Which Younger Players Should Replace England’s Golden Generation?

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I don’t think Lampard is done anymore than I think that about Terry or Gerrard, but EPL Talk blogger Jesse Chula raised an interesting point about how long England can stick with the “Golden Generation” and realistically expect success. The same question might just as easily be asked about their club teams and the teams of other aging stars. Believe me, it is painful for me to use the term “aging” when referring to players who have fewer than half my years, but when do you start not only discussing the question, but doing something about it?

Sure, older players can still have tremendous impact. See Scholes and Giggs. However, Sir Alex Ferguson is not going to run them into the ground or try to pack the team on their backs. Indeed, he seems to know exactly how to mix and match veterans with younger players to achieve maximum results. Can you say “Chicharito”?

When do you make the leap of faith and stop capping a player simply because he has been capped before? On a club, when do you start subbing out or not starting your high mileage star? Do you wait for obvious collapse?

Last year, before his injury, I thought Aaron Ramsey should have been on the field a lot more for Arsenal, but Arsene didn’t ask me. Go figure.

With all that in mind, I wonder who you readers see as being the future of English football in terms of young players, for country or club (club players may obviously be from anywhere). I’m looking for new blood or little used. Who needs to see more time on the pitch? Is there someone hiding out in the Championship? Give me some names. I’ll go first.

  • England: Hart and Stockdale (risky, huh?).
  • Arsenal: Wilshere, as long as he stays out of trouble.
  • Man. Utd.: Uh, Sir Alex Ferguson is already on it.

16 thoughts on “Which Younger Players Should Replace England’s Golden Generation?”

    1. I understand that. I was speaking of Ramsey as a young player who I think should see more time on the pitch for Arsenal. Quote from my article: “(club players may obviously be from anywhere)”.

      Which young players do you think need to see more playing time, for club or country?

    1. Harper certainly hasn’t looked sharp at the start of the season. He barely moved on the goal against Wolves. But Krul let one bounce off his hands against Accrington Stanley, so…

      But back on topic and still speaking of Newcastle, I’d like to see more of Peter Lovenkrands.

    1. He really intrigues me and is exactly the type of young player I am talking about. He seems to be such a stud out there that I will watch Newcastle just to see how he is doing. I will be interested to watch his progress through the season.

  1. Sometimes, I think the media tends to over hype things too much and to my surprise, Fabio Capello seems to make decisions based on the same hype. For example taking Theo out of the World Cup was a tremendously ridiculous decision in my opinion, because his speed is always a blessing for any team, granted sometimes he tends to make wrong decisions, but he makes runs behinds defense and gets the ball almost always at the right position. If anything he creates attention for defense which frees out the likes of Gerrard, Lampard, and Rooeny to exploit enough space down the middle. Why can’t Capello think of this? Is he brain dead or something?. Same thing seems to happen. What has Jack Wilshere accomplished to be picked for the England squad? Can Mr. Capello answer this question. He plays for my favorite team and I like him as an emerging talent, but he has played very few games for a top club like Arsenal and does not even start. So why is Wilshere getting picked or for that matter Kieran Gibbs? This is where Capello fails. He is fed by the media and not by his own ability to pick players. This guy is not going to do anything good for the England team and should have been let go immediately after the disastrous World Cup.

  2. He’s not there yet, but Spurs’ Kyle Walker is a really intriguing player and Steven Caulker is extremely impressive. Both have featured for England youth squads, as has Danny Rose, who made a name for himself with his wonder goal vs. Arsenal last season. Spurs have done a very good job producing some good English talent and when you toss in someone like Tom Huddlestone, you can see them providing England with several player over the next decade or so.

  3. walcott, wilshere, a.johnson, gibbs, caroll, sturiddge
    but i just sad cause i still wanna see england’ golden generation get any trophy in big tournament
    oh time, please dont pass quickly

  4. wilshere, walcott, gibbs, caroll, a.johnson, sturridge
    but i just sad cause i still wanna see england’ golden generation get any trophy in big tournament
    i will miss them ! i’ll miss becks, gerrard, lamps, terry, ferdinand, ashley cole, joe cole, james, rooney, owen, neville

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