What's New On FoxSoccer.tv: Interview With Fox Executive

Between Fox Soccer Channel, Fox Soccer Plus, ESPN2 and the recently re-launched FoxSoccer.tv, those of us in the States now get to watch more Premier League soccer games than ever before. In fact, every single Premier League game is available live in one form or another. But whenever there are changes, there are always questions. That’s why we spoke with Fox Sports International this week to find out all of the latest details regarding their recent beta launch of FoxSoccer.tv.

Here’s our interview with Bhavesh Patel, Vice President of Interactive Media at Fox Sports Interational, who is responsible for FoxSoccer.tv:

Q: What has been the reaction so far from subscribers to FoxSoccer.tv?

A: Very good. We’ve doubled our previous subscriber numbers in less than 2 weeks since launch. Users are being constructive on new features they’d like to see on the site and we are working on rolling these out soon.

Q: What was the reason for the change of the streaming provider from RayV to Perform, and how would you describe the difference in picture quality?

A: Perform produces the official site of the Premier League and 14 of its clubs, as well as handles logging and cutting of digital highlights clips for all matches for the league. Picture quality is significantly improved, going up to 2.4Mbps on Akamai’s adaptive bitrate streaming network and the video player no longer requires a special plug-in (other than Flash). They also bring in a considerable amount of online marketing power, across their EPL club site network – as well as experience by marketing over 100 online subscription services on behalf of soccer clubs.

Q: During the free trial, some users experienced technical difficulties with getting the FoxSoccer.tv platform to work, specifically during the first half of Premier League games on August 21. What assurances can you give the readers that these technical issues won’t happen again?

A: During our selection process Perform proved to have a very strong platform, with some strong references both in Europe and US. They stream over 15,000 events per year, so they have an extensive track record. What happened on Saturday was unforeseen, but I’ve been given all the assurances this is something that happens in extremely rare instances and should therefore not present itself again.

We’ve also apologized and communicated this to our current subscribers, assuring them all measures have been taken.

Q: We’ve received positive feedback from EPL Talk readers who have contacted Perform’s customer service group with questions. For FoxSoccer.tv who have customer-related questions, what are the contact options available?

A: The easiest and fastest route is to send us an email to foxsoccertv@performgroup.com

Q: For fans wishing to watch games on replay, FoxSoccer.tv currently only offers a 45 minute highlight package instead of 90 minutes. When will the 90 minute versions be available to subscribers?

A: Currently all games except Barclays Premier League are available in full length. It is our intention to have all matches available in full length moving forward. We wanted to see what the reaction would be to a condensed game. We are working on a solution that will deliver full matches on demand shortly after the final whistle and fans should expect to see these improvements very soon.

Q: Will Championship games ever be available on demand? Currently, it’s live only.

A: We make Championship games available and both Live and and on demand basis. The first match was this past weekend – Middlesbrough v Sheffield United on August 21st.

Q: When will FoxSoccer.tv broadcasts be accessible via iPhone and iPad?

The companion iPhone app will be available in the App Store in the coming weeks, followed by iPad later this Fall.

Q: Are there any plans in the future to add new functionality to FoxSoccer.tv such as live chat, etc?

A: In the coming months we will include social network integration with Facebook and Twitter, pop out player, and picture in picture.

Q: Any plans to offer Fox Soccer Channel programming on FoxSoccer.tv such as Soccer Talk Live and Fox Soccer Tonight?

A: Foxsoccer.com is the destination for all our studio programming from Fox Soccer Channel and Fox Soccer Plus.

Q: What other improvements can we expect to see from FoxSoccer.tv in the near future?

A: The iPhone and iPad apps are coming very soon. We also strive to provide the best customer experience possible. We have taken on board the feedback that we have received from fans to date and users should expect to see the following improvements to the site in the next few weeks:

1. DVR Controls (Pause, Rewind and Catch-up on Live matches) is being trialled across several matches this coming weekend

2. Full matches available on demand faster for all soccer and rugby properties

3. Improved match schedule information to ensure that fans can find the content that they are interested in

Q: Will a daily pass be available in the future?

