Tell Comcast 'We Want Our Fox Soccer Channel HD and Fox Soccer Plus'

So far this year, the major satellite providers in the United States have added Fox Soccer Channel HD and Fox Soccer Plus. But for those soccer fans who have cable, especially Comcast, it’s been a frustrating year with no hope of the two channels being added to Comcast anytime soon. Even cable competitor Time Warner Cable seems to be adding both channels across the nation, little by little. So it’s time to send Comcast Cable a message, loud and clear. We want our Fox Soccer Channel HD and Fox Soccer Plus!

In the past, I wrote an article entitled How to Demand Your TV Provider Adds Fox Soccer Plus or FSCHD. Thankfully many of those providers have now added the two channels, but Comcast seems to be an anomaly. There isn’t a consistent message from them when we can expect the channels to be added. And depending who you talk to, you’re going to get a different story and more excuses.

Thankfully one of the EPL Talk readers, ‘Up The Chels!!’, has been contacting Comcast so much via Twitter that they gave him a helping hand. @comcastbonnie at Comcast has created an online form due to the high volume of similar complaints she has received.

So if you, or someone you know, wants Fox Soccer Channel HD and Fox Soccer Plus on Comcast, please complete this form (and spread the word).

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  1. Well done. I’ve been all over them forever about this and kept asking, even the higher ups. Since they did nothing by the end of last season after they kept saying it was coming, I swiftly cancelled my service after 6 years of being a customer and switched to DirectTV for this very reason right before World Cup to ensure that I got my free HD/DVR upgrade in time to record all of the games.

    They asked me why I was cancelling so I told them and their only response was, “Wow…I’ve never heard of anyone changing service providers for one channel.” Well now they certainly have. That’s what happens when you don’t give me my football when it’s available.

    1. Good for you. And I know of plenty of other soccer fans who dropped Comcast in favor of DirecTV or DISH. The one thing about soccer fans is that they’re very loyal to companies who cater to soccer fans. And right now Comcast is severely dropping the ball.

      The Gaffer

      1. I wish I had the guts to do that King Eric. I told Comcast they had the end of August to add these channels or I would be canceling my service. They actually didn’t seem to care one bit. Anyway, it’s September 9th and I still have Comcast and neither of these channels have been added.

        The thing is I’m scared to make the move to Satelite but if Verizon was available to me I would definitely jump ship. Although they don’t have either of these channels in HD at least they have Fox Soccer Plus. Which is more I can say than Comcast.

        I’m so tired of dealing with Comcast. Every person I get has a different story for me and some people tell you nothing at all. Which I’m thinking those latter people are the ones actually telling the truth. Comcast really doesn’t have any plans to add these channels.

        Well hopefully this Bonnie person can help us out. Let’s hope. Thanks.

  2. How about Verizon FIOS!!! Give me some HD Action!! Also I got FSC but I have to subscribe to the Spanish Cahnnels to get GOL TV! What a rip!

  3. And even if Comcast adds FSC in HD, you’re still going to have to hope that they add it in your market! More than likely, smaller markets will get screwed for a while and especially those with lower percentage of hispanic respectively international population.

    Ahhh… glad I got rid of Cable TV. Don’t have to deal with all that nonsense anymore. 馃槈

  4. I told Comcast how I felt by dumping them after over 22 years (including their predecessor) for DirecTV. The customer service rep didn’t so much as to even ask me why I was leaving. I love DirecTV and despise Comcast!

  5. Here in southeast Michigan, I have AT&T UVerse. Although I have FSC, I don’t have it in HD nor do I have Fox Soccer Plus. When I called customer service last spring, no one had a clue as to when, if ever, they would be offered. Does anyone know anything as to whether these channels wil be available on UVerse?

  6. Thank you Gaffer. I have been constantly contacting Comcast about this in Boston area and so far have received no response, not even a hit that it’s going to get added in near future. Hopefully something like this will make them take action. Appreciate you, chels and comcastbonnie.

    1. Dorchester here. I have complained to so many people at Comcast, and get the same run-around story every time. I can’t add a dish bc of a property agreement, so for now I’m stuck with low-def FSC at my house, and trips to the Banshee for big matches.

  7. I actually feel pretty lucky with Bright House. I almost had AT&T, but thankfully that didn’t work out. Now I have FSC in HD and last night, I got their digital sports pak for $6 a month, which gives me FS+ in HD (and a bunch of other channels I couldn’t care less about.) I know some people have issues with Bright House, but so far their internet and cable services have been excellent for me. Now I have almost every EPL match in HD, as well as many Champions League matches for Tottenham (Go Spurs!) and some MLS/Serie A matches. Can’t ask for anything more!

  8. Ann Arbor, Michigan:
    I have had Comcast for 2 years. I have contacted them 100 times but to no avail. I almost cancelled last May before the World Cup but DishNetwork turned out to be as expensive as Comcast because we have the internet+TV double play.

