Support Your Local Non-League Club This International Break

The Premier League season has ground to a halt as the first international break of the season means that there will be no Premier League or Championship fixtures this weekend.

Whilst only a small percentage of fans that would normally travel to watch their club play will be at Wembley to see England play Bulgaria, a few well intentioned fans have started a viral campaign to give fans their weekly football fix and benefit the lower levels and grass roots of the game.

James Doe has launched a campaign urging English fans to go out and support their local non league team both vocally and financially with their attendance at a match this weekend.

In today’s money oriented football world, this is an opportunity for fans to support clubs that scavenge an existence yet provide entertainment for hundreds of thousands of fans each week.

These are the teams which few outside their local area have heard of bar the odd FA Cup run, clubs where the players are either paid very little or nothing at all and play for the passion rather than the fame and all the clichés combined.

The football is not of the same level as the top two leagues, but some of the most enjoyable football days out have been watching non league football, in small stadiums were the fans and not just the player’s swap ends at half time.

Therefore if you are at a loose end and in the United Kingdom this weekend, check out 


to find a match to go watch this weekend.


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