A: There are no plans at the moment. Fans have been able to test drive the product for two weeks through August 27th for free.

Q: Any plans to show MLS and Lique Un games on FoxSoccer.tv? If not, what leagues other than the Premier League can fans expect to see on the FoxSoccer.tv platform?

A: Ligue 1 will be starting this weekend, including the following matches:

1. FC Lorient v Olympique Lyonnais
2. SM Caen v Stade Brestois 29
3. AS Monaco v AJ Auxerre
4. Girondins de Bordeaux v Olympique de Marseille

– The list is long and our acquisitions group has been quite busy adding content this summer, for the latest schedule visit foxsoccer.tv: UEFA Champions League, Serie A, FA Cup, npower Championship, plus some of the top rugby competitions from Europe and the Southern Hemisphere.

Q: Why do you think soccer fans in the United States should continue their FoxSoccer.tv subscription past August 27?

A: We live in a three screen world/environment, where due to the commitments we have, there are unique vehicles that allow us to remain very close to the game we love at its highest level. Foxsoccer.TV is an enabler and is packed with live content you can’t find anywhere else at a great value.

Editor’s note: For the complete schedule of Premier League games shown in the United States on television and online, view EPL Talk’s Premier League TV schedule which is updated throughout the entire season.

76 thoughts on “What's New On FoxSoccer.tv: Interview With Fox Executive”

  1. I gave the new Foxsoccer.tv a shot this weekend and was not impressed. I tuned in for the Blackburn match and missed the entire first half. When the stream did come up, I could not adjust the quality of the picture. My computer runs best on medium quality streams. I have already cancelled my subscription and I was planning on keeping it for the year. Last year’s streams, which I bought several one day passes, worked much better for me.

  2. Well, the proof will be in the viewing, won’t it.

    I enjoyed FoxSoccer.tv last year and had very few problems, but now that I have FS+ I’m not so sure I need it. We’ll see, as time goes along, if the quality and content are up to snuff.

    As one of those AC/DC people who watch both soccer and rugby I will really be keeping an eye on the content area on FoxSoccer.tv as opposed to FS+. My DVR can only hold so many matches, so FS.tv may come in handy.

  3. I subscribed to foxsoccer.tv and have had nothing but a positive experience with it so far. I follow Wolves, so I caught the entire game the first week, and last week it was on FSC so I just flipped thru a couple other games in the second half. Even with the screw up last week, as long as it is as good as it was in the first week going forward, I will be very pleased with my subscription.

  4. I did the trial and ended up disappointed. The streaming was OK but nowhere near as good as ESPN3.com. The primary reason I canceled was that I felt the game selection was very poor for what I wanted to watch.

  5. My only question has more to do w/ broadcasting rights than the actual service itself:

    How come certain Champs Lge games weren’t available on the foxsoccer.tv live? The Anderlecht game on this past Tues & the Tottenham game on this past Wed were the ones that I was disappointed weren’t available – is this because those games were being shown live on Fox Soccer Channel? If so – will this be the same for the Champions Lge games in the future?

    The reason I ask is mainly due to the fact that a main part of the appeal for me is being able to watch the midday Champs Lge games at work, but if the best games from each Group day aren’t going to be on anyways, that’s certainly a disappointment for me as a user.

    The service itself I’ve found to be a little hit or miss, but when it works it certainly works brilliantly. I guess I’m hoping/assuming the service will see better performance as most of the “trial” users start to roll off of their subscriptions.

    1. You are absolutely right, those games weren’t available on fs.tv because they were being aired on FSC. The site will air every game they have rights to besides the ones aired on FSC. A rather poor policy IMHO.

  6. All the proposed features added to what’s already available certainly seems worth the $15 a month (especially for those of us without cable).

    The stream works way better on foxsoccer than it does on ESPN3, and I don’t have to worry about it freezing at a crucial moment.

    However, I am disappointed that there will be no MLS.

  7. I didn’t sign up because I haven’t seen any Ligue 1 games on the schedule. But I see they are starting this weekend, as was stated in the Interview.

    I hope that these games will be available On-Demand as well as Live.

