Pre-Show Open Thread: EPL Talk Podcast, Week 5 Preview Show

The EPL Talk Podcast’s weekend preview show needs your help. We’re going to talk about Champions League and Europa – the six teams from the Premier League who are active in Europe. We’ll preview the weekend’s fixtures and the semiannual epic: Manchester United and Liverpool.

But what do you want to here? Now’s your chance. We hit record at 10 p.m. BST / 5 p.m. EST / 2 p.m. PST. Use the comment to let us know what you want on the show and hear it on tomorrow’s edition of the EPL Talk Podcast.

14 thoughts on “Pre-Show Open Thread: EPL Talk Podcast, Week 5 Preview Show”

  1. Do you think the British press is more lenient towards British managers than foreign managers? It looks to me that they are not as harsh on Roy Hodgson, for example, when Liverpool is poor and team selection is about the same as when Benitez was manager. After the dismal draw at B’ham on Sunday the commentator praised Hodgson for his steady start at Liverpool. Had the manager been Benitez I think he would have been very critical of the manager. What do you people think?

    1. Hodgson just started. Surely he gets some time to implement his training, tactics, selections, et cetera? If the results are still the same in 4-6 months then Hodgson will get the same stick but for now he’s relatively blameless unless he’s putting Torres in goal or something like that

  2. Do you think that the British Press, past performances and the general strength of the EPL over-extends the expectations of the EPL teams in Europe? Admittedly I don’t follow EPL teams as much as from other leagues (i.e. Bundesliga) but I’m a bit surprised looking at the current line-up of a top top team like Man United. I did not realise how very average some of those starters are now. That’s not a squad I would favour over Inter, Bayern, Real, Barca, maybe even Werder, Milan, Valencia…

    1. If you’re referring to the lineup that faced Rangers, that’s not Man United’s usualish XI. Giggs, Berbatov, Vidic, Neville, Evans, Evra, O’Shea, Nani, Van der Sar, and Scholes all held out

      If they played Kusczczak, Brown, Ferdinand, Smalling, Fabio, Park, Fletcher, Gibson, Valencia, Hernandez, Rooney as their usual starting XI, they would have a hard time getting into Champion’s League every year, let alone challenging Arsenal and Chelsea for the premiership or Inter, Bayern, Real, Barca, Chelsea, Arsenal for the CL

      1. I mean no disrespect to one of the game’s top line-ups and world’s best clubs. Players like Roony are still among the cream of the elite despite the wack comments of emotional fans and tiny-tot bloggers post WC. 😉 But I get the sense that most folks following the EPL still rank Giggs, Berbatov, Neville, Van der Sar and Scholes as top players. Obviously better than 99% of the lineups out there, but I’m surprised to realize I’d prefer the counterpart players in the lineups of the euro teams mentioned above. Alex Ferguson is deluded if he thinks he would be favoured vs. a Bayern, Real or Barca in the CL, even at home. I don’t know enough to guess how new-Chelsea or new-City will turn out this year, or how that young Arsenal team, or unpredictable Liverpool side will fare. Dang – 5 good teams! But ManU… am I wrong to assume that’s their weakest 11 in years?

        1. Conflating Bayern, Real Madrid, and Barca seems odd to me. Barca have had the best players for a while. That doesn’t mean that they’ll get past teams that force them out of their game but they are probably favoured against any side unless you are figuring in coaching, match ups, and injuries.

          As to Man U, I’d rate this United above last year’s and they arguably would have gotten past Bayern if not for the red card last year (plus Man U wasn’t particularly lucky to get to face Bayern but Bayern definitely was lucky to be there).

          Madrid is a new work in progress. One would assume that Mourinho will restore them to one of the toughest 4-5 sides in Europe but they aren’t to be confused with what they used to be yet.

  3. Carolyn,
    I agree with you that the British press and commentators do have a double standard when it comes to managers. When Rafa played with two defensive midfielders, Mascherano and Lucas, they all criticized him for his negative tactics. Now Hodgson does the same with Poulsen and Lucas and you don’t hear the same criticism. Definitely a double standard. Allardyce has been known to have problems with the likes of Benitez, Wenger and Mancini and despite his personal animosity towards these managers whenever he says something negative about them he gets a pass. He is never called on his bias.

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