Transfer Deadline Day Still Gives Us No Clues


Here in the U.K, Sky Sports News have been trailing Transfer Deadline day for two weeks. For many viewers, the strained excitement of the presenters trying to display uncontrollable excitement over minor transfer dealings is something of a running joke. The memory of a half frozen reporter standing outside the Brittania Stadium trying to summon some energy as the club announced they had signed Micheal Tonge lives on.

If anything, along with the number of made up texts that litter a variety of websites, transfer deadline day has become something of a swollen, bloated joke of a day. Now of course, the Internet is littered with tales that nearly 40 transfers are awaiting confirmation due to the amount of faxes sent in to the Premier League’s offices before the 6pm GMT deadline. So much for the finality of a timed lock down.

Whilst most Spurs fans are apoplectic with expectation that the club has pulled off the coup of signing Rafael Van der Vaart, most fans have seen little to excite them in the way the media tell us to. Of course, the Spurs fans expectations are heightened by the hope it’s true, so they can see Sylvie Van der Vaart on a regular basis.

What surprises me, with the amount of money floating around the Premiership, is that we have a situation where a fax machine can delay deals being completed. Yet, thinking about it, how else is the paperwork going to be fired around Europe like intercontinental ballistic missiles? Of course they could scan things in and then email the PDF files over the Internet but surely that’s even more time consuming? The fax machine returns to the forefront of technology on deadline day.

What surprises me is the other side of transfer deadline day. For every Robinho moving to A.C. Milan or Asamoah Gyan joining Sunderland, there are ten professionals trying to desperately find a club. The Professional Footballers Association is currently hosting a list of over 300 players currently without a club. Whilst there are plenty of junior or trainee players, there are several familiar names.

For instance, would you be surprised to see that Jay De Merit is on the list or Wilfred Bouma? Perhaps French striker Jeremie Aliadere could do a job for your club and as I type this, the P.F.A. website is stuck on its front page due to the amount of traffic on the site. It seems plenty of managers are trying to fill up some squad places now.

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