    1. Premium Sports Inc. owns the SPL rights in the U.S. and charges $20 per game for a stream.

      I’m still hoping the Magners League deal gets done.

      1. “I’m still hoping the Magners League deal gets done.”

        Fingers crossed. I hadn’t realized that two Italian teams had joined. A good development for rugby. It looks like things are working out for Argentina to make the Tri Nations the Four Nations. Would love to see it.

        1. With Setanta Ireland no longer holding the rights, the Magners League broadcasts have now been split between 7 (including the new Italian broadcaster) networks – BBC Wales, BBC Northern Ireland, BBC Alba (Scottish language), RTE (Ireland), TG4 (Irish language), S4C (Wales) and Dahlia (Italy).

          This is likely the reason the American rights to the league have not been secured by FOX as of yet as I’m sure negotiations are cumbersome. I was assured however by a FOX rep that they should have negotiations sewn up by the opening weekend to show some matches or at the latest, the second weekend (take with grains of salt).

          As far as Tri-Nations, Argentina officially joins in 2012 at which time it will the Four (Quad?) Nations tournament.

  8. I have been using FoxSoccer.tv for about a week but I’m still not certain how long I’ll keep the subscription. The quality is good but not great, but what can you expect, the higher the quality… the higher the bandwidth. Plus its a beta. Nevertheless, the HI quality feature should be a little bit more, well… “High Quality”.

    The user interface of the site itself could be better as well. By separating the “Watch Now” streams and “On Demand” videos by Sport, and League or Competition, they will reduce the clutter of videos just thrown all together and make it more user friendly. The “Up Coming” schedule should be organized the same as well.

    After writing this, I think I will continue the subscription for one month to test the waters a little bit more. On a positive note, it does and will have a lot of content to choose from. Not to mention “On Demand” game replays. Hopefully some improvements are to come considering that right now it is just a beta. Overall, I give FoxSoccer.tv a C+… for now.

  9. Just checked out the sample video on “Hi”, full screen on my 37″ HDTV. Not nearly as good as what RayV delivered last year.

    Hate to say this, but…..I can’t go for that.

    Guess I’ll just live with whatever FS+ has in addition to the regular channels. Woe is me.

  10. I canceled my subscription yesterday because I didn’t like the new PL schedule (losing Tue and Wed games to ESPN). I have to say though that the video quality is definitely a massive improvement over RayV. Not sure what my next step is but I did read a story on Bloomberg today that ESPN3 is a big item on the table with ABC and Time Warner’s contract discussions so with a little luck maybe us Time Warner internet only subscribers will get some much welcome soccer love!!! Here’s the story for fellow TW customers:


    1. Thanks for the link, Dave. We can only hope. I love TWC’s stance: “Although Time Warner Cable has said it acknowledges the site’s appeal, its Internet customers shouldn’t have to pay for programming they may never watch.”

      Would that be like me having to pay for a gazillion channels I don’t want and will never watch? Oh, that’s different……….. 😛

          1. Since TimeWarner owns me (I am completely bundled) I think I am good to go. :-)

            Sucks for you, though. Sorry. :-(

            Next: How long will it take for them to throw the switch?

          2. no idea–I’m sure they will toot their horns to you about it and how they fought not to pass on the 10 cents a month which would’ve broken us all.

  11. I’ll echo the earlier hit and miss comment. Some of the matches have been very good quality (nearly par with ESPN3) and others have been quite poor (choppy, pixelated, audio/video sync issues). The website could be much better organized (compares poorly to the RayV website format, imo). It should be relatively easy for a company with the resume of Perform to come up with an improved design (atleast note the league/tournament for the matches) and I’m surprised that Fox Sports International didn’t demand it prior to the release to the public. Hopefully this is a true beta and indirect feedback like this will be reviewed and acted upon. I’d love to see Fox/Perform send out a survey to the early adopters to obtain direct feedback. That would go a long way to making me believe Fox cares about this “product” and their customers, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

    I’ll be keeping the subscription unless the quality deteriorates since it’s the only avenue I have to receive FS+ programming currently. But some simple improvements in the website format and a little regular effort to keep the schedule up to date would be much appreciated. It would be nice if the Foxsoccer.tv schedule would be atleast the 14 days out that it states it is at all times (earlier this week they only had 4-5 days of matches on the schedule). Even better if it would sync up with how far out the FS+ schedule is on FoxSoccer.com (goes to Sept. 26th right now, 4+ weeks), since it’s clear the information is available. Things like iphone apps and twitter integration are wonderful, but getting the simple things right like always providing a quality stream and delivering a website that is detailed, organized, & up to date should be the priorities.

