Should Tottenham Make A Last Ditch Transfer Move?


With the transfer window slamming shut tomorrow Tottenham have surprisingly been one of the most inactive clubs. But should Harry Redknapp make a last ditch attempt to strengthen his squad ahead of their assault on the Champions League?

Redknapp’s quiet summer has been quite surprising when you consider his reputation as a bit of a wheeler and dealer. But in truth I think he has been shocked at the sheer cost of strengthening a side that was able to qualify for the Champions League.

Champions League football has meant that Tottenham are in the market for elite players, but elite players means inflated transfer fee’s and although Spurs aren’t short of money Redknapp appears to be reluctant to risk value for money.

Take Luis Fabiano, Spurs were unwilling to meet Seville’s valuation of over £20million and quite rightly so for a player who only has a year left on his contract. But Redknapp must understand that this is the price you pay for a player of Fabiano’s ability. Transfer fees are greatly inflated but for the top bracket players they are inflated even more.

Spurs look set to make a deadline day move for Ashley Young who himself will come with a greatly inflated price tag, even more so after James Milner’s departure from Aston Villa, so in truth a deal looks unlikely.

The question though is do Tottenham need reinforcements? The defeat to Wigan would suggest they do if they are going to challenge domestically and in Europe this year. Redknapp shouldn’t buy for the sake of buying but he should be aware that his side may struggle with the lack of quality in depth.

That eventually proved to be the downfall of Liverpool and is the reason why they are not in the Champions League this year and Tottenham should have invested in the squad a long time ago and not left it to last minute because that will only inflate prices further.

I think they are one or two additions away from having a side that can compete for the Premier League however I can’t see them arriving to White Hart Lane now. If injuries hit Spurs may struggle and Redknapp may live to regret not delving in to the transfer market.


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