Man United 0-1 Southampton, 1976 FA Cup Final: Video

Our friends over at Footysphere uncovered a brilliant video from yesteryear which is the 1976 FA Cup Final featuring Southampton against Manchester United.

As you can see from the above video, it was a very eventful final pitting Division Two side Southampton battling against Division One club Man United. The final result was one of the biggest shocks in FA Cup Final history. Attendance that day was 99,115.

During the video there are lots of interesting observations you can make. Take a look at Southampton manager Lawrie McMenemy in the same “team photo” pose for the entire game. The goal from Bobby Stokes was splendid. And what about those saves by Ian Turner, Southampton’s goalkeeper that day? Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Man United 0-1 Southampton, 1976 FA Cup Final: Video”

    1. I have vague memories of this final. I would have been six at the time. I remember the ’77 FA Cup Final vividly, but this one definitely has some moments that I remember. Can’t recall whether that would have been seen live or on highlights. Great match though!

      The Gaffer

  1. I was there with my father and a friend, standing behind the goal. My father had a gammy leg from an old motorcycle injury, so we propped him up between us. When Saints scored the crowd pressed forward and he tumbled down the terraces. We had to go and drag him back. He died two years later, but he died happy!

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