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Van der Vaart To Bring The Good Times to Tottenham?

 Van der Vaart To Bring The Good Times to Tottenham?

Just yesterday I claimed that Tottenham needed to strengthen if they were going to challenge in Europe and domestically this season. While I thought a big name signing was unlikely I have been proved wrong in spectacular circumstances as Harry Redknapp made a sensational swoop for Dutch playmaker Rafael van der Vaart.

At a reported £8 million the deal is an unbelievable scoop for Tottenham and hopefully could give the squad a real boost when they return from international duty.

Van der Vaart is exactly what Tottenham need. He was almost a little unfortunate not to succeed in Madrid and probably suffered from a change in management shortly after arriving. His ability though was never doubted, but in a team of galacticos he was always going to struggle to hold down a first team place.

But at Tottenham you can’t see this been a problem. I expect him to be used as the advanced midfielder allowing for Luka Modric to compete with the ever improving Gareth Bale for a spot on Tottenham left flank.

If anything I expect it to be in Europe where Van der Vaart has the most impact. Redknapp will be well aware that most teams will play five across the midfield, and he really needed an extra man to be used in the middle of park.

Van der Vaart fits the bill perfectly and will slot in to a 4-5-1 system comfortably.  His experience of playing in Holland, Germany and Spain could prove absolutely priceless to Spurs as they look to cause a stir at Europe’s top table.

Redknapp has proved me wrong with the capture of Van der Vaart, and once again shown that there are bargains to be had by acting late in the transfer market. Now I want him to back up my claims that the Dutch midfielder can help take the club to the next level.

19 Responses to Van der Vaart To Bring The Good Times to Tottenham?

  1. The Gentleman Masher says:

    A big pick-up, if finalized! Was reading some possibilities of picking up Mauro Zarate and a faint chance at Babel as well…since the Hammers deal fell through? Maybe 2 Dutchies on Spurs?

  2. MennoDaddy says:

    Wow! Fabulous signing, if true!

    Spurs are going to give me a heart attack this season, aren’t they?

  3. Trev184 says:

    Seems we missed the deadline so it`s all pie in the sky I`m afraid

    • Paul Bestall says:

      Nope, only one website, known for its nonsense stories is claiming that. As they claimed Joe Cole was an Arsenal player in June I’d take it with a massive pinch of salt. Plenty of deals have yet to be ratified.

  4. col says:

    Wonder how long we will have to wait for official confirmation,how long can it take?.

  5. Quinn says:

    Nice move for Spurs. He had no place on Madrid with Özil and Kaká playing in V. Der Vaart’s best position. Tottenham are now a little more entertaining to watch.

  6. Cory says:

    He’s a bargain at 8 mil. euro, however he hadn’t any impactful recent years at Madrid nor did he start much in the WC this past summer. He’s useful for the CL with experience and provides extra midfield depth. So, not a bad buy, but I don’t think you can sound the victory bells before he actually does something.

  7. Jeff says:

    He was actually pretty good at Real. They just didn’t give him a chance. It’s the nature of that team. Too many stars too little places. And with Holland he had to fight for a place with Sneijder who is aguably the player of the year in 2010, so neither situation was setup to make him shine.

    If Tottenham do pull this off it is a great deal. The problem is they have Modric who plays in the same position. Modric can play wide left (not sure about right) but then how can you afford to sit Bale. Anyway, they are pretty loaded with depth now and that will be needed if they want to be fighting on four fronts this year.

  8. Rich says:

    Tiny bit premature this article, making out as if it’s all done and dusted. If it does happen then I think he’ll be very good for Spurs. Will he alone make them title contenders or mean they’ll get further in the Champions League than without him? Probably not.

  9. They didn’t get the paper work done in time so if this goes through then the whole notion of a 6pm transfer deadline is a joke.

  10. Chris says:

    Both Arsenal and Man city had deals finalised much later than this, i think midnight would have been a better time to finalise anyway, stupid overzealous bureacrats if u ask me, i don’t see why it would be a problem, just confirm it and put all this speculation to bed please!

  11. Spurz says:

    It’s confirmed! VDV is a Spud! Best signing of the window, in my extremely biased view!

  12. erik parker says:

    van de Vaart is a great signing. Will be great to see him in the Premier League cause he’s world class

  13. Edward Sasam says:

    Awesome news for Tottenham! Now they are boosting there chances of winning the Premiere League this season. Looking forward to seeing Van der Vaart in action.

  14. Serhiy says:

    Looks like Tottenham is going to win the EPL title.

  15. No doubt in my mind he has helped to change tottenham hotspurs into a team feared by almost ever club in the world! yes the world. Even AC Milan are not confident about playing tottenham in the next round of the champions league believe that. Van der Vaart is a top quality player with amazing skills and potential, and he is only 27 that gives him at least 6-8 years of playing time left. He has also vowed that he will stay at tottenham untill he retires but a footballers promise is not really a promise. Van der vaart has come along way and has helped tottenham scoring many goals & assists. I Have however probabley witnessed what has been the funniest own goal and he will kill me for putting this up here i dont think he wants to be reminded of this horrible own goal that he has scored, lol! check it out on this website, here is the video Van Der Vaart just click around till you find the videos section and you will see it, i think the title is Van De vaart blackout, anyway check it out

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