappears during games. A giant positive I take from this game is the solid play of the back four and Almunia.

      • Footy Monkey says:

        When they state 4 minutes on the board, it only means a minimum of 4 minutes. It doesn’t include time for other stoppages that the ref may be accounting for.

  10. Paul says:

    Phil Dowd might have called the first overturned red card of the season. Should Arsenal appeal, the tape clearly shows that there was no contact on Song’s first card and the Sunderland player chose to throw himself to the ground.

  11. LI Matt says:

    Just for the record:

    The commentators on the Spurs-Wolves game claimed it was Spurs’ first league win in the month of September since 2001. They were wrong. Spurs beat Burnley 5-0 on 26 Sept 2009.

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