Just How Difficult is it to Buy Premier League Tickets?

Four disappointed Manchester United football supporters sitting outside Wembley Stadium, London, unable to buy tickets for the European Cup Final against Benfica.    (Photo by Evening Standard/Getty Images)

I’m chucking work and heading to the UK in October. I’m putting my money where my loud mouth is. Months and years are creeping by far too fast. My twenties are oh so close to a fleeting memory in my mind while I continue to count the long gray hairs that emerge from my dark brown mess.

The days of coffee pots and early Saturday mornings spent by myself and my DVR remote as my only companion begin to bore me. I want the smell of grass and the loud roar of those crowd songs I can barely decipher from my couch. I want the excitement of the unknown. I want the fear of the overly committed. Now is the time to see football. Now is the time to experience something different. I love my country, but it’s time for a break. It might be a short one, but it’ll be worth it.

Worth it as long as I can get my hands on some bloody Premier League tickets.

London, Manchester and anywhere I land in between is my destination. The Pubs of England, the Curry houses, Carling in a can, rain-soaked Saturdays with the welcomed sensation of no cell phone service – all ‘to do’ boxes eventually to be checked. But it’s the match day thrill I first need. Premier League football beckons, it calls my name like a sweet chorus written just for me.

But just how easily acquired are these precious golden tickets to real live-action football? I can navigate a DirecTV system with the best of them, but navigating the uncharted waters of Premier League ticketing, that could prove a challenge far too daunting.

I’ve already got a few ‘connections’ on the ground in England. Under the cover of their hidden identities, they scout and peruse the wilderness of the Premier League attempting to secure any sniff of a viable pair of tickets. Old Trafford, Craven Cottage, Wembley, Goodison Park or wherever a train, car, tube or boat will carry me, these are the destinations I seek.

I refuse to be like one of those lads pictured above. Four fools missing out on their beloved Manchester United because of a lack of planning. Not me, I won’t make this trek unless I can do it the right way. Once in a lifetime? Well, maybe not, but there’s a first time for everything, and this first time has been a long time coming.

Now is the time to help me out readers. I want to hear it all. I know a lot of you have been over to the UK to experience a match with your favorite club while some of you who live in England have already been helping. Leave your tips and suggestions below. This trip is on my own dime, no groups, no fan packages, no itinerary laid out before me. Just me and my lady friend and a million experiences to meet on the way.

For those interested in helping or for those with Premier League connections, contact me on twitter @JesseChula and we can exchange emails.


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