Poll: Stephen Ireland or James Milner, Who Will Do Better?

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The James Milner transfer from Aston Villa to Manchester City dragged on for weeks but finally happened yesterday. And shortly afterwards Stephen Ireland moved from City to Villa.

But who do you think will do better this season? Will James Milner make a bigger impact at City, or will Ireland do better at Villa?

Vote now, and share your insight in the comments section below.

25 thoughts on “Poll: Stephen Ireland or James Milner, Who Will Do Better?”

  1. Milner made a name for himself when he moved to the centre of midfield and that’s where he seems strongest. Mancini has said he likes Milner’s versatility, making me think he won’t be playing his prefered position on a regular basis.

    Ireland, on the other hand, will almost certainly be playing in an attacking midfield role which is best suited to him and, if he plays well, he will get the chance to continue doing so week in, week out.

  2. Stupid poll. Who will do better in terms of team success? Who will be more influential to their team? Who will get more assists/goals? Who will win more games as a part of the team?

    Stevie will have a bigger impact on his club – Villa lost more in losing Milner and they will build around him. Milner will have, all around, a more successful year in terms of playing a consistent role in success.

  3. Agree with Danny, Milner is more versatile than Ireland.It’s hard to separate them ,both are blessed with great footballing skills.But I believe that Ireland will be big hit at Aston Villa than Milner at Man City as he will be getting more time on the field.Mancini will have a great headache whom to play from the group of talented individuals and has to do his best to keep the egos out these multi million stars.

  4. I think a lot of people underestimate what a quality signing Citeh have in Milner. I rate Milner very highly and although I admit we got a very good deal in getting 16 mill plus Ireland. I still think Citeh have found the missing link that will bring the team together. Mark my words Milner will be the star of the star studded/ego filled Citeh side. Ireland on the other hand didn’t play pretty much all of last season and although a very good player need to regain his confidence and belief, something that Milner has got by the bucket load. I hope I’m wrong being a Villa fan myself but I think its going to take Ireland a good part of half a season to get anywhere near the player he was a couple of season ago. Only time will tell..

  5. As a villa fan, i wish all the best for milner, but i know as a footballing career decision hes made a mistake, ok hes getting more money, but less football time. I think ireland will do better since hes going to play more regularly and if he shows the form he had when under hughes, its gonna be very good business for the villa!


  6. Ireland for me. He is a player that haven’t given a big chance yet, I think he even deserve to play for one of the big four (Arsenal?)

    He still 23 and he have 8-10 years at least left in the pitch.

  7. Oh, Gaffer, come on. I know you’re just asking for opinions, but tell me how much playing time each will get and in what position and maybe then I will give you an answer.

    Milner could disappear into the star-studded roster. Ireland could have a mental breakdown. I don’t know. Given time on the pitch I think they will both do well for their clubs.

    Bottom line, I think *danny’s* comment is pretty much on the mark.

  8. My immediate thought is if this is even a good move for Milner? At Villa he’d have been assured of 1st team football, had plenty of time on the pitch, and no doubt developed his game further for what is still a top 10 side.

    But going to city? He may not even be first choice on the leagues most expensive side!

    I have to say that from my vantage point, this is a move that smells of chasing money and not quality of football.

  9. how about we let the season start then decide at the end who did better or do most of u enjoy making fools out of ya selves?

  10. was the poll conducted only for the irish to vote. dude, come on millner. like my daughter would tell me, serious daddy, serious.

    1. Actually, from what i gather i think the Irish pretty much hate Stephen Ireland. Pretending his granny was dead to get out of international duty really riled up those O’Reillys.

  11. Milner is a slightly better footballer, but will play less. Therefore, Ireland will have a bigger impact and the Villa finish 4th.


  12. I think Milner’s success will come as playing for a top quality club finishing (presumably) higher in the table. this season will tell if City can buy themselves hardware or not. but he certainly won’t see more playing time than he did at Villa, and probably score fewer goals. Ireland on the other hand will see more time on the pitch and will have , I feel, greater personal success. The poll did ask about who would have “greater impact” though. I think Villa took a step down in talent in the midfield while City added depth, so from a club standpoint Milner’s impact is greater. Of course Ireland could just become a madman and score goals by the dozen and prove all of us fools. Thats why they play the season rather than just blather on about it like us.

