Roberto Mancini Blames David Villa’s Woes on Spain, According to Daily Mail

The Daily Mail newspaper made an embarrassing mistake Tuesday morning when it reported that Roberto Mancini was blaming Manchester City’s slow start to the season on David Villa’s international commitments with Spain.

Problem is that David Villa doesn’t play for Manchester City. David Silva does.

You can read The Daily Mail’s erroneous article. But don’t be surprised if they fix it sometime today. If so, you can see the faux pas in the above screenshot. A perfect example of how poor The Daily Mail is at reporting.

Here are the actual quotes from Roberto Mancini:

“The thing with Silva is that we have been able to work with him only a couple of days at a time since he arrived. He had just signed for us when he went off with his national team to play in Mexico [during the August international break]. Then he came back and very quickly was off again with the national team again, this time to play in Argentina – another long trip.

“I thought he did very well when he came on [against Blackburn Rovers] but I always said that he would need time because it is very different here than playing in Spain.

“The internationals are over now and I think it will be time for him to play in the team from the next game.”

18 thoughts on “Roberto Mancini Blames David Villa’s Woes on Spain, According to Daily Mail”

  1. Your faux-pas is just as bad. Roberto Mancini was blaming Manchester City’s slow start to the season on David Villa’s international commitments with Spain?
    Villa/Silva error to one side. Mancini is blaming SPAIN or rather Silva’s commitments to Spain on SILVA’S (or Villas in keeping with your article) poor start not Manchester City’s poor start.

  2. Really stupid article.
    A newspaper mixed up two Spanish players who have fairly similar names (both Davids, both have have a V, an I, an L and an A in their last name), big deal. Are you gonna make an article calling out everytime a tabloid makes a typo?

    When it comes to correcting other people’s spelling and grammar issues on the internet, I always say “Let he who is without sin cast the first stnoe”.

    1. Aslo – have you taken a look at some of the articles on EPL Talk? I know you guys do it for free (presumably), but some guys on here (not you specifically, Gaffer) often write horrendously.

  3. I’m still surprised the Mail doesn’t just focus its sports reporting on the large amount of foreign players in the Premiership, and how they should all go back to their own countries!

  4. Mitchum

    I would prefer us to get rid of xenophobes (look it up if you can use a dictionary ) like you. It would certainly increase the average IQ of the country.

    1. City Slicker,

      Mitchum was OBVIOUSLY being tongue-in-cheek. He wasn’t being xenphobic himself – I believe he was making the point that the Daily Mail has a fairly xenophobic outlook in its news coverage, and therefore if it were to be consistent, it would have to take the same xenophobic approach to its sports reporting (i.e. demanding that all these immigrant footballers should go back where they came from).

      Don’t try to be a smart-ass on the internet (telling people to use a dictionary, and suggesting people have a low IQ) unless you can avoid making stupid mistakes yourself. In this case, you’ve missed a really obvious joke, and should just stand in the corner, face the wall and hang your head in shame.

    1. Oh wow, spotting irony really isn’t your strong point, is it???

      I deliberately mis-spelt “stone” as “stnoe” to highlight the point I was making – that we shouldn’t criticize people’s spelling unless we’re sure that our own spelling is correct.

      Your 0 for 2 right now.

  5. Dave C, got it one. And as for City Slicker, I don’t know, maybe you haven’t read the DM before (lucky you!), so you don’t really know what kind of ‘journalism’ it goes for and haven’t quite got the irony of my post as a result. That’s fair enough I suppose. But yes, Dave C was right about my comment and you just misunderstood it. Simple as that.

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