Is This The Year When Arsenal Come Good?

Is it time for Arsene's stars to shine?

 For many years now we have been saying it’s a matter of time before Arsenal come good. Well after watching them grind out a result at Blackburn on Saturday maybe we won’t be waiting much longer.

The ability that Arsene Wenger’s side possess is in unquestionable. But so often the easy on the eye football hasn’t brought the required results.  But Arsenal seem to be devolving a greater resolve to their game which I suppose was inevitable the young starlets gained experience.

The likes Alex Song and Abou Diaby seem to have grown over the summer and look like they can add the support and protection for Cesc Fabregas to go on and be at his creative best.

Wenger’s major masterstroke though has been his policy over Fabregas. He made it clear that diminutive midfielder was not for sale, and what a boost it must have been for Arsenal not to lose their best player when a European superpower came calling.

But Fabregas also deserves severe praise for the way he has handled himself during the transfer saga that lasted nearly all summer. He made clear his intentions and that he wanted to leave, but has accepted Wenger’s decision. In an era of player power and reported strikes it makes a refreshing change to see somebody accept that they might not get the move they want.

 I suspect Wenger has told his star midfielder that this is the year when Arsenal finally push to make a serious challenge for some honours.

Wenger’s movement in the transfer market backs up the faith he has in his squad. Arsenal brought in experienced French defender Sébastien Squillaci and fellow countrymen Laurent Koscielny  to add competition in the centre of defence. But asides from that Arsenal’s squad is pretty similar and Wenger has once again resisted temptation to splash the cash.

The result is seven points from a start that included tricky trips to Liverpool and Blackburn. I think if you had offered an Arsenal fan four points from them two trips they would have bit your hand off before the start of the campaign.

But the acid test still awaits for Wenger’s side. Have they got enough about them to go the distance and push for the title? Only time will tell, but early signs are good for the Gunners.


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