  13. I don’t support either of these clubs but the semantics of this poll are ridiculously in favor of Ireland. Obviously in comparison to their teammates, Ireland will have more of an impact. Milner was signed to be a fantastic role player for City, not their star. I think he’ll be very good on City. If he’s confident in himself, he knows he should start on the wing over SWP and Adam Johnson just like he does for England. In that case, it makes both business sense and football sense. If you could play for a much better team, where managers aren’t resigning, with much better teammates (at least on the pitch), a much better shot of Champions League football, and a much much better salary, you would too.
    Ireland is a whiny little bitch. He made up the most absurd excuses to play hooky from Irish National Team games instead of being a man and simply withdrawing from the squad because he didn’t want to play for them. He started to whine and stop trying once City started to sign midfielders that might compete with him for a XI spot instead of manning up and accepting the challenge of proving himself and earning his spot. He’s had a terrible attitude and has failed Ireland and City completely thus far in his career. He does have a shot at impacting Villa more than Milner does City, but thats simply bc City are way better. No Martin O’Neill and now no Milner, watch Ashley Young leave and then Villa are going to be a team that has to think about relegation more than playing in Europe.

    1. Ireland was player of the year for City 2 years ago, before City sold it’s soul. How is that failing them completely?

      And if Young does leave Villa it’ll be at a very high price and even without him Villa will still be around the middle to top half of the table… not relegation material I think.

      1. Danny,

        What is this ‘sole’ City have sold? and how have the sold it? Have they sold it by spending money? if so then surely clubs like Utd, Liverpool, Blackburn, Chelsea, and others (in fact you could go back a 100 years or more) have no sole either? I hear people saying this a lot but frankly it a just a catchphrase and it makes absolutely no sense at all. How can an inanimate object like a football club have a sole. Hey but if you or anyone else can explain this little dig at City then please be my guest, or are you just talking bubbles like the others who write this? Or is the Club really going to the Devil down in hell?

          1. In response to this let me firstly congratulate you on recognising that a football team can not actually have a soul and no, I do not believe in heaven, hell or the devil. It was infact a metaphor which I thought most people were familiar with. I’ll try to be more literal with my assertions from here on.

            secondly, well done on the wonderful pun about shoes… Classic!

            Now, the reason I said City had “sold it’s soul” was partly in recognition of the ridiculous money they have been spending. I think you got that point and you’re right – they aren’t the first club to do so – but the main point was that, along with all that big spending, the club seem to have turned into a ruthless corporation. This was epitimised by the discraceful way they disposed of Mark Hughes and also in the treatment of long-time, dedicated players such as Richard Dunne and now Stephen Ireland (in the case of Dunne they openly admitted that his name just wouldn’t sell shirts – it had little, if anything to do with his ability which, he has since proved at Villa, is considerable).

            It is no coincidence that Man City are rapidly turning into the most hated club in the Premiership.

            Anyway, I hope that clarifies matters for you.

  14. Stephen Ireland or James Milner, Who Will Do Better?

    As Milner was a Villa player I don’t know to much about him except for the little I have seen and what I had seen did not Impressed me. It must be said though the Villa fans rate him very highly in all departments and I know that if there is any one who knows about a player more than any one else it’s the clubs own fans. So maybe I am completely wrong about him.

    As for Ireland, Sven Groan Ericsson, I remember said that he was the most naturally talented player at the club and in that one year he showed this he was amazing, if he was at Chelsea or Utd would have picked up player of the year. Before this year though he was a good prospect but no where near as good as Johnson (Michael that is) but still ok. Last year he started for Hughes but I started to notice that this was not the same player from the year before in fact he was crap the tracking back, long and short accurate passing, finishing and tackling from the year before seemed to have deserted him,. People were saying it was because of Robinho not being there as he seem to bounce of him well, but could it have been his noodles had become crossed again who knows. In his time at City there were strange goings on with him it seemed. Steven was writing strange things on internet blogs etc his mind seemed to be a bit messed up to say the least and then followed the Granny gate problem with Ireland.
    I will leave people to make their own minds up with his problems but it does seem that a lot of managers question his mental attributes and criticise his mental strength. If he can get to how he was 2 years ago I have no doubt that not only will be better than Milner but 99% of the other premier midfielders as well, but that is a very big if.

