Real Madrid's Proposed January Transfer Bid for Gareth Bale Would be a Step in the Wrong Direction

White Hart Lane , Tottenham Hotspur v Young Boys, Europa League Play-off 2nd Leg 25/08/20 Peter Crouch of Tottenham celebrates scoring his 1st goal Photo Marc Atkins Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

According to reports scoured across the Internet, Spurs boy wonder Gareth Bale is the subject of a potential Real Madrid transfer bid this January. Should the Spanish giants make a move for the Welsh winger, Tottenham and Harry Redknapp would be foolish to let their young prized possession leave White Hart Lane regardless of the transfer fee involved.

Bale is currently among a crop of players in the Premier League who can be described as one of the league’s best, but would a move to Madrid in Spain’s La Liga remotely fit Bale? Reports suggest Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho is a big fan of Bale’s abilities, yet where would Bale fit in at a club such as Real Madrid?

For a myriad of reasons, he wouldn’t. Among a few: the language, settling into a new country, new league and new system all would be major adjustments for such a young player who has only just settled in England in the past twelve months.

But paramount in those reasons is that Madrid are always a loaded club with enough players to field two solid teams. Bale could realistically languish on the bench for the majority of league play while his chances to play in cup competitions throughout the year would be few and far between. There’s no guarantee Bale could get the kind of minutes he now enjoys at Spurs. While Bale’s stock continues to rise and the big European guns load their barrels for his services, he and those around him must remember that the grass isn’t always greener.

Proponents of a transfer to Spain would state that although Madrid are big spenders and can field world class talent at more than one position, quality and depth at left back, a position Bale could play, seems to have eluded the Spanish giants in recent years, at least in their eyes.

Marcelo and Alvaro Arbeloa have both deputized at left back with moderate success since the club have looked to replace the massive hole Roberto Carlos left upon his departure in 2007. Gabriel Heinze also enjoyed a stint at left back for Real Madrid before leaving for French club Marseille in 2009. For those who follow Spanish football, a quality left back, or lack thereof, is often stated as just one in a number of reasons why Madrid have failed to capture success in Europe in recent years.

Bale, just 21, surely has to be happy with his current situation. He’s got Champions League and first team football with Spurs, and with the recent addition of Dutch play maker Rafael van der Vaart among other talented Spurs, most importantly, he’s at a club with ambition.

Gareth Bale to Madrid makes about as much sense as a young and promising Spanish player such as Sergio Busquets or Pedro leaving Barcelona for Chelsea or Manchester United to begin again. Although Tottenham can’t realistically be compared to Real Madrid in terms of their impact on European football, or sensibly be compared to the success of Manchester United or Chelsea domestically or in Europe, Bale has what he needs at 21 and will continue to gain the valuable experience he needs to further his development if he simply stays put.

Bale’s abilities, fitness, mental toughness and focus will certainly be challenged this season in the Champions League and domestically while Spurs continue to fight for their hold on fourth. He’s the epitome of a Premier League player with his strength, skill and speed. At least for the time being and while Spurs can match his ambition, he’ll due perfectly fine to stay just where he’s at.

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  1. I know it sounds mean, but Bale has never come across as the sharpest knife in the drawer (I’m not just basing that on dodgy haircuts, honest). A more…tactical… league could be a bridge too far for the boy at his apex, let alone at this early stage of his pro career.

    Besides, he seems to be spending more time as a left half these days, not a left back. That could also tie back to his positional awareness as much as his pace and talent going forward.

  2. It’s part and parcil of getting to the top !,Fact of life the better the quality the players you have, the more other clubs will show an intrest in them .

  3. I would love to see a British footballer head overseas and play in Europe for one of the top clubs in the world. It happens too infrequently. Bale has the potential to be that person especially if he consistently delivers his explosive runs and crosses down the left wing for Tottenham. How he does in the Champions League will be a big determining factor in his success. If he can do it against Inter Milan, Werder Bremen and FC Twente, that sends a strong message to other clubs.

    The Gaffer

  4. Yeah, totally agree, Gaffer. I’d love to see it happen – I just don’t think it will. I’ve blogged (almost endlessly) about the need for more Brits to go overseas at all levels – young players, experienced players and managers. Rather than sitting on the MOTD or Football Focus sofa moaning that you can’t get a job as a manager in England why not do a McClaren or Short and try overseas?


  5. Let’s say he wanted to go to Spain, he would be better off going to a team he’ll definitely see first squad action. Maybe Altetico or Sevilla? In reality, Spurs will anchor him down until he’s 30 or some record transfer fee is paid (which RM could easily do).

  6. Spurs aren’t selling the guy who has to potential to be the best leftback in the world in 5 years.

    As a Spurs supporter, I wouldn’t take less then 100 million for him.

  7. This could be our midfield Lennon—– Van der Vaart——-Huddlestone—–Sandro——–Modric ——-. Also we have a lad called Townsend who will develop just like Bale into a great left sided player in a few years.Having said this i don’t think Bale will move because the Spanish league is a poor second to the atmosphere of the premiership and it bores me stiff after 20 mins and Madrid has ruined more footballers than stokes defenders

  8. someone already pointed out that he’s cup tied for spurs..doubt madrid makes the move before june…and even then it’s doubtful.

    bale has very little to gain from this move. As of now he’s seeing first team footy at spurs, and they are playing in the UCL.

    also, I would hardly point to just the van der vaart signing tsay spurs are a club w ambition..theyve spent heavily over the last few years to get where they are..crouch, defoe, modric, palacios, bentley (shit signing)…

    pipe dream really.

    as good as bale is, I’d see madrid going after someone like Bastos before they moved for Bale.

