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Feuerstein’s Fire Episode #22

Daniel F Feuersteins Fire Episode #22

Tuesday, August 24th 8:00PM EDT – 5:00PM PDT
Kristian Dyer of MLS Soccer
Blake Compton: Columbus Crew Supporter
NASL Segment
Re-Capping Red Bulls Road Victory at Toronto FC

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5 Responses to Feuerstein’s Fire Episode #22

  1. ddtigers says:

    Love the podcast, keep up the great coverage, but where is the MLStalk podcast? Has this pod been dissed for more coverage in the EPLtalk podcast. Richard F. is a busy man and can only do so much. So how about someone else doing it?

    Daniel, love hearing Dave D. on the previous shows, please bring him on more.

    • Daniel Feuerstein says:

      Thanks alot ddtigers. I really try my best to bring in the best people who wants to come in and talk about the game.

      Dave Denholm is very busy, but whenever I can get him on he does a great job.

  2. Dan says:

    Hey Daniel,
    Got to say i love your podcast and give you props on ur red bull support. Keep Up the Good work.
    Oh i hope that you can get Brian from Inside Minnesota Soccer on again, I love hearing about whats happen in D2 and hoping that after this year D2 will be more Stable. Maybe if MLS want to get in on D2 they could make it more interesting with like 2 playoff spots to the top D2 east and west team in a 12 team playoff format. To me that is away that D2 could be taken more seriously by fans and not going Promotion/Regulation.

    keep up the good work.

    • Daniel Feuerstein says:

      Thank you very much Dan. I will always discuss everything in US Soccer first when it’s our National Teams & clubs. Then I have to dedicate the second hour to the Red Bulls. I do cover the team & hopefully I can get more audio when they are on the road.

      I really want to thank you & ddtigers for listening to the podcast. I also want to thank everyone who is listening to the podcast. Because without your support I probably would’ve stopped it a long time ago.

      Richard Farley is very busy and I honestly don’t know when he is coming back to do the MLS Talk podcast. But when he does, please show him the same support when you listen to mine.

      • Dan says:

        will do. i gotta say i really enjoy your podcast, along with Its Called Football, and NASL fanatic. And sometimes extratime if Simon Borg isn’t dishing the Crew. I do miss Richard Farley’s podcast and hope he makes it back soon.
        But thanks again for your show.

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