Poll: Who Should Be The Next Aston Villa Manager?

LONDON - JANUARY 09:  Actor Tom Hanks holds up an Aston Villa footbal club scarf as he arrives at the European Premiere of 'Charlie Wilson's War' at the Empire cinema, Leicester Square on January 9, 2008 in London, England.  (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

United States coach Bob Bradley was interviewed this weekend on BBC’s Sportsweek radio program where he reconfirmed that he is still interested in the vacant Aston Villa manager position. No new news there except for the respect he has for the way that Aston Villa is managing the recruitment process in light of Kevin MacDonald temporarily taking charge of the team.

“Aston Villa have taken a good stance. They are patient and have a very good man in Kevin MacDonald, who is highly respected in the club. They are probably putting a list together as well as making sure Kevin has the time to consider his future.”

So, who should be on that list and, specifically, who do you think should be the next manager of Aston Villa? Vote in the poll below.

I’m particularly interested in your opinions regarding how you think Bob Bradley would do in the job if he got it. Does he have the experience necessary to manage in the top flight of England? Would he command the respect of his Aston Villa players? Would you be outwitted by other managers in the Premier League? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

18 thoughts on “Poll: Who Should Be The Next Aston Villa Manager?”

  1. None of the candidates there are that exciting. I’d say Klinsmann or just hold on to McDonald until a good candidate is available.

  2. 29 % for bradley?? Seriously?? I voted for Koeman, the guy has far more experience at managing a top club… i .e Barcelona… I bet he’s got a good number of scouts too !!

  3. I voted for Bradley just for the sole reason that I don’t want him to be the US National Coach, he makes some very poor decisions and seems to relent admitting to his mistakes…or correcting them for that matter. The USSF better be hoping he signs on for Villa, and better have a contract offer for Klinsmann at the ready. I think it should be Koeman for sure, he is the best candidate and he has declared interest in the vacancy. If not him, be loyal and let Mac stay. Either way, it was an absolute travesty to let Martin O’Neil walk, he is a great manager and loved Villa.

    1. I don’t understand all the hate towards Bradley. He has done a great job with the national team. Topping the group at the World Cup and last 16. What more do you want? Seems very good at getting the best out of an average group of players which makes him perfect for Villa. I think he deserves a shot.

      1. Bob Bradley, pffft, yes topping the group, and then going on to play Ghana with different starters?!!!!????? Big ass mistake….. among the many he has made and continually makes. Let Aston Villa have him….. please!

  4. After today’s performance by Villa Lerner needs to go ahead and pick a coach and remove any managerial uncertainty from the players’ minds.

  5. Maybe Jesus of Nazareth would be a good choice after this display!

    Happy birthday Stevie Ireland. Guess your right the grass isn’t always greener on the other side! LOL

  6. Its got to be McDonald at this point. None of the other names do anything for me, and it’s common knowledge that you either hire from within, keeping it small, or you make a huge splash that will shock the Football Word. A middling selection doesn’t do much for the club, and while McDonald’s got the club going well, keep him around. It’s only fair.

  7. I really dont think this is the best spot for an American manager to join the Premiership. There is plenty of yank resentment in British meda already between Glazers, Hicks and Lerner. Villain fans are already grumbling about a yank running off their popular coach. Hiring a manager from the states would certainly come with an extreme amount of scrutiny. This is before you even consider the managers qualifications. Bad fit, indeed.

  8. After today – Mac is probably out. I am not a big SGE fan, but he was hard done by at Man City. He also got the England job because he was such a great club manager…so he is probably the best choice in that regard.
    Jol is probably choice 1B…did a great job with Spurs, but had some bad luck in his quest for 4th.

    As for Bob, I think he’s got the temperament to be an EPL manager. I also don’t think he would’ve let his team get thrashed 6-0 by an inferior opponent, on the road or otherwise. Even against vastly superior opposition, his teams fight hard.

    Still think Gareth Southgate is too much out of his depth…needs to go back to a smaller club and go from there.

  9. I went from a pool of coaches that do not excite me with Curbishley, suprised he only got 2 percent. Villa needs stability, a team technically sound and with a quiet confidence. He is not overly emotional guy, but he seems to have way to get teams to achieve more than they should such as Charltonwhen he got them to like 8th place. Koeman due to the European experience would be my 2nd choice

  10. Villa is a losing situation. They are Championship-bound, following the clever formula of Leeds United and Portsmouth before them. You know the formula:
    (a) hire top manager
    (b) overspend for quality players
    (c) win some games
    (d) fail to balance budget
    (e) sell top players to balance budget
    (f) say “goodbye” to top manager
    (g) say “goodbye” to the Premier League.

    By my calculus, Villa have progressed to stage (e).

    1. Couldn’t disagree more. There isn’t really a player on the squad that they broke the bank for…and they didn’t sell Milner or Barry out of necessity, they sold them because Man City wouldn’t relent with their ridiculous offers. Milner was a good value when bought, as was Ashley Young, Dunne, Collins, Carew, Friedel, etc.

      Additionally, they’ve developed some good young talent like Clark, Albrighton, Agbonlahor, etc.

      About the only things similar in your list are A and F.

  11. The Gentleman Masher,

    They may not have broke the bank to get these players but the wage bill at the club is, apparently, ridiculous. I think I heard a statistic saying that over 80% of the clubs spending is on weekly wages for players.

    I’d love to see Bob Bradley at Villa – he’d bring a very pragmatic, smart style to the team. Plus, as a Brit living in the States, I’d love to see an American manager for all the usual reasons.

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