  12. No sooner do I cancel my trial subscription and they decide to start showing Ligue 1 matches. If they can make the on-demand video adaptive like the live video, I’ll have to re-order at some point…but I’ll wait and see how the next few weeks play out.

  13. It is a waste of money. They charge you $15, which is the cost for the sports package on Directv. However, they do not show the champions league matches, which you can watch on the sports package. Furthermore, the sports package has Goltv and some more channels as well.

  14. I recently subscribed to this and as a Brit living in LA think it is absolutely brilliant. I don’t follow a team but the amount of games they show is brilliant.

    In UK we can never get 3pm kick off games streamed live so to see it on foxsoccer is very refreshing.

    With regards to the quality I have no complaints at all – went for an annual to save money and no regrets at all!

  15. So far I have been less than impressed with foxsoccer.tv . I have yet to have a faultless experience. Everytime I access the site and try to watch a game I experience one problem or another. Probelems run the gamut from no video, non-synchronized sound to no sound, freezes, chopiness, to name a few. The interface isn’t the most intuitive either. I’m going to keep the subscription till the Man United vs Liverpool game and if things don’t improve by then I will cancel my subscription. I had fewer probelms with the old foxsoccer.tv last season.

  16. Another unsatisfied customer.I already cancelled. I’ll be checking this site for updated user experiences and if it improves dramatically I’ll subscribe again. Otherwise I won’t. ESPN3.com is so much better and I’ve never had a problem with it in 3 years of using it.

  17. Juat watching the Chelsea v Stoke game now. I see they’ve released the new dvr feature. Pretty cool! also good stream quality as last two weeks (bar first half last week). they’ll keep my $15 for now

  18. The DVR features are great, I woke up late this morning but logged on and was able to start the game from the beginning without any issues. I have to admit, the quality of the streaming is absolutely amazing…

  19. I appreciate the man coming on to answer your questions, albeit – he had nothing to fear considering they were mostly softball ones.

    I still think they are a bunch of muppets, I haven’t heard from them as promised regarding them honoring the package I PAID for last season.

    Now, I have to pay for a month to month as I will certainly not trust them by buying a season package on foxsoccertv ever again – regardless of who “operates” it.

    1. I too appreciate him answering, but it’s little comfort when the service isn’t working correctly. This morning I’ve been having an email conversation with customer support and I’ve gotten the talking points educating me on settings/versions and how broadband internet works. It’s obvious the responder didn’t read my initial “complaint” or doesn’t understand the issue. There have been several matches over the past 7-8 days with audio and video sync issues (mostly rugby out of South Africa) including the Tri-Nations match this morning. It clear that neither versions and settings on my PC nor the specs of my broadband connection will not desync these things, but he/she still “ran the standard customer support playbook”. I went through the speed test, ping test, and cache/cookie clearing exercises even though I knew these weren’t the problem. I responded with the details and that stated this was an issue on their side since other matches were just fine and the responses from support immediately stopped. Not too pleased right now, but I’m stuck with no other way to watch this programming unless I can find someone with FS+ willing to host a slingbox or like device for me.

  20. A couple of improvements to the service this morning. Each game had interactive controls (rewind/forward/pause) and the 45 minute replays are up already (12.23pm EST)
    I still see room for improvement with the content; full game replays, the decision to time-delay Fox Soccer Channel #1 games ’til midnight is frustrating, but in terms of picture quality and features I think the new site is a major improvement over last year’s model

    1. Correction. They are making the full EPL games available after they end. They are under the “Watch on Demand” heading on the front page. If this is a regular feature and they make them available for a few days I don’t see the need for a DVR feature

  21. I’m pretty damn impressed with the service – not sure how people are saying it’s worse quality than before. I completely disagree.