    I emailed them as my student special price expired and asked for a better deal (via chat) and got an amazing offer. After trying to sign up for this special deal, I was told that I was not eligible and the chat-person had made a mistake in quoting my price. I threw a customer hissy-fit and they said “Sorry, we’ll get you your special deal until December and throw in STARZ for free for 3 months.” My hissy fit was thrown towards:

    “ESL Department, Michigan Region”

    This worked wonders. Now, I pay $70 per month for Cable (ESPN2, FSC, GolTV) + SportsPackage+ HD package + HighSpeed Internet. 馃榾

    I will likely leave Comcast in December when my special ends and I have to pay $130+ to keep my channels and just keep HighSpeed Internet ($55 / month) as Comcast has access to Only reason I am keeping Comcast internet is because there is NO OTHER option for high speed internet. :(

  9. Gaffer, thanks for the kudos. @comcastbonnie is amazing. I tweeted @comcastcares so many times he has completely ignored me the last 20+ times. Hopefully this form helps give us comcast customers what we want!

  10. I feel for you Comcasters. I was faithful to Comcast for many years, but could not take it anymore. I too threatened to cancel (but didnt want to) because they did not have FS+ (Setanta at the time). Finally, last October I did it. They asked why, I told them about Setanta. They couldnt understand why I would over one channel. They reminded me of all the other channels that they have. I told them how Soccer was more important than movies and other sports etc.

    Almost a year has gone by and they have yet to add FS+ and they still dont have FSC in HD. I am glad I made the move. I love having the extra DTV channels for CL and LaLiga games too. Yes, I pay more as I used to have triple play from Comcast, but its well worth it!

  11. Comcast is one of the worst run companies in the country when it comes to their customers. The only reason they’re even in the position they’re currently in financially is because they have monopolized many of their markets. Not everyone lives in a home, building or neighborhood where you can place a satellite dish.

    In fact, in many cities (I’m in Baltimore) Comcast is the absolute only option for high speed broadband internet. And guess what? To use their internet you also have to pay for their cable tv package–that’s even if you don’t plan on using it to watch tv! So you still have to pay the $10 a month just to have the ability to pay $30 a month, just to have the ability to get online. There should be law against this shit…….

    I’ve mentioned this before in the previous posts on this site: if you stay with Comcast–for any reason other than noting having other options–you’re the only one to blame for this situation. THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR REQUESTS. Why should they? They’re the biggest cable provider in the country and sell a product that is technologically outdated! Just look at their menu interface and guides. They’re low resolution and borderline archaic. Even their HD feeds are of a lower quality than that of both Verizon and DTV.

    As someone who has had subscribed to Comcast, Fios and DTV, I can tell you right now that Comcast ranks lowest in all major categories.

    Fios has by far the best picture available. And the fastest internet by an even larger margin. They’re also priced competitively.

    Direct Tv has the best customer service. Their installers know what they’re doing and will hand you a card so that if you have any issues, you can call them personally to work out a solution.

    However, they are the most expensive and they’ll nickel and dime you for everything they can. It’s extra for HD; extra for DVR; extra for sports channels you’ll likely never use; extra extra extra if you ever want to upgrade your box. It’s kind of crazy really. You also have to sign a two year contract, which if you move or have to break, will also cost you out the.

    Comcast is horrible at everything. However, they do have AMC in HD, which DTV does not, so I guess they have that working for them……..other than that though, they’re not even the ugly stepchild of the tv game–they’re the abortion that just won’t die.

    1. I live in Baltimore County and had Fios and it is better in every way than Comcast, better interface and quicker when you scroll, faster internet, you can browse while watching OnDemand, channels are grouped better together and Fox Soccer Plus. Although both Gol TV channels were in Spanish and I rather watch Bundesliga and La Liga than Ligue 1 and Serie A. But now I had to move back to my dads and he won’t budge on getting Fios and really want it back and hate Comcast with a passion. I got to look a the Fios deals and hopefully get it back.

  12. I got fed up with Cablevision and got DirecTV Premier package + NFL Sunday Ticket, but my folks still have Cablevison. I am still kinda of glad to have cable because I have a TiVo and DirecTV only offers my CT locals in HD and not the New York affilates in HD so I can’t watch my Jets in HD on DirecTV because they are on CBS NY while the Pats are on CBS CT. They also still haven’t added AMC in HD.

    I am also very tempted to get U-Verse internet so I can have access to, but that would be another $45 a month. I wish the DirecTV deal with AT&T had the option of U-Verse internet instead of just plan old DSL.

  13. Hopefully this works. I called up a few weeks ago venting that since I’m paying extra for the sports package that includes Fox Soccer, the should be jumping through hoops to add the channel in HD over some of the basic cable channels in HD nobody watches.

