Hodgson Transfers to Bring Liverpool Success?

Can Raul Meireles (Right) add some bite to the Liverpool midfield?

Fernando Torres returned to goal scoring form to give Liverpool’s season a much needed kick-start against West Brom. But will this be the start of a bright season for Roy Hodgson’s side or will the men from Merseyside disappoint once again?

It’s been a bit of strange week for Liverpool. It started with midfielder Javier Mascherano apparently going on strike and refusing to play in their embarrassing 3-0 defeat to big spending Manchester City. But the week ended with their first league win of the season and a couple of very astute from Hodgson.

Hodgson has wasted little time in spending the money that will come when Mascherano completes his move to Barcelona and while neither Paul Konchesky nor Raul Meireles are of quite the same standard as Mascherano they will make the Reds a stronger side.

Meireles is very much in the Mascherano mould and would appear to be a like for like replacement. He was criticised by the Portuguese media before the World Cup for not having enough guile in his game, but this could be exactly what Liverpool need. He will add the steel and protection to the midfield that looked so desperately against Manchester City.

Konchesky is another who will improve Liverpool. He may not have the glamour of an Ashley Cole  type full back, but he is steady and will be a reliable player for Hodgson to turn too.

I would argue that Liverpool are in a better position for a successful season then they were at this time last week. Although losing Mascherano is a blow he was an almost a luxury player to have in midfield, and other players can do equally as good a job but for considerably less of the price. Namely Meireles.

I still don’t think Liverpool will have enough to challenge for the title, but if they can keep Torres and Steven Gerrard fit, the likes of Meireles and Konchesky will add a stern resolve to their side which was so bitterly missing during the Rafa Benitez era and I expect them to pose a much greater challenge for a Champions League spot.

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  1. stern resolve bitterly missing under rafa benitez, are you sure? which benitez team were you watching? you dont go to the san siro, nou camp, bernabeu, old trafford etc etc the list goes on, and win without stern resolve, infact it is precisely this characteristic which benitez teams are known for… check your stats , liverpool had the best defensive record for four out of the five seasons he was in england, by anyones standards a stern resolution, too many myths about liverpool under benitez, the worst being zonal marking,

  2. Huh? Liverpool has made several moves that make them better but they are so far from top success that it is homer and comical to suggest they will win any significant titles the next few seasons

    This assumes they can even stay healthy

    1. Pretty sure the writer specifically said it probably won’t be enough to challenge for a title but would help in their chase for a top four spot this year.

      Read the actual article next time.

  3. Rafa had some great success at Liverpool, there is no doubt about that. But what proved his undoing was that too often they went to the so called lesser clubs and dropped points. That’s why Hodgson is in charge now and not Benitez.

    Meireles will be a big bonus IMO but somebody like Konchesky who know the PL could be even more important for them.

  4. @ quinn, really, Meireles can pass, tackle, dribble, shoot and score, while Masch can only, ahh let me see ah yes tackle. So why is masch way better than Meireles?

  5. So far Liverpool have not impressed under Hodgson. They haven’t played with any fluidity in any of their games so far. Cole hasn’t been very impressive thus far although we know he can play better. Maybe his best days are behind him, we will see. Poulsen played second string to Momo Sissoko at Juventus for a reason. He isn’t very good. So far he too has not impressed at Liverpool. Konchesky is an average fullback so I don’t expect him to make Liverpool better at the back. Of course he is a natural left back and that means he’ll be chosen before Agger. At his best, I rate Aurilio higher but so far he has been out of form and we all know how injury-prone he is. Meireles has the potential to be a very good signing. However, it is an open question whether he’ll be able to do well in the EPL. I hope he does well as I think he’s a very talented player.

    Will Liverpool be successful in capturing a Champions League berth next season? I’m not so sure given that both Citeh and Spurs have better squads and I think at least one of these two will finish ahead of Liverpool.
    Of course it all depends on what happens in the next two days regarding more transfers which could change Liverpool’s chances but given their poor resources I’m not looking at any game-changing signings hence fifth is where I think they will most probably end up. Liverpool fans can only pray that the new owners have deep pockets to spend in January and if that happens their fortunes might change.

  6. Having watched both of them play for a quite awhile, I hope Roy doesn’t play Miereles the same way as Mascherano.

    They are two differently styled players, and if Roy plays him where Mascherano played, he’s not going to produce anything.

  7. benitez won 1 champions league in 6 years, if liverpool fans think thats success then the club deserves to be an also ran in english football for years to come…and the reason rafa went to lesser teams and dropped points was because he was to defensive minded

  8. Ok there buddy. Chelsea has never won a CL despite heavily outspending all of Europe, United has won 1 CL again heavily spending and easily outspending Rafa’s reds.

    In fact that was Liverpool’s first European triumph in 19 years, that is success.

    Did you know that before last year, Liverpool scored the most goals of anyone in the league by a total of 8 goals? Yikes that’s negative. And he did all that whilst only conceding 27 goals. 77 for 27 against, that’s negative football for ya.

    Now, last year there’s a myth he dropped points to lesser teams. Did you know that Rafa beat every single side that finished below him at Anfield? Hodgson has already not done that, and has been bossed around at Anfield by Northampton, Sunderland and West Brom. Sunderland hadn’t scored at Anfield in a decade, and we beat them 3-0 last year with them not getting a whiff of the ball. This year Hodgson made them look like Barcelona with his tactics.

    And for every point that he dropped(which is a large myth in the media, go look at results) before last year he hadn’t lost to Chelsea in the pref for 3 years winning 4 of those matches. He did the double at the Mancs 2 years ago, I believe he did the double against the blueshite ever year minus one or 2, and held at home against Arsenal. He got results against yer big clubs.

    Oh btw, Mourinho has NEVER beaten a Benitez side in Europe with far better and more expensive sides.

  9. Hodgson’s transfers have not brought success so far because with the exception of Miereles both Poulsen and Konchesky are average to below average players. As someone above pointed out Poulsen was an understudy to Momo Sissoko at Juventus. The same Sissoko that was let go by Liverpool becuase he was considered surplus. Even Joe Cole hasn’t impressed and it looks like there was a good reason why Chelsea didn’t fancy keeping him. I think Hodgson thinks more like a mid-table manager which ius where Liverpool will end up at the end of the season. There are already reports in the press that both Torres and Gerard will want to leave in January. Maybe they have realized that Hodgson isn’t going to be a success.

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