Amazing Goal Celebrations From Stjarnan, Icelandic Soccer Club

For a change of pace, I wanted to share some videos from Stjarnan, the Icelandic team that has become an Internet celebration thanks to their very unique and creative goal celebrations.

Stjarnan FC plays in the Men’s Premier League division in Icelandic football in front of a stadium that has a capacity of 1,000. Their videos have been watched a few million times on YouTube. Every member of the team is Icelandic except for one, striker Richard Hurlin, who is from Wales.

The above video is their ‘Human Toilet’ from last week. And below are several more classics. Enjoy.


Human Bicycle

Swimming and Rowing

Rewind, Stroke and Birth Celebration

Best Of Compilation

Hand Grenade

10 thoughts on “Amazing Goal Celebrations From Stjarnan, Icelandic Soccer Club”

  1. Cool video. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one bored out of my F-ing mind right now with no games that watching a goal celebration from Icelandic Soccer Club is enjoyable. Lets get the matches going again!!

  2. Perhaps you should actually do some research rather than pull your facts from wikipedia.

    The crowds have surpassed the 1,000 mark in recent weeks and Richard Hurlin now plays in Sweden.

    Lazy, laaaaazy journalism.

    1. It’s not exactly easy to find a lot of information on the Icelandic leagues. What sites would you recommend that are in English that cover Icelandic football?

      The Gaffer

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