Frustrations Continue For Wright Phillips

Shaun Wright Phillips England World Cup 2010 England V Algeria (0-0) 18/06/10 Group C at Durban FIFA World Cup 2010 Photo Robin Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

When Shaun Wright Phillips appeared as second half substitute against Switzerland, he was probably hoping that an impressive display could kick-start his club season. But things didn’t go according to plan for the Manchester City winger and a below par display was topped off with a woeful cross that eluded Darren Bent and infuriated boss Fabio Capello.

That cross summed up a frustrating few months for the 28-year-old. After a World Cup that ended with intense disappointment for every English player, Wright Phillips returned to Eastlands to see a host of big name arrivals.

Wright Phillips has since started just one of City’s opening three Premier League games and you do get the feeling he may slowly been forced out of the club who he is made over  150 appearances for.

It’s a real shame for Wright Phillips who ever since his £21 million move to Chelsea  in 2005 has seen his career stutter. That move was meant to be the making of the exciting English prospect, but things never really worked out for him in London. His game was never going to fit in with Jose Mourinho’s style and this is why I can see Wright Phillips departing from City sooner rather than later.

When he returned to the North West he could probably never of imagined what would happen in the following days. City’s takeover and new millions would change the course of his career. When he arrived back ‘home’ Wright Phillips probably envisaged he would be the leading light in the City team. But the arrival of Robinho just two days later, followed by the vast amount of talent that would follow has meant that once again the likeable winger is mealy a squad player.

Couple this with similarities between Mancini’s method and that of Mourinho, setting up a team that is difficult to beat. You can only have so many flair players and with City boasting vast amounts of talent you just can’t see Wright Phillips fitting in.

It’s such a shame because as I have mentioned Wright Phillips is a very likeable player, and has immense talent, but unfortunately he has been at two clubs who have been able to buy whatever player they like. At the sort of clubs like Wright Phillips has been at, he will always struggle to force their way in to the managers plans when better players become available, with their millions, they are always available.

12 thoughts on “Frustrations Continue For Wright Phillips”

  1. He left City when they were poor to go to Chelsea, no-one made him.
    He then went back – again he could have gone anywhere. Arsenal was an
    option for him the first time round but he turned it down.

    He’s just not very good, he’s fast and industrious but his touch isnt brilliant and I think he should be at a Bolton or an Everton at this moment in time. He needs minutes. Great on his day, just not that many days.

  2. Sweep has never been that good, can only play on the right of midfield and can’t cross fot toffee and never could. He will be out at the end of this season. Could do a job at Stoke or Blackburn but is not top shelf and is loosing his pace which is his best asset.

    1. Agreed completely – I always thought he was never particularly good. Completely one footed, poor crossing, poor control, no trick, and can only really go in one direction. He was pretty fast, and I think this allows players to have promising starts when they’re relatively unknown.

      Unfortunately, once people realized he was fairly fast and defended accordingly, his flaws became more and more obvious.

  3. James, I concur. I was going to write a very similar post. Shaun Wright-Phillips has been awful for England and Manchester City lately. He’s been so bad that I can’t believe he gets a chance to play for both teams.

    But I disagree with the commenters slagging him off. In 2004-2006, he was as exciting to watch as Gareth Bale is today. But Chelsea ruined him. He got hardly any playing time, and when he did get a rare appearance, it was far too infrequently and he had lost his touch.

    I’m convinced he’s still capable of being at his best, but he probably needs to take a step down to a smaller Premier League club where he can be sure to get a starting spot each week, so he can regain his confidence and touch.

    The Gaffer

    1. I am not so much slagging him off as saying his day is too few and far between. 2004-6 is such a long time ago now. I agree he needs a move but like so many will he move.. and be paid less?

  4. He is the poster child for young players making poor career moves. The whole world realised the huge mistake he was making by signing for Chelsea at that time in his career but he made the move and the rest has been history.

    There are so many clubs that could use him but he’s seemingly happy to spend his time training and being paid for it.

  5. I have to ask if this article was one in the making and just reworked to include today’s match. I have to wonder why focus on one of few negative parts of this match.

  6. He simply isn’t very good. No one has “ruined” him. He’s always had an atrocious first touch, and his speed only gets him so far.

  7. yeah it true chelsea did ruin him he had that amzing run agaist aston villa middlesbrough he was lil speedy gonzalez if he stay at city his future wud have been better and better for englandd so i dont know why people slag off wright phillps manichi shud give him a game he had games when hughes manager and played well good that goal agaist arsenal give him chancee manchini wright phillps till we died

  8. Johnson’s too good. Walcott is better than SWP. Milner and even Joe Cole can play on the right in a pinch. Too many good players ahead of him.

    England are better off taking another CB with their injury woes, or adding a striker.

    It’s a numbers game, and SWP is out.

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