    The only two improvement that they need to make is one of the following:

    Let me watch the entire match on replay or give me DVR capabilities so I can record an entire match.

    Having to watch condensed highlights if you’re unable to catch the game live is silly.

    1. Ops – just saw the comment above me and it appears jmf is right.

      For instance, there are two videos for the Wolves against Newcastle game. One is accessible from the Replay tab and is a condensed highlights video. The other is accessible from right side of the screen on the Home tab and seems to be the entire match.

      My only complaint is that they need to make it a bit clearer as to selecting the video you want to watch. Why not just put them all under Replay and mark one as “Highlights” and the other as “Entire Match”?

    2. Gaz, I am one of those “It’s worse,” people. I am just going off what I see on the test video when I choose “Hi”. If that is indicative of their regular “Hi” stream then it is indeed worse than what I was watching last year on “Hi”…….or maybe I’m getting senile.

      My picture last year was equal to Setanta-i’s which I thought was fantastic. This year’s “Hi” test video is nowhere near that. Maybe the regular stream is better. Take a look at the test video and let me know.

      1. Was watching the Blackpool-Fulham full match replay and it is in only 1 stream selection, there is no low, medium or high selection and the stream looks as good as the live match stream which to me so far has been outstanding.

        The 45 min. match highlights however has the low, medium and high settings and even on the high selection, it is not quite the quality of the live match stream or the full match replay stream but to my eyes it really isn’t that bad.

        Maybe I have been lucky but other than the acknowledged issues that Fox themselves said they have been having the first few weeks, this has worked great for me. And if they finalize negotiations for the Magners League rugby which the Fox rep told me “should” happen by opening weekend or the very latest the following weekend, then this will be a done deal for me.

      2. That’s really strange, Sir Guy.

        Unless I’m going senile, I think the new Foxsoccer.tv is on par (maybe better) than Setanta-i was. The old Foxsoccer.tv was, for me, completely worse.

        Maybe something to do with our ISPs or something?

      3. That’s really strange, Sir Guy.

        Unless I’m going senile, I think the new Foxsoccer.tv is on par (maybe better) with Setanta-i was. The old Foxsoccer.tv was, for me, completely worse.

        Maybe something to do with our ISPs or something?

  22. Well I expect to see those Serie A games and French league games in full after midnight or the next day. Thats what the guy said lol.

  23. I have the Direct TV sports pack and with all those channels I still can’t watch Liverpool live… the LFC West Brom game isn’t showing until 9 hours after kick off on FSC. I watched every LFC game live when Setanta was still going.

    I just ran the test video on here and the picture quality was pretty poor indeed. Is the live stream a better quality?

    1. Stuart – the live stream quality is very good, as close to HD as you can get on internet. Liverpool v West Brom match is being streamed live on Foxsoccer.tv in 10min.

  24. I’m hoping that foxsoccer.tv gets better as they move forward. I don’t understand why they couldn’t have tested the beta earlier in the summer and worked out all the kinks before the season opener in August. I’ll reserve judgement when it’s out of beta as to whether I’ll continue my monthly subscription. I live in hope. Don’t let me down foxsoccer.tv!

  25. It’s a case of Fox double dipping, I would much rather watch games on my TV without any issues so I subscribe to FS+ on dish at $15 per month. Now if I want to watch my team before 5pm I have to subscribe to something else. Fox need to offer a discount for current FS+ subscribers.
    We were better off with setanta and their Setanta Sports Xtra offering on DirecTV.
    3 10am games, now reduced to too.
    I’m just complaining because it’s yet more of my hard earned out of my pocket and into theirs.
    When they offer a ‘match choice’ on Dish/DirecTV like NFL Sunday Ticket I’ll be happy even if it is $200 a year.
    it wouldn’t cost much as they already have all the rights

  26. Had waffles for breakfast and I’m starting to feel like one. Would love to be watching the City match right now, but it’s only on FS.tv and not on FS+. Might have to cave and get FS.tv. That would also solve my DVR problem trying to record every soccer and rugby match being shown, wouldn’t it.

    waffle, waffle, waffle :-)

    1. Have to be honest, if the picture quality remains the same I may dump FS+ and stick with foxscoccer.tv. With the amount of soccer and rugby content, matches not shown on FS+ that are on foxsoccer.tv, the new DVR controls and the On Demand feature I am starting to wonder why I am paying for FS+.

