GolTV To Broadcast Opening Bundesliga Fixtures

GolTV Will Open Their Bundesliga Coverage With Schalke And Raul Taking On Hamburg.

GolTV is ready to kick the Bundesliga season off with a bang by broadcasting two of the opening weekend’s biggest games in HD.

Many of us have found ourselves frustrated by GolTV’s coverage of the Bundesliga, but they’re at least beginning to come around in terms fo Bundesliga coverage this season, especially after Germany’s successful World Cup run.

GolTV will broadcast Schalke’s opening fixture against Hamburg on Saturday, as well as Borussia Dortmund’s opening fixture against Bayer Leverkusen on Sunday.

Unfortunately, friday’s match between Bayern Munich and Wolfsburg, which will probably be the game of the weekend, will not be broadcast live on GolTV.

10 thoughts on “GolTV To Broadcast Opening Bundesliga Fixtures”

  1. The Bayern/Wolfsburg match will be shown live on ESPN Deportes and ESPN3 (the online streaming ESPN), so that’s why GolTV can’t carry it.

    It sucks for those of us without ESPN Deportes or the ability to view ESPN3 (Time Warner Cable, my internet provider, refuses to fund/carry ESPN3). But of course, there are other alternatives, if you know what I mean…

    1. Yeah, in Canada we don’t have ESPN so we’ll be without that match unless it’s on TSN2 or something random like that. Otherwise, those other alternatives you mentioned are going to have to be put to use!

  2. Does anyone know the schedule