  14. They can’t manage to find a place for FSC in HD, but my Comcast lineup has an HD slot for the Big 10 Network.

    In freakin’ Utah.

  15. Comcast are seriously crap. Having just moved to Chicago and never had such s**t service in my life. Because of the apartment block we are in, we have to use comcast. The worst part is the no soccer plus and HD. The amount of money these mofo’s make by charging us all an arm and a leg… you would think they can at least listen to our demands and provide us with what we want. You would think they would use there brain; provide us with soccer plus and hd…. they would clearly get more subscribers and make more money. Soccer is the most watched sport in the world!!

  16. The galling thing is that Comcast outright lied to me when I talked with them in August, saying that FSCin HD was absolutely coming, “maybe August, but most likely September.” I called yesterday and was told that FSC is not even on the consideration list for HD. Lying bastards. Or possibly the poor harried customer service guys aren’t getting any information from their management, and they are making stuff up to placate the customers.

  17. Problem is, my landlord won’t allow me to get Dish or Directv even though I’ve repeatedly told him what the dish companies told me – there’s no installation or anything that needs to be done that’s likely to damage the building. I have an option of getting uverse but that won’t do me any good because they are as clueless as comcast when it comes to FSC HD or FSC Plus.

  18. If you fill out this form, do it at least 3 times: Fox Soccer HD; Fox Soccer Plus HD; and GolTV HD.

    GolTV HD probably is more likely to get added first, because Comcast and Fox don’t play well together in negotiating new deals; both are titans. GolTV is a small company, however, so its negotiating power is much less and it is much more likely to reach a deal with Comcast for its HD version quicker. So be sure to include GolTV HD as one of your requested channels.

  19. I recently used Comcast’s chat feature,and the rep told me that I could expect Fox Soccer Channel HD in October. I’m not sure how reliable that is, but it was something.

    1. Hey Matt,

      I was told in June that the date was August. In August I was told “this month, maybe, probably September.” In September I was told during a “chat” that Fox Soccer was not even on the list.
      I ain’t holding my breath.
      Lou, Sunnyvale CA

  20. I inquired with comcast and this is the reponse I recieved today….

    Thank you for contacting the Comcast Office of Rick Germano, Senior Vice
    President of Customer Operations, regarding your request for the Fox
    Soccer Channel HD and Fox Soccer Plus channels. My name is Neil and I
    can understand your frustration with the situation you experienced and
    appreciate you giving me the opportunity to be of assistance to you
    today and respond to your questions with more information.

    I understand you would like further information regarding the addition
    of the Fox Soccer Channel HD and the Fox Soccer Plus channel to your
    Comcast channel lineup. I have forwarded your request for the Fox Soccer
    Channel HD and the Fox Soccer Plus channel to your local Comcast office.
    Unfortunately, I am unable to advise when these channels will be added
    to the Comcast channel lineup.

    Our goal is to provide a wide choice of quality cable networks and local
    broadcast channels reflecting the diverse programming interests of our
    customers. In addition to requests from customers, the following
    factors play a part in our decision making process:

    路 FCC regulations, such as requirements to carry all local broadcast
    路 Requirement by local broadcasters to carry their affiliated cable
    路 The number of access channels required by local government
    路 Customer satisfaction with networks carried in other systems
    路 Customer satisfaction with similar networks
    路 Importance of the network to our diverse community
    路 Level of interest across a percentage of our customer base
    路 Per-subscriber programming fees charged by the network versus the
    value added to the line-up

    As you may know, we have been investing millions of dollars in new
    technology to increase the channel capacity of the system through
    digital technology. So an additional factor in launching new channels
    is whether or not a particular network is available in the digital

    What this all means is that we take all requests for new networks very
    seriously, and that we carefully consider the overall impact of adding
    each network. While we cannot honor every request, we do take each
    request into consideration in planning future changes to the line-up.

    Should you have any further questions, comments or concerns please feel
    free to respond to this email and either myself or one of my colleagues
    will be happy to review your concerns and respond.

    Mr. xxxxx, we thank you for choosing Comcast as we truly do value your


  21. The Gaffer good news for those of us who still begging Comcast.

    You remember how I was saying last time that Google TV will change the way we watch football, it is heppening.

    I went shopping at Best Buy today and bought a Logitech Revue box, a google set-top-box with google TV access. I plugged in everything in five minutes and I was streaming a replay match from my ESPN3 account in no time, Napoli vs Milan to be specific. The picture was awesome, way better better than SD but little less clear than 720p. Next I checked my and streamed few Champion Legaue and Europa league games still the picture quality was SD but not as clear as ESPN3. Generally streaming quality sucks since they use a 14th century software. The only thing I haven’t checked out was since I don’t have an account with them but I think they have better streaming quality than ESPN3 since they use better software.

