Fox Soccer Channel Tackles Premier League: Video

I came across this new video spot for Fox Soccer Channel yesterday that I thought I’d share with you. It features footage that captures the mood and spirit of attending a Premier League game in England. Everything from the supporters making their way to the ground to Wayne Rooney provoking the crowd into hysterics.

The video was shot in Premier League grounds Stamford Bridge, Emirates Stadium and Old Trafford.

It’s possible that the video may not see the light of day. Or, it may be used in the future by Fox (I haven’t come across it on Fox Soccer Channel yet). The video was created by designer/director Guillermo Lecuona who has created main title sequences for primetime shows on every major television network, including Fox’s “24” and NBC’s “Crossing Jordan.”

17 thoughts on “Fox Soccer Channel Tackles Premier League: Video”

    1. I doubt they’ll care. The stadium is full and that’s what matters to them. As long as you are paying for a ticket you can wear whatever color you like.

  1. They are using portions of this video for a few days at least. I hadn’t seen the whole thing, but FSC has definitely been using parts of it. I love it.

        1. Oh I get that, but it’s not really funny or ironic… just sad… Maybe I just feel that way cos I have FSC HD! Booyah!

  2. Wow, really digging this! Hope they have more of this kind of stuff and take the channel in a more mature direction. Everything about FSC seems so flimsy!

  3. Great clip. Nice find Gaffer. It’d be great if FSC incorporated some of these elments into their telecast. If done tastefully, it would enchance their offering a bit.

  4. Pretty impressive. Question though. I noticed they showed cameras at the games with the FSC and FS+ logos on them. Is that real? I thought they were using a overseas feed rather than their own footage.

    1. I think it was either superimposed on there or they temporarily added the stickers for effect. The cameras don’t have FSC or FS+ logos on them.

      The Gaffer

  5. Someone should tell FSC that the Premier League also exists outside of Stamford Bridge, the Emirates and Old Trafford.

  6. FSC should have been creating interesting promo pieces and commercials for years. Being based in Hollywood with as many creative people looking for work in film making you would think that Fox would know how to put together packages as good as the stuff they create for NFL, NASCAR, and MLB. That is a good promo for the network but honestly they should have been pumping out a lot more than what they do. Why can’t they make personalized promos for games they are going to air that they can use during commercial breaks? I rather see FSC dump the money they are spending on FST and Soccer Superstars to hire more people to make commercials that get me excited for that weekends games.

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