Interview With Kyle Martino, Host of Soccer Talk Live

Kyle Martino, the host of Soccer Talk Live on Fox Soccer Channel, is the interview guest on the latest episode of our sister podcast, MLS Talk.

During the interview conducted by host Richard Farley, Martino discusses:

  • The transition from an analytical role with ESPN to a host’s position with Fox,
  • His last days as a player,
  • His feelings regarding the negative criticism that the Soccer Talk Live show has received,
  • And much more.

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15 thoughts on “Interview With Kyle Martino, Host of Soccer Talk Live”

  1. This interview only confirms how bad of a host Kyle is and that the show has little to do with soccer but more about celebrities talking about how little they know of the game. Still think it’s a useless show.

  2. Enjoyed fff on Monday nights. Now I turn the TV to something else because this show puts me to sleep. Kyle, you seem like a nice guy but these Kermit the Frog interviews have to end.

  3. First, I am not cool with the buzzword “hardcore soccer fan” being thrown around. Are people who like mainstream sports and want some decent analysis and commentary “hardcore”? Farley, you and Kyle Martino are the only normal, level-headed soccer enthusiasts? Come on.
    I don’t know what this nonsense is about attracting the new fan, this is FSC, not ESPN. Only people who like to watch the game every weekend are paying to get FSC. ESPN is doing a fine job of that and is the only broadcaster capable of spreading the game to the US audience. Get real, what, is there some Fox Soccer Kool-Aid I can take to magically see the HD that doesn’t exist and enjoy the analysis that drops like mana from the tree of wisdom?
    I came to follow the English league and then others by full immersion, like you learn a language. No baby steps. In my dorm room because it was on the campus cable and I hated all the American sports (hockey’s 2nd best).
    Watching Fox Soccer Report in all of it’s quirky, lo-fi, canadian humor laden glory, not knowing a group stage from a knockout cup or whatever, that’s how you find the sport as an American. You learn the dynamic nature of the European game by being immersed in the jargon and BY WATCHING THE MATCHES. FSC is carrying both the Champions League and EPL and even the mediocre Serie A (my opinion only).
    Why can’t there be a good show on a Monday night that hits the highlights, gets some quality commentators, PUT BOBBY MCMAHON TO WORK, I mean, is it that hard? Bobby is one of my favorite analysts of the game, why can’t we get him talking for an hour about the week’s happenings? I stopped watching FFF because I didn’t want to humor Wynalda like Nick Webster had to for all of those uncomfortable monday evenings with the ventriloquist’s dummy.
    FFF was a very watchable program, even to the casual viewer, when it was hosted by two capable commentators who knew how to play devil’s advocate for one another. That was Steven Cohen and Nick Webster.
    It’s Monday night. What do I want to watch if I’m interested in what happened this weekend? Not Soccer Talk Live if I want to catch something I might have missed or see a highlight of some awesome volley or amazing run.

    I know a tirade like this can make it easy to lump me in with the “hardcore” fans you think are trying to throw salt on your game, but the truth is that this is not a quality program in any way. This will alienate the casual observer, who might be watching at a buddies house, or on campus cable somewhere.
    A highlight reel with some quality analysis: that will snag the passerby. It’s what got me and most of the people I know who follow the sport. Maybe I can say that I appreciate the sentiment, but that’s the highest compliment I can give because this show is really missing the mark.
    Sincerely, A “hardcore” fan. Come. On. You. Spurs.

    1. AMEN!

      I couldn’t have said it better myself. Soccer Talk Live has got to be the most amateurishly produced/hosted TV-programme on a “major” network (who in the world invites Susan Sarandon or Chad Ochocinco onto a football show?). I, too, have stopped watching the “analysis” portions (Fox Matchday and non-Bobby McMahon commentary on FSC Report) of any FSC show. FFF was great when it were done with Steven Cohen and Nick Geber! Nick Webster was a HUGE step down from Geber as he tended to cater heavily to the American “soccer” audience; and instead of pulling them into the world of “football” he kept his commentary watered down and simplified. I only turn on the game 2 minutes before kick-off and watch SkySports News. Bobby McMahon needs his own show or more airtime on FSC Report (which is the only time I watch the show). He surely can’t be so busy?

      Fortunately, I get FSC HD but I don’t get FoxSports Net HD (for some weird reason). And, I, too, am tired of the Serie A on FSC (which probably boasts one of the worst commentators around, no?) and miss the Bundesliga!

    2. Gary: You made a lot of apologies for it in your comment, but I thought your feedback was awesome. Did I agree with all of it? Of course not! But it was still great and worth considering.

  4. The interview just proves that Kyle Martino has no clue what soccer fans want. The channel is called Fox Soccer Channel for a reason. He wants to appeal to the non-hardcore soccer fan but doesn’t realize that they don’t watch FSC. Heck, most of them probably don’t even get FSC. Soccer Talk Live is an absolute joke of a show. Quality programming is what will attract interest, NOT GARBAGE.

  5. I love the show, and I think Kyle Martino is doing a great job. He is a fresh new face, and his experience and enthusiasm for the game is evident. Let’s give him and the show a chance. Kyle has unique insight into the MLS and into to game of soccer and he is getting guests on the show others could not. I listened to the Farley radio interview and it was an honest, candid discussion and I thought Kyle was great. I can’t wait for the next Soccer Talk Live!

    1. I think we’ve found Kyle’s dad on the site. Wow.

      “He is getting guests on the show others could not?” Are you kidding me? Is Susan Sarandon a big get? I don’t remember seeing the soccer blogs up in arms over the need to hear her input on some soccer matters, but I might have missed it.

      I would honestly venture a guess and say that a high percentage of US soccer fans love and follow the sport because it hasn’t really become ‘Americanized’ yet. Not that we’re self hating, but rather we don’t like our sports to come with celebrity insight, and a whole bunch of flashy pins and wheels. American sports are a hassle to follow because so much of it is just filler nonsense. FSC just needs to give us the sport we love and leave it at that. When they’re dealing with a customer base of tens of millions then I’ll understand them having some alternative programming to satisfy everyone. As for right now, I think our wishes are pretty simple. Show good soccer.

  6. I haven’t watched since the 2nd episode (I gave them the benefit of the doubt after the first week).I honestly can’t think of a sports show that’s worse.

  7. Even my wife thought the show was awful and she doesn’t follow much soccer except when Mexico play in the world cup or against the US. Fox should stick to just showing soccer games instead of coming up with gimmicky shows. I will watch a replay of a game but not Soccer Talk Live.

  8. Bring back Fox Football Fone-In pairing Martino with Bobby McMahon. No more non-related bullsh*t. Just good football talk the way it was before. FFF involved the fans and built an audience. I have no idea about the viewing figures but I can’t imagine this pile of shite has more viewers than FFF did. I know I’m not watching.

  9. With all due respect, feck the Soccer Live Talk and all who have anything to do with it. I change the channel everytime the show comes on. If all viewers disappointed with the show tuned elsewhere the producers and money-backers will rethink their idiotic scheme to attract a non-existent audience.

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