Premier League Gameweek 3, Saturday Matches: Open Thread

May 03, 2010 - Blackburn, Lancashire, England, UK - epa02141543 Blackburn Rover's Jason Roberts (L) held off by Arsenal's Andrey Arshavin during today's English Barclays Premier League soccer match between Blackburn Rovers FC and Arsenal FC, at the Ewood Park Stadium, Blackburn, Britain, 03 May 2010.

It’s Saturday, my favorite day of the week, when there’s a smorgasbord of Premier League matches on display from all across England beginning with Blackburn Rovers against Arsenal at Ewood Park and ending with Manchester United against West Ham United at Old Trafford. And, of course, there are plenty of other games happening in between.

Please feel free to use the comments in this post to share your observations, questions and insight regarding the games. And let’s hope it’s another entertaining Saturday with plenty of excitement in store.

For U.S. viewers, Steve McManaman will be in the studio for ESPN2’s coverage of Blackburn versus Arsenal. It should be interesting.

28 thoughts on “Premier League Gameweek 3, Saturday Matches: Open Thread”

  1. EPL Saturdays are fantastic. I am sure the Gunners supporters are really happy to see Walcott pick up where he left off. Now, only if Van Persie can stay healthy. As a Manchester United fan, I am intrigued to watch Diouf.

    1. Good catch. Callum is a cousin of Steve McManaman. But is Jordan Robbie’s son?

      Best of luck to Wigan. No team wants to be a laughing stock of the Premier League (West Ham included).

      The Gaffer

  2. Someone sell me on the four EPL matches starting in 10 minutes. It’s Sharks v Minnows and Wolves/Newcastle. It doesn’t seem compelling to me.

  3. It says everything about the sorry state of English football that I’m ‘happy’ with a 2-0 defeat to Chelsea.

      1. It may well be come the end of the season. The difference a crazy 6-0 defeat could make compared to a light 2-0 spanking may be important then.

    1. There are no pictures on the Table and three points away from home is a beautiful thing for Wigan fans.

      I was shocked at the way the Spurs played this game, punching the ball repeatedly straight into defenders’ legs, etc. Only at the end did they look like a Champion’s League side.

    2. Oh what a shame, one of the big boys didn’t get it all their own way. Hopefully they’ll thcweam and thcweam and thcweam, until they have to stomp their feet and take their ball away to the promised land of the European Super League and let the rest of us get on with it.

    3. I wouldn’t call it disgusting, but when it’s 0-0 and in the 70th minute, it makes perfect sense for Wigan to play a 4-5-1 and hope to hold on for a point. They did one better and got a win.

      And in the first half they worked hard and gave a good performance. Nothing to be ashamed of. Plus their defending is already light years better than how they played against Blackpool in their opening game of the season.

      If Wigan had lost, the pressure on its players and manager would have been immense. No more talk about Martinez getting the sack. This win will buy him some salvation from the press for several weeks.

      The Gaffer

      1. Wigan had a few good chances – they were the better team in the first half as well.

        How about disgusting TOttenham? Clearly cant fight on 2 fronts. Beaten in Switzerland, beaten at home by possibly the worst team in the league. Hilarious. Look at your own team .

        1. I think somebody needs to tell Harry that playing the same attacking players two consecutive weekends and during a midweek will lead them to lose their edge. Several of the players were clearly not fresh and Tottenham’s pace was off the mark when they had the ball. Crouch, Lennon and Bale have played all of the fixtures and have play styles where they use a lot of energy each game.

          Nice effort by Wigan though, they didn’t play negative until 1-0 and had at least two other good opportunities leading up to the goal.

      2. these are the kind of results where Tottenham will lose at home to a inferior team to kill theyr’e momentum. that frustrates followers of SPurs. I am not a fan of Spurs, however, this team always to slip when trying to stay in EPL race. Wigan got better as the game went on, the defense and goaltending showed a lot of poise and grit. The first half Spurs dominated but clear cut chances went away.

        A major win for Wigan

  4. Thank God for players like Berbatov…his genius can somewhat balance the presence of murderers in the league; I am of course talking about footballing criminals like Ryan Shawcross, Martin Taylor, etc….
    BTW, Wigan deserved the win today. They were compact in defense, Alcaraz missed an absolute sitter when it was still 0:0…I had loaded up on Tottenham players in my fantasy team…ouch…they are just so incosistent; they will never be a top 3 team, not in a million years…they are entertaining to watch (the brilliance of Modric certainly helps) and they can beat any given team on any day, but they can also lose at home to the likes of Harchester United, Wigan, etc…

  5. As tempting as it is to include Scholsie on my list of “footballing criminals” ( he can’t tackle to save his life and he plays for Manchester United), Scholsie’s footballing skills are sublime…I hate to admit it, but he is like a friggn’ Yoda on the field, with his intelligent passing, vision and the occasional goal from 35 yards…boy, did England miss him this summer.
    He is way too good of a footballer to be a footballing criminal…
    He should never be compared to Beer League players like Stephen Carr, Paul Conchesky, Ryan Shawcorss, or any number of fullbacks and centerbacks who play in teams in the bottom half of the table…it’s really sad that the Premier League keeps encouraging such talentless criminals to play in the league…just ask Eduardo and Ramsey.

    1. I feel that Ivan’s opinion needs some validation and surely there is no better place than this link:

      The likes of Shawcross,, Konchesky and Carr are not fit to lace the boots of Petit, Viera, Keown and Adams. Some of the most graceful and flowing footballers to have played the game, misunderstood maybe, but playing football the Arsenal way.

    2. So because Scholes has good skills his inability to tackle and his REPEATED red cards for dangerous play makes him less of a criminal? I would say that his skill makes him MORE of a criminal because he has the ability to read the game in a way that should prevent him from having to make the blatantly dangerous tackles that get him red carded so frequently.

      I’m in no way saying that Scholes is a bad player. He’s phenomenal, but also a criminal.

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