  9. Yeah right, he shouldn’t move because of the new language? I get it, Spanish is so hard to learn!!

    He shouldn’t move because of new league and new system? Players move leagues at young ages, and if any player thinks football is just 4-4-2, shouldn’t be a professional footballer.

    If he did reject a chance to move to one of the most storied clubs in the world because he wants to play 3 Champions League matches a season and then fight for 4th, then he has no ambition and should hang up his boots.

    That said, I don’t think he has the quality for a club like Madrid, but the reasons you gave are not valid, he isn’t good enough.

    And before you say “Name me a better attacking left sided player”, ever heard of Juan Vargas? Ever heard of Contreao? Ever heard of Kolarov?

  10. If Tottenham are out of CL when the window opens, it could happen. For one Real could offer Bale much more money then Tottenham… even on equal salary with taxes figured in. So Bale could be lured away. Spurs would need Berbatov money 20million plus. and lets not forget Real is in a bit of money troubles themselves.

    But you really have to be careful with sources…. The Mail has absolutely no credibility. NONE. It would be like me saying Man U to bring back Beckham for one last run and to captain the team. I Just said it, run it. spread it. but still will never happen. They don’t have sources, they make it up.

  11. I think we are all forgetting that Bale has just signed a new 5 year contract. The best signings Spurs made this season came when contracts where signed by himself and Modric.

    I do think Bale is a switched on lad. I think he receives plenty of good advice. Lets not forget Woodgate played for Real Madrid and witnessed what they did to Michael Owen, a player the fans wanted to see more of.

    I think honestly, Spurs have him for a minimum of two years, he is enjoying his football, the supporters love him and he is well aware of that. I actually think he has a soft spot for us too. He is in a team of young talented inderviduals, he has time on his side to see whether they can reach their potential together.

  12. Jose can have him when he arrives at WHL in three seasons time.

    Far fetched? Why would he want to follow over Ferguson’s ground knowing their debt problem & ditto for Liverpool as both are in financial trouble.
    City like Chelsea have interfering owners & he has enough of that & really after Milan & Madrid who would want to come to the North especially the cosmopolitan Jose?

    He doesn’t like Arsenal and once he wins the CL with Madrid he will want to do the unexpected, which is to push an EPL club to its former glory & return to London which he loves. ?THFC..Not Impossible.

    1. I happen to agree with you i have had a feeling for sometime that we will one day see Jose managing Spurs perhaps after Harry has decided to retire in 2 or 3 years time.

  13. Bale would easily get a start for Madrid. real madrid’s left backs are marcelo and arbeloa :S madrid would be complete with a world class player like Bale……..HALA MADRID

  14. No!! Gaffer…how about we send Rooney, or some up and coming star from some other club: namely MU/LPool/MC/CH/Arse as opposed to a player who might help break the usual top four monopoly soon to be challenged by MC. Or just maybe there aint anyone good enough. Hmm motive here?
    British players making a name overseas? Who could think of that?

    Anyway Bale is a LW not a LB Wigan proved that to even those who know nothing.

    IMO all those who want to send Bale to RM are full of cr*p as they simply want to make certain no one disturbs the new expected top four of MU/MC/Ch/ why not send one of your own best & brightest over to Jose?..NO? I wonder why? Are you all that frightened of Bale.

    Typical top four bullsh*t,,as soon as we get someone decent you lot want to steal him or make certain that someone else does. Jose can ****off and take even his 50 mill with him(they haven’t got it anyway).
    If were racing it would be called “nobbling”

  15. Totally off the mark. I’m not saying it’s impossible but come on, we’re talking about Real Madrid here, the biggest club in the world. It could be they’re just keeping an eye on him but that’s all, if he’s good enough, he’ll be bought eventually but until then they’d rather keep him at spurs to develop and prosper. Having said that, I think he won’t fit there, I’ve seen him more than once playing in the premier league and he’s not that good, in fact, he’s still an average player with some potential. Maybe in 2 years he’ll be good enough to sit on Madrid’s bench.

  16. Lets remane the article………….Real Madrid‚Äôs Proposed January Transfer Bid for Gareth Bale Would be A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME AS BALE IS GOING NOWHERE..end of article

  17. Is Gareth Bale really a player to be played alongside Kaka, Marcelo, Cristiano Ronaldo and the likes ? Is he really a player to be looked at as a Galactico ?? He’s good and can play well, but I don’t think he has the talent to be playing alongside Kaka and the rest of the Galactico’s !! After a gethering of experience and advancement in his skills then he really does appear to be one to go there but only if he really gets very good.

  18. i think the damn bale is better to leave spurs because everybody knows that it is very complicate for young soccer professionals gain no reputational awards according internationaly spain leage may give a remarkable chance to figure him self out, a good example is D.Forland used to be in the dark seats of the Man-utd squed. While recently you all know now.

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