Premier League Gameweek 4, Saturday Games: Open Thread

Mar. 13, 2010 - London, UNITED KINGDOM - epa02078096 Chelsea's Didier Drogba (L) controls the ball next to West Ham's Matthew Upson during the English Premiership soccer match between Chelsea FC and West Ham in Stamford Bridge Stadium, west London, Britain, 13 March 2010. Chelsea won 4-1.

Alas, the Premier League has finally returned after a long international break and there are several mouthwatering games that will be played today. Can Man United overcome Everton without Rooney? Can Everton can much-needed points? Can West Ham get something out of their game against Chelsea? Can Bolton upset Arsenal? And so on and so on.

Feel free to post your observations, questions or comments about the games in the comments section below.

Edit: Chris McQuade here, i feel bad about not posting recently due to varying reasons so join me and any other EPLtalk writers who have the time to run through the day’s action.

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22 thoughts on “Premier League Gameweek 4, Saturday Games: Open Thread”

  1. These are weekends at their best for me, wake up to Man Utd, Notre Dame in the afternoon, and then NFL tomorrow! Is this heaven?

    On to the match, awful by Evra, but what a cross from Nani! Also, Howard has been fantastic. Tired of seeing Owen on the bench too. has been top quality so far aside from a few short hiccups.

  2. It’s absolutely shocking to me that Rooney wouldn’t play in this game…I couldn’t imagine those same circumstances for an NFL player for example, but I guess the malicious chants wouldn’t be happening all game.

    1. Totally agree, akin to Roethlisberger not playing when his suspension is over. Guess Tiger did sit out a few and came back at the safe Masters, but he had 100s of women, ha, so different.

  3. What a thrilling ending to the Everton versus Man United game. Who would have guessed that one? Manchester United completely threw the match away. I can just imagine how furious Ferguson must be right now in the dressing room.

    And what about Moyes being filled with rage at the end? To me, when the time is up in a game, the ref should blow his whistle. He shouldn’t wait for a play to end before the whistle is blown.

    The Gaffer

    1. “Manchester United completely threw the match away.”

      Between this one and the Fulham match that’s going to be four points flushed down the toilet….all year long.

    2. “And what about Moyes being filled with rage at the end? To me, when the time is up in a game, the ref should blow his whistle. He shouldn’t wait for a play to end before the whistle is blown.”

      I agree in theory, but they usually wait until the end of a play. It’s all about consistency. Given that they normally let it go, it seemed a bit odd for them to cut them off in the middle of a break.

    3. “And what about Moyes being filled with rage at the end? To me, when the time is up in a game, the ref should blow his whistle. He shouldn’t wait for a play to end before the whistle is blown.”

      The time was already up before the Utd corner but the ref was happy to let them take that. Typical Utd bias from the officials.

  4. is pissing me off. Freezing during the United game. Sound didn’t match the play during most of the second half. Now I’m hearing discussion about horse racing instead of the Spurs/West Brom game. What am I paying $15 a month for???????

  5. I will say that the picture quality for is top notch. Finally able to connect to Spurs game be it with constant stuttering. Might just bag it and watch the replay on FSC.

    By the way has anybody else been double charged for the month of August? I got charged once by RayV and again by the new company that took over. New company say they can’t help me out. Great to see Fox handle the transition well. Note sarcasm.

  6. Tottenham/West Brom on froze at around 15 minutes and now I’m getting nothing but constant horse racing discussion when I try and re-connect. Just sent them a nasty email. Someone better give me by $15 back for August. Whether it be the old provider or new provider. This is unacceptable. Not happy at all.

  7. had quite a few problems this morning. The blue screen during the Everton-Man U game, loss of picture for about 15 minutes for Man City-Blackburn, problem during West Brom-Spurs. While their picture quality is better than last season, problems are worse. All this is not reassuring for next week’s big game between Man U and Liverpool. Getting very frustrated with .

  8. I know that this doesn’t have anything to do with this week’s slate of Matches, but I figured that this is the appropriate place to pose this question:

    When I lived in London (I was very young), the local team would have been QPR. Since moving back to the States, I’ve adopted Arsenal, and followed them loyally. It looks like QPR have a half-decent shot at making the Prem this year, so I was wondering:

    If QPR were to be promoted, how do I allocate my rooting interest to either team. That is, how should I go about distributing my allegiances to both teams in a sensible way?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    *Sidenote: I’m sick and tired of bloody Arshavin doing nothing to finish for the Gunners.*

    That is all.

    1. No problem, Ethan. Root for Arsenal to finish top four or win the whole thing. Root for QPR to stay up. :-)

      Your only problem would be when they meet. For that, see Tom.

  9. Agree that had problems again this morning. For about 10 minutes I couldn’t get any of the EPL games to load. I just hope they get it sorted for next week when Man United play Liverpool. If I experience any of the problems I had today I’ll cancel my subscription.

  10.’s problems don’t bode well for next week’s ManU-Liverpool clash. I just have a bad feeling about this. Why doesn’t Fox put big games on FSC which most people have rather than on FS+ that most don’t have or that is beset with problems? The best way to become successful is to make it easy for soccer fans to watch their teams play by putting it on channels that people have easy access to. Better still, why don’t they sell the rights to the big games to ESPN and show it there. Everyone has access to ESPN. Once again Fox is showing how bad their business sense is.

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