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Shouts For City: Stoke City Documentary, 1975 (Video)

On Monday, Stoke City will play at home against Aston Villa in the Premier League. The Potters have lost all three of their games so far this season, so they’ll be anxious to walk away with three points, or one at the minimum. It’s just another day in the life of Stoke, a club that has had its up years and plenty of down ones too.

So, it’s with great interest that I came across the following TV documentary on YouTube that I wanted to share with you, the reader. Reason being is that I believe that every club in the Premier League deserves respect. The clubs deserve to be respected by fellow supporters. I don’t expect everyone to love Stoke City, but as you can see from the following video, they’re a club with a long history.

In the eyeopening TV documentary, presenter Sue Jay examines what it’s like at Stoke City in 1975, whether it was as a supporter or as a footballer. There are plenty of legends being interviewed such as Jimmy Greenhoff, Peter Shilton and Alan Hudson. Plus the documentary interviews a football-mad family as well as supporters who have followed the Potters since 1913.

There are plenty of shots of Stoke’s old stadium, Victoria Ground, which was Stoke City’s ground from 1878 to 1997. At the time of its demolition it was thought to be the oldest operational football league ground in the world.

Enjoy the three-part video series. Part one is above, and parts two and three are below. And feel free to add any observations or questions in the comments section below.

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4 Responses to Shouts For City: Stoke City Documentary, 1975 (Video)

  1. IanCransonsKnees says:

    I appreciate the effort Gaffer, however I feel it might fall on deaf ears.

    Have you ever seen this in the flesh? I feel that as a piece of footballing artwork it’s on a par with the Sir Tom Finney statue at Preston which is outstanding.

    The Gordon Banks one below is the next on our list. From what I gather there will be two more either side of this showing him diving and making saves.

    For those that can be bothered to look beyond our return to the top flight you’ll find an interesting and colourful history behind our club. However we’re not alone in this, anyone new to Premier League should look at the powerhouses of English football that were Wolves and Blackpool, see how far they fell and the scrap they’ve had getting back up. Go on treat yourself and broaden your horizons beyond the obvious.

    • The Gaffer says:

      ICK, thanks for sharing the pictures of the Stanley Matthews and Gordon Banks statues. Pure class. Haven’t seen these in person, or in pictures, so thanks for sharing those. I met Stanley Matthews when he was doing a promotional tour to the States in the early 90s. Fantastic gentleman.

      I think it’s definitely time for supporters of other Premier League clubs to respect other clubs, and vice-versa. There’s so much history in England. And most clubs have had their ups and downs. English football wasn’t always run by the Big Four. It’s a relatively recent trend.

      The Gaffer

  2. viren says:

    Anyone have any links for other documentaries like this from the 70′s or 80′s. Theres a good one about Manchester City “CITY!” from 1982(?) on YouTube.

  3. IanCransonsKnees says:

    Viren, try typing in Match of the 70s or Match of the 80s into youtube or google.

    I know that you can get the DVDS. They were a highlights series that was on in the late 1990s over here, they’d do a different season from each week.

    My own personal favourite is

    The website that clip is from has some excellent old school footage on it. The crowd scenes and ‘mentals’ (Stoke term for what you experience when celebrating a goal) are ace.

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