    I am really impressed. I can watch all the live soccer and replays of ESPN3 with great quality at my own time. This is the future and it is happening.

    1. Diriye – I have the Sony Blu-ray box with Google TV and both the ESPN3 and streams are excellent. Personally I’ve always thought the ESPN3 stream was better than, but hardwired to my router (6MB/1.5MB) and connected via HDMI to TV both are fantastic.

  22. csb059 thanks for the fox soccertv feed back

    I will sign up after the winter break. It is good to know I wasn’t in another planet all by myself and enjoying this . lol

    1. All,

      I just got off the phone with an exec in the California regional office. I got his email from some consumer website and he called me back promptly (surprise, surprise). While he could not say WHEN FSC would be in the HD lineup, he did have some useful information:

      – The decision is based primarily on money. Every channel Comcast broadcasts costs them money which they pay to the network that provides the content. If FSC in SD costs X dollars, broadcasting FSC in SD and in HD will cost 2X dollars, or some variation thereof.
      – The decision to negotiate a price for an additional HD simulcast of FSC with FOX would be based on Comcasts evaluation of whether it would be profitable to do so. It’s not bandwidth or anything like that. It’s how much will it cost, and how many people will watch it.
      – Contrary to popular belief, if Comcast decides to pickup FSC in HD, it will almost certainly be at a national level. That thing about bugging your regional director is not very accurate, at least not for big national networks like FOX.
      – Comcast is fully aware that there are many, many FSC fans that are dying to get FSC in HD, and the execs do know that it doesn’t look very good in SD. (Our crys have not gone unnoticed.) The problem is there are a lot of fans of a lot of networks and we aren’t the only ones making demands and requests.
      – The reason nobody can tell us “when” is purely a negotiating tactic. If Comcast says we will have FSC in HD in 2011, then FOX knows they have Comcast by the balls and they will play hard ball in the negotiations. They can’t say anything until they’ve negotiated a contract – just like in sports. Moreover, it’s in their best interest to pretend that they don’t care, so FOX will give it up for less money. Supply and demand.
      – Lastly, the guy said they do want to get FSC in HD. They understand that the channel is being generated in HD and it doesn’t make a lot of sense not broadcasting it as such. He said they are constantly reviewing networks to put on the negotiating table and it could happen any time.

      Now a lot of that could be BS, but he sounded like a knowledgeable guy so I’ll take his word for it.

  23. Comcast trying to fight back is great. Adding the soccer channels is something every one is trying to get out there. But what about the people that are running late for a game and don’t want to miss a thing. Comcast has TV everywhere but it’s for home bases only so what does it do for those customers? As a DISH employee I have TV everywhere with my DISH service and I can catch the whole game even if I’m late because it’s not only for the home it’s for a car, light rail or a bus! Great! Isn’t it?

  24. C’mon already Comcast, it’s 2011, and getting ridiculous. It’s not like you’re going to NOT still make billions if you carry FSCHD. You’re just building more bad will among your customers, who are just waiting for the chance to switch to another service.

  25. C’mon already Comcast, it’s 2011, and getting ridiculous. It’s not like you’re going to NOT still make billions if you carry FSCHD. You’re just building more bad will among your customers, who are just waiting for the chance to switch to another service.

    Go Gunners!

  26. Hey guys,
    I called this Comcast Corporate Escalation number and am waiting for an ETA.

    1888 610 0995

    I suggest you do the same so they know people are frustrated with Comcast’s service and not watching FSC in HD ! Let’s bug the hell out of them so we get what we want.

    People are throwing governments in Middle East for God’s sake. I’m pretty sure we can get Comcast to get their act together and broadcast FSC in HD…

  27. You know, Fox could help out a little here, too. Why not show Fox Soccer Plus reruns on Fox Soccer Channel? I usually watch the games after the fact anyway! No Chelsea-Swansea for me this weekend I guess.

  28. WILL WONDERS NEVER CEASE! Comcast San Francisco just added Fox Soccer HD on October 17, 2011. Took them long enough! Now I’m bugging them for Fox Soccer Plus.

  29. I have just gotten the Fox Soccer Channel, but Comcast doesn’t have Fox Soccer Plus. I wwonder why it isn’t offered. As several ther channels have 4 or 5 of then such as HBO, can’t Comcast get the soccer channels for it’s subscribers. Please look into adding Fox Soccer Plus for those who like the sport. Football, Hockey, and baseball seem to have several channels that are availablr, soccer fans should have the same options. Please listen to your subscribers! WE WANT SOCCER !!

  30. I got off the phone with Comcast in the bay area, CA. The dude said the east coast has it, the mid should have it sometime, followed by the west coast, he had no idea when though :(

    1. Sadly, the East Coast doesn’t have it. Most Comcast regions nationwide don’t carry FOX Soccer HD or FOX Soccer Plus.

      The Gaffer

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