      I like the idea of having the convenience of a TV channel vs. an internet stream but I do have my TV hooked up to my PC anyway and as I said if the picture quality remains as crisp as its been (today’s Liverpool-West Brom picture was stellar) this may become a no-brainer for me.

      1. Nice push, DaveRam. There I go-o-o-o-o-o-o, over the edge. Hope you’re getting a commission. 😉

        I have the backbone of a wet noodle. Think I’ll sign up after the 1st.

  27. Took the plunge for today’s top clash, LFC vs West Brom. I do hate the fact that FOX is ‘double dipping’ on me though coz now I am paying $15 for the Direct TV sports pack and $15 for foxtv.com… it’s a swizz, there should be a discount if you have the other service.

    I was very impressed with the picture on my 17″ laptop but not so much when I put it onto my 52″ TV. My footie experience is definitely inferior to what it was with Setanta but these things go around in circles and I can now watch my beloved Reds and will switch when a better alternative becomes available.

    I may just boot FSC on the Sports pack, we’ll see… thanks for the comments and the recommendations.

  28. After this weekend ,apart from the odd minor problem ,I’d recommend Foxsoccer.tv to anyone who’s interested.

    And I would never have said that about ITVN/Setanta-i/old Fs.tv.

  29. Hah…. I wish Sir Guy. I am just so used to so many negative comments about EVERYTHING that gets posted (I want my HD NOW or my life will end!, this or that broadcaster sucks I can’t listen to him, why do I have to pay for it-it should be free, my team is great-you’re a glory hunter, blah-blah-blah, etc.)

    I just wanted to post something positive about my experiences with the product.

    1. “I just wanted to post something positive about my experiences with the product.”

      A strange new world, DR. A strange new world.

  30. I would like more consistency and accuracy from Foxsoccer.tv. I am utterly confused about its site. Case in point:

    Earlier in the week, it stated that the ManU game this weekend would be an on-demand game. However, the weekend rolls around and no game, no highlights are to be found on the site.

    Likewise, Foxsoccer.tv made a big deal about the Ligue1 and Serie A matches this weekend. Do they only show those live? Where are the matches as of 8:40 EST?

    There are matches that are shown live and then no replays. There are replays that are really just highlights, entire match highlights and no replays (Liverpool’s Sunday match) and the entire web site offers little in terms of understanding of what constitutes what and when what will be available.

    The quality of the streams are quite good, especially the live matches and the High setting for the 45 minute highlights. However the replays are not as good and do not offer the chance to select a higher stream.

    Foxsoccer.tv — please give your customers a better and more navigable web site. In addition, give them clear indication of what matches will be shown (both live and on demand) and when these matches will be shown.

    1. Can’t agree more, Timm. It’s really sad that Fox hasn’t hit a homerun with the re-release of this offering. There’s just so many little things that could have been done much better with the website and the timely avialability of replays. Also their customer service is typically poor (just get the typical talking points thrown back at you) and the fact that they don’t have a toll free # to call is frustrating. I’m going to stick with them over the next few weeks and cross my fingers, but I doubt anything but serious issues with EPL and/or Champions League matches will get any attention.

  31. Another negative vote for foxsoccer.tv. They should have tested the product before releasing it as I’ve experienced too many problems over the last two weeks. For $15 a month I expect a better product than what’s there now.

  32. I moved last week from Comcast to FiOS in order to get FSC+. I found the quality of the FSC picture is not as good as it was on Comcast. For some strange reason FSC+ is even poorer. Does anybody know if FiOS intend moving these channels to HD? Their HD quality is excellent.

    One of the main reasons I moved is for Magners. I hope those negotiations work out in time for this weekend!

