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Theo Walcott aka 'Hot Shot Hamish' Bursts Goal Net Against Blackburn

Theo Walcott scored a spectacular goal Saturday to open up the scoring for Arsenal against Blackburn. The low hard-driven shot was so powerful that when it hit the inside corner of the net, the goal net burst and had to be repaired at half-time before the game could continue. For evidence of the incident, watch the above video and pay close attention after the 30 second mark.

Walcott’s goal reminds me of comic book hero Hot Shot Hamish, who was famous for being able to hit the ball so hard that his shot could (and often did) burst the goal net. Hot Shot Hamish was best known for appearing in the Roy Of The Rovers comic (very apt considering Walcott’s goal was scored against Rovers, Blackburn that is). But Hot Shot Hamish began its life in 1973 in a comic book named Scorcher. But it wasn’t until 1979 when Hamish, a Scotsman whose full name was Hamish Balfour, appeared in Roy Of The Rovers.

hot shot hamish goal Theo Walcott aka 'Hot Shot Hamish' Bursts Goal Net Against Blackburn

Hamish’s powerful upper body was emphasized by the fact that he always seemed to wear shirts that were far too small for him. And in addition to the tight-fitting shirts, there was plenty of other humor in the comic strip especially when it combined with Mighty Mouse (a diminutive footballer), as well as the times when his pet lamb McMutton and his eccentric father appeared in the comic. Later, the comic strips would combine to be known as Hot Shot Hamish and Mighty Mouse, and even later Hamish and Mouse.

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4 Responses to Theo Walcott aka 'Hot Shot Hamish' Bursts Goal Net Against Blackburn

  1. Lee says:

    Much ado about nothing

  2. brn442 says:

    I was thinking the same thing, surely brought back some childhood memories. It was a true Roy of the “Rovers” moment

  3. Ben says:

    Awesome Goal by Walcott, what a start to the season. Arsenal is looking really strong, I know it is still early but they have a solid chance of winning the title this year I believe.

  4. dissapointed says:

    not quite the rocket shot i was expecting but it was a good goal…i think the net was more to do with poor groundsmen at ewood park

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