Can Manchester United Replace Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes?

Ryan Giggs Celebrates Scoring 3rd Goal with team mates Paul scholes and Dimitar Berbatov Manchester United 2010/11 Manchester United V Newcastle United (3-0) 16/08/10 The Premier League Photo Robin Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom
Manchester United’s drab draw with Rangers summed up a relatively disappointing start to the season for Sir Alex Ferguson’s men. While they are undefeated, disappointing draws with Fulham and Everton have left United off the pace in the Premier League, couple that with the off the field dramas involving star striker Wayne Rooney and it makes for a frustrating few weeks at Old Trafford.

Ferguson last night opted to make 10 changes and left out arguably his three most influential players to date. While Ryan Giggs did appear as a second half substitute, Paul Scholes and Dimitar Berbatov were left out all together, something which with hindsight appears to be a bizarre decision from Ferguson.

But the main concern to come from last night for me, was how lacking in flair United were without the evergreen duo of Giggs and Scholes. Looking toward the future it must be a real worry for United fans to see nobody coming through and forcing either out of the side.

The message that came from last night’s game must now be that if either Giggs or Scholes are fit they play, because if they don’t United will struggle. While there is nothing wrong with this in the short term (this season) it really does set alarming bells ringing on what happens when age finally gets the better of them.

Can I see a Nani or an Antonio Valencia becoming a Ryan Giggs? Not a chance, and the same goes for the likes of Darren Gibson and Michael Carrick in their quest to replace Paul Scholes. It just seems like if United want to replace Giggs or Scholes, they won’t be able to do it from within.

This creates another big problem for Ferguson, with the owners at Old Trafford reportedly reluctant to splash the cash, can you really see them spending the money required?  Honestly I can’t think of anybody in the market who could feasibly replace them, but even if there was you would surely be talking in the region of £30million each?   

It really is a big problem for Ferguson, but ultimately I can’t see it been him that has to deal with it. By the time Scholes and Giggs retire, I personally feel that the great Scott will have also decided to call it a day, in which case filling the shoes of Sir Alex gets a whole lot harder.

What do you think? How could United replace either Giggs or Scholes?

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  1. The same was said about Ronaldo last year, and while a direct replacement didn’t occur, the team found a way to go on. One thing that I will disagree with though is that I think that Nani has made huge improvements between his form two seasons ago and the start of this season. I think that his omission from yesterday’s squad was just as significant as Berbatov’s. Rangers looked weak from crosses due to their narrow shape and long balls due to their high line. Having Nani and Evra on the wing could have provided better options in this aspect of the game.

    1. Well I have to agree that we are missing Evra and Nani from wings and vision of Berbatov who can broke any defense by deadly passes! But I think Alex is right to rest some players in Champions league match as we have big game in league against Liverpool who had better performance against us in last 2 season!

      We know that we need just 10 Points to secure in Knock out matches so Alex know this match is not much important then Liverpool as we already dropped 4 silly points and we can’t lose more points so Alex want to win Sunday game anyhow and 3 draws in last 4 games is enough for us to fire Sunday game!

      On replacement I think we should get Sotiris Ninis by now which can be good signing for us! We missed Ozil which could be great signing for us!

  2. didn’t even need to read the article b/c haha… the end is near.

    tick tock = the count down of 1. ManUre’s aging squad and 2. the bank’s patience with ManUre’s debt


  3. celticfool:

    why even reply to this article if you hate United so much? giggs and scholes have done more for football than any of your plastics ever will.

    go buy yourself more success. and a fresh chelsea shirt so you can match your glory hunting fair weather cronies. never seen so many plastic fans in my life until cheatski did a double.

      1. You wot? It’s only a matter of time until someone buys out Glazers and we’ll be able to compete financially again. Cleverly, Eikrem, Morrisson are all looking good.
        You can’t buy history so we’ll keep attacting the true footballers, the top top footballers.

    1. d rag:

      funny you say that b/c there is no team in england more plastic than the rags. the fans are all tourists and that team paved the way for brand based football.

      those initials at the bottom of my posting stand of City Til I Die. I have the utmost respect for those two – Giggs was one of my favorite players in the 90s but i don’t respect the Sky 4 and those like neville that are twisted to believe that you don’t have a right to win unless you have a winning history. Absurd.

      Manchester City – Ruining Football since 2008

  4. Neither can be replaced. They’re legends. But Fergie showed with Roy Keane’s departure that you don’t replace the irreplaceable, you build differently.

  5. Chelseas going undefeated comfortably won there opening match and yet nothing has been said except man u talk. this blog is so biased

  6. For years I have having a dig at a United friend of mine saying they havent replaced Scholes and Giggs and its going to cost them and every year they finish above us. They are both legends and still playing very well though Scholes still cant tackle.
    United will struggle to replace them and so will the Premier League. High praise for both.

  7. they should get gio dos santos to replace giggsfegusson would lead him well n hisbrother jonathan to replace scholes he could pass well n has a great shot n it woud help link up with chicharito since they gointo be playinin the national team mayb even guardado

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