Arsenal v Braga, Champions League Highlights (Video)

CL Highlights: Arsenal/Braga

Arsenal began their 2010-11 Champions League campaign with a home match against SC Braga. Rather than ruin some of the reader’s day by providing a spoiler of what happened, feel free to watch the highlights of the game in the above video.

Share your observations about the game and the highlights in the comments section below. Does Arsenal have a chance of going far in the Champions League? Share your opinion below

8 thoughts on “Arsenal v Braga, Champions League Highlights (Video)”

  1. What, no “Why I Dislike Watching Arsenal Play at the Emirates”? 6-0 is an awfully gaudy scoreline, Gaffer. Hitting it twice in four matches? Ladies and gentlemen, this is getting tiresome.

    The number of one-sided matches seems to be increasing. If you’re a supporter of the winning team or you like to see goals, it’s a beautiful thing. But for neutral observers such as myself, the object is to watch a game where both teams playing have a good chance to beat each other.

    In fairness to [Arsenal], I don’t believe they should change a thing. They’re an incredibly talented side that does what great teams do best. They play team football. It’s just that the teams that play against them seem incapable of defeating [Arsenal].

    Having said that, I’m not asking that [Arsenal] lose some of their home games at [the Emirates]. I would just like to see an exciting match with end-to-end action where the opposition gives [Arsenal] a run for its money.

    Look, these articles write themselves!

  2. You have to wonder exactly why is Braga in this competition. I know how they got here but that’s about as bad as a team can be beaten. I’m Arsenal till I die but…..

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