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Manchester City Finally Wash Their Hands of Robinho, the Lame Duck

 Manchester City Finally Wash Their Hands of Robinho, the Lame Duck

Finally, after almost two years to the day, Manchester City have washed their hands of the great lame duck – Robinho.

It’s been a great mystery to the Premier League as to why the £32.5 million man failed to perform to his potential at Eastlands. While some might say it was the culture or the squad of City, it must be mentioned that Robinho was one of the first (and the most expensive) transfers to come in to the Blue Revolution after Sheikh Mansour’s takeover in 2008. After an impressive showing at Real Madrid in which Robinho was the team’s 3rd highest goal scorer, it was almost a given that the boy-wonder would come into Manchester and take the world by storm. In fact, had Robinho done what was expected of him, he could easily be in Carlos Tevez’s position – lead striker and team captain. Yet, as the story goes, Robinho flopped. Refusing to acclimate to life in Manchester, Robinho became a lame duck – not playing, making no impact, always complaining and still getting paid £150,000 a week.

But finally it has come to an end. In a deal that sees Robinho going to AC Milan, City will get £18million up front and £4 million more in add-ons. While its a near £10million loss for City, most of the supporters and especially Mancini are likely to see it as a blessing – like removing a cancer that has been eating away at morale, team spirit and money.

It’s very possible that the Brazilian striker will settle in nicely at the San Siro, however in the time being, I, like other City fans are just excited to see him go.

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15 Responses to Manchester City Finally Wash Their Hands of Robinho, the Lame Duck

  1. Mills says:

    Time to sell Pato to Chelsea in January.

  2. Rich says:

    I don’t think he was that bad for City actually. He started with a bang, scored on his début and continued to rattle them in. Then, no offence, he started to realise that he’d actually just signed for a mid table side (at the time) and let’s face it, he didn’t want to be there and didn’t know what Man City was anyway (I seem to recall him saying he was extremely glad to have signed for Chelsea when he was presented to the media). He was critical of the club not being good enough despite all the big money talk and then when Mancini came in, who didn’t fancy the diminutive Brazilian because he’s not his type of player, it all went belly up and we all know what happened after that. I think he’ll definitely fit in at AC much more. They’re a much more cultured side and prefer his type of player with the likes of Ronaldinho and Pato already there anyway. I don’t mean to sound like I’m bashing City but Robinho and City were simply just not a match made in heaven.

    • fredd says:

      If a player thinks english football has no imagination and is to rigid
      he wont know what hit him when he starts playing in italy
      every game is a cup final, the most country that has daily paper just dedicated to football and they even discuss football in parliament

      he is going to hell and he will never adapt to the italian game
      if anyone wants to know more he should ask the special one
      he could not take them even went on the telly and told them
      in their face about what he thinks of italian football and journalists

  3. jak says:

    Robinho was all iceing and no cake. He wanted to be loved as a star, but could not deliver, so best he has gone and no doubt he will have a few more winges about City before too long. Mancini did not know how to use him, was he a striker, or a winger, bit like Harry Kewell, anyway does not matter now, he is another clubs problem child.

  4. Sam says:

    He simply couldn’t hack it. It all came down to the fact he could not live up to being second fiddle to Bellamy. He should’ve knuckled down instead of running for the joke that is Brazilian football.

  5. fida mohamad says:

    Belive me ,a good news for me & city when i heard that Robinho is seting for Milan .Indeed he is not fit in English Football.He himself a broblem.

  6. Sammzii says:

    He does not get 150k a week stop believing the papers, also he was the 4th top scorer in the 2008-09 season bearing in mind he was injured for half of it he did very well.

  7. The figure of £22m being quoted by many isn’t very accurate I don’t think, I think that might be Man City leaking that one so they save a bit of face, it will be quite lot but not £22m

  8. Ivan says:

    Hail Man City for getting rid of a true footballer, Robinho, and buying an overrated, media-hyped lumberjack, James Milner…That’s truly smart!
    Oh, and someone wrote a great article a couple fo weeks ago about the Ozil/Milner transfers (I know, Ozil would have left for free Werder come next summer, but still)…

  9. tonyspeed says:

    you just sold one of the greatest players of our time. why? because you are classless, and he had class. bottom line.

  10. Brickthrower says:

    Rob is right, the 22 mil tag is just to save face, I believe it’s far lower than that amount. Man City stupidly hyped this kid beyond what he was worth. AC Milan will get a decent deal out of it though. Brazilians love Italy, and with Pato and Ronaldinho by his side I guarantee his game will step up. All I know is Pato needs to still start for Milan. Getting rid of Borriello and Huntelaar were good moves. Both men will do better in their new destinations.

    As for Man City, hell it’s a good move for them as well. It’s a shame they couldn’t get rid of Adebayor on top of it.

    Everybody wins?

  11. Edward Sasam says:

    Interesting to see when, where and if he plays often. Still he’s used to warming his arse on the bench. He’s joined the other Brazilian has-been Ronaldinho in earning big bucks for playing in a minor league.

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