Fabio Capello to Step Down as England Manager After Euro 2012

PORT-OF-SPAIN, TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO - MAY 31:  Fabio Capello the England Manager talks to the media during a press conference at the Hyatt Hotel on May 31, 2008 in Port of Spain, Trinidad.  (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)

Fabio Capello has confirmed that he’ll step down as England manager after the end of Euro 2012.

Usually when a manager announces to his squad that he’ll no longer be a manager after a specific date, it’s an accident waiting to happen. Take for example Raymond Domenech and his French team in the 2010 World Cup. Knowing that he was leaving at the end of the tournament, no matter what happened, there was little reason for the French players to take the manager seriously. After all, everyone knew he was leaving.

But the difference with Capello is that I believe he has the respect of the players. And respect goes a long way in football. I don’t believe the England footballers will change their behavior or their attitude to Capello knowing that the Italian will be leaving after Euro 2012. Instead both manager and players will try to perform to their best abilities so Capello can leave in style.

After all, Domenech had few options after leaving France. For Capello, the world is his oyster. He can pick and choose between some of the top clubs and national jobs around the world. But I can see him returning to Italy and managing a top club there.

The speculation will mount between now and then who will take his place. The FA has already announced that the next England manager will be English, so the leading candidate must be Harry Redknapp. But other than Redknapp, there are very few English managers who would be considered for the position. They must include Roy Hodgson, Sam Allardyce, Steve Bruce and Stuart Pearce. Who else is there?

5 thoughts on “Fabio Capello to Step Down as England Manager After Euro 2012”

  1. For god sakes, go with Moyes. I know he’s scottish but look at his track record of transfer dealings & playing styles. Better then Fergie, Wenger & everyone else in the league.

  2. The problem also is alot can happen in 2 years ago, there was a time when Stuart Pearce had this job almost in the bag, however after a poor run with Manchester City he was out of the running at both club and international level.

  3. I just don’t get this announcement especially the timing. Who announces they are leaving their job two years in advance, and why would he leave when he clearly has unfinished business as far as the world cup is concerned? To me, it suggests that managing England is just another job, another payday for Capello. Its about securing a few more readies before retiring, not capping his management career with the biggest prize of all. Very disappointing news, particularly when he seems to be finding the right blend at last. A new manager taking over after he is gone will have no time to build for the world cup. Lets hope Capello at least leaves the newcomer with a hungry team ready to challenge for something. And please FA, on no account give it to Sam Allardyce – he is f*cking useless!

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