Dermot McQuarrie Interview: MLS Talk Podcast


Dermot McQuarrie is the Assistant General Manager, Senior Vice-President, Production & Programming at Fox Sports International. Last week the Fox executive joined me to talk about his channel’s programming, with specific emphasis on the network’s Major League Soccer package, the goals of (and feedback on) Soccer Talk Live, and plans for their Premier League and Champions League holdings.

Tomorrow, we will talk to Kyle Martino about his role as host of Soccer Talk Live.

Also of note in the podcast, I will be giving away three scarves created by the Real Salt Lake supporters group The Royal Pride. The pink scarves can be purchased through the supporter’s group, with all the proceeds going to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation, Salt Lake chapter:

That imagine is borrowed from RSL Soapbox.

3 thoughts on “Dermot McQuarrie Interview: MLS Talk Podcast”

  1. Good interview. Only line of questioning that I would have like you to ask Dermot is about the reasoning that FSC and FS+ haven’t picked up more programming from the Premier League’s new 24/7 network that is available to TV networks outside of the UK? Was it a monetary decision or are they more than happy with their current inventory that there was just no room for additional Premier League content?

    I was really hoping that when FS+ was rolled out and it was announced that the Premier League was going to start it’s own network that FS+ was going to be used for this new service. It seems that Fox decided to use + to air more Rugby content in lieu of picking up more Premiership programming. I just would have liked to have heard what Dermot had to say about this topic and if they were going to explore picking up the Premier League Network in the future.

  2. Good interview, good preparation. Dermont always is a good interview. To be far to FSC they do not have the final word on Comcast going HD and Comcast has been known to be behind the curve in HD programming.

    You do have to give FSC their due on the MLS pre/post shows they are informative and well produced. I rally enjoyed the show last week during hte Fire game.

  3. Good interview, even if you had to ask the same question twice to get an answer about MLS ratings on FSC. McQuarrie makes a good point about MLS being 15 years old, in its adolescence really. I think FSC also needs to address the standard of their announcing crews. Sullivan for instance is knowledgeable — I enjoy his commentary on tactics — but conveys no sense of excitement. I don’t think it has to be as amped up as a Mexican League broadcast on Univision, but we are watching sport to be entertained.

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