    So better wait until the season end for the answer, but even then it is only opinion.

    1. First of all explain the metaphor i.e. we are all waves on the ocean – basically we start we travel through life we end. Metaphor explained!! Please do the same, I don’t think you can because it simply makes no sense at all and spending lots of money has nothing at all to do with this, surely it is just something that envious people use to try to put the club and its fans down.

      ‘the club seem to have turned into a ruthless corporation. This was epitomised by the disgraceful way they disposed of Mark Hughes and also in the treatment of long-time, dedicated players such as Richard Dunne and now Stephen Ireland’
      Disgraceful? Why? He was not their manager in the first place but they gave him £200 million to spend on players and what did they get to show for this? The press for some reason used his sacking to have another dig a their favourite punch bag, here are some of the facts for you – eight draws on the trot including a 3-3 at home to Burnley, a thumping by Spurs and a scraped win against a relegation threatened side at home (who managed to put 3 past us) this run did not look like it was about to end one bit either. He also bought Santa Cruz for real insane money this player has probably not even managed to play 35% of the games in his whole career (through one injury or abother) and they may sell him for £5m if lucky, is that acceptable? He showed that his control over his players was shall we say poor at best, unlike Mancini who knows how to deal with big players, Hughes conceded 28 Goals in 17 games not good at all (Mancini conceded 17 in 21). Don’t get me wrong I wish him all the best he’s a good manager but not up for a job on this scale, it was a diferent job to the one he started making this a big job.
      So please explain why he shouldn’t have been replaced? and where disgraceful comes into it? (besides the papers and net’s story’s said so)

      As for Dunne I wish him all the best at Villa, I watched him year in year out he is a very good but had become stale at City, beside city wanting to get better players in(which is what City are aiming for) so they moved him on as do other clubs if they no longer want a player, Oh and please don’t sprout on about loyalty as any player tries for a high wage if they don’t get it then they sit out their contract Dunne got it over wise he would have been off faster than Usian Bolt! You need to remeber this is a job he is not a fan or suporter it’s his place of work.

      ‘It is no coincidence that Man City are rapidly turning into the most hated club in the Premiership.’

      Only with certain fans where envy is rife. Which is a shame because without teams like City and Chelsea’s so ‘called new money’ the EPL would be the most boring League in the World with Utd wining practically everything year after they would be the ones receiving the huge one sided money year in year out they would become unstoppable and their fans would increase while thinking they are deservedly the best even though they’d have 3-4 times more money than the nearest rivals (this is apparanty fair though), European League football may follow. Maybe that would suit you better then you could follow La Liga (cos the EPL would have become more predictable than La Liga and if lead floats in water) for a while then pick the best team to follow in the new European League, great futre (were is Dunny in all this eh)

      For me if you want a Football club run as a Corporation I’ll point you to Wigan, whose Owner Mr David Whelan rapes them (the supporters) year after year by selling their best players for a huge profit and sticks the money straight into his and his shareholders pockets. To the admaration of the press, which I find incredible. He rubs his greedy little paws with glee each time some one comes knocking for one of his stars with absolutely no intention of not selling he rolls out the red carpet for them! This club could have been taken the next level if it wasn’t for his greed this is a club that turns a little profit if it sells or not but that’s not enough. All he interested in is staying up so he can rape his cash cow for personal gain but I think his cash cow is going down this time, never mind he will be able to pocket the parachute payments eh. I bet you think he doing a great job though. He is making it imposable for this club to move on. It’s all about profits not football. Good old Davie boy! Is this the way it should be done?

      P.S Your post didn’t clarify anything to me. Sorry

      P.P.S The pun about the shoes was because I notice that I had used the word sole instead of soul (but it was gone 2 in the morning in the UK and I was pissed lol)

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