  33. Doesn’t look like the Magners league deal will be done before the first round. A real shame as it’s the main reason for me to get a subscription.

    They also assured me that the deal should be made before the start of round 2.

    We can only hope and pray.

    1. Thanks for the update Chris. I have attempted to contact FOX several times with no response. How are you contacting them? Also, do you know if they are planning on having games on Fox Soccer Plus or only on foxsoccer.tv?

      1. I contacted them on customerservices@performgroup.com.

        Got a response in about 48hrs. Have no idea how coverage will be between TV and Internet but at looking last year they mostly broadcast the Irish / high profile games on TV and every game on internet.

        foxsoccer.tv is definable a recommendations and there are various ways to link your computer with your TV (Like i’ve done.)

        1. I did not think I could link my computer to my TV for live streaming, other than with a cable (and my TV is too far away). I would really love to know how to do it.

          1. Than you either need to move your TV or Computer :)

            There are ways to do that by wireless receivers but these set you back at least $75,-

  34. BTW I have to say that video quality is much better than the old one so definable nice to see.

    However I liked the layout of the old website more where games where structured by sport and competition. Now it’s just much more confusing.

    1. come to think of it, I have a 32 inch HD TV a few feet from the PC! That would be a huge improvement over the 22″ monitor. Guess I was too greedy last year and was only thinking in terms of the 52″ in the living room! Now I just have to figure out how to plug a cable into the PC!!

      1. It’s a matter of “Output”–“Input”. My TV has an RGB input, so I just got a split RGB cable and ran one side to the TV. When I want to stream a match to the tube I just use my TV remote to change the input to “PC” and I am good to go.

        CablesToGo.com, among others, has just about any combo cable you could need. Just match the “Out” end to whatever you have on the back of your computer and the “In” end to whatever you have on the back of your TV.

        You’ll love it! :-)

        1. Chris & Sir Guy … I think I have a HDMI output on the PC and several HDMI inputs on the TV. Have to get to the back of the PC first, which is not easy! I will figure it out. Thanks so much guys!

          I appreciate it!

  35. Those interested in Magners League, foxsoccer.tv schedule has two matches listed for this opening weekend and two for next weekend. It’s a start and here’s hoping they will add additional matches.

    Last season after they acquired the rights with the demise of Setanta, they showed all matches each week. But as mentioned, now with the TV rights spread over many broadcasters this season in the UK, Ireland and Italy, it may be difficult to obtain the U.S. rights for all matches.

    1. Thanks for the update. I also checked the TV listings for Fox Soccer Plus and they have the same games. Get to see both Munster and Leinster play this week :)

      1. FYI, Ireland/Armenia is streaming live on ESPN3.com tomorrow morning. And on Tuesday ESPN is showing both the Irish and English games. Its unusual to see a competetive England match on non-PPV – does this mean ESPN has the rights to almost all the Euro qualifiers? They have nine games listed for tomorrow and ten on Tuesday. That’s a simply amazing lineup.
        I see some people are frustrated with FoxSoccer.tv but I think, long term, the web is going to be the premier delivery mechanism for int’l sport.

  36. Thanks for the update. I get a little lazy about checking schedules.

    For those of us dual fans, this opening weekend is indeed a rugby treat! :-)

      1. Jim

        It’s a scam, all those sites you see that look similar to this that ask for money are all scams.

        They will take your money and link you to another site like the ones that offer illegal streams of sports for free. I won’t say which of course but that’s what those sites are that you mentioned.

        1. Roger

          Thanks so much! I did think it was too good to be true and that is why I put the question out here. I was very conscious that nobody else had mentioned or recommended it.

  37. I don’t understand why some games that are showing on fsc (although on delay) are not being show live on fsc tv, I just it odd they obviously have the rights to the game

    1. Their policy is that games shown live on FSC and not shown live on FoxSoccer.tv. Those games are available on delay on FoxSoccer.tv. If they were shown live on FoxSoccer.tv, then a lot of people who have no need for FSC and FS+. They would just subscribe to FoxSoccer.tv and call it a day.

      The Gaffer

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