FIFA 11 PC Gameplay Footage: Video

EA Sports has released another preview of FIFA 11. This time it’s a sneak peek of their gameplay footage for the PC.

The preview features a match between Arsenal and Chelsea at the Emirates Stadium. As you can see from the graphics, gameplay and the audio, this is a fantastic representation of the beautiful game we love.

A full un-edited game of FIFA 11 will be available as a demo from EA Sports as of September 15. Stay tuned for more news.

10 thoughts on “FIFA 11 PC Gameplay Footage: Video”

  1. Drogba goes one on one on Almunia and doesn’t score, and Van Persie makes it through the entire demo without getting hurt. Completely unrealistic.

  2. That looks pretty terrible actually.. the movement is so stilted and unrealistic. They just can’t seem to get rid of that general disconnected feeling in their games. PES all the way!

  3. I’ve got to vote for PES, too. Maybe I’m an old dog or easily confused, but I just can’t get used to the controls on FIFA. I lose every game no matter who I’m playing. On PES, I can put a couple in the net at least.

  4. I love how the players still have little to know facial expression after scoring. Look around 2:15 when Malouda scores, Ivanovic just looks at him like a dumbass.

  5. lmaooooo….only on video game….EA if your reading this….improve Drogba’s ratings…..the man single handily terrorized Arsenal in attack and defense….and on your game he misses a one on one vs Alumnia

  6. Can’t believe that they can make a video game where Arsenal cannot string more than two passes together throughout the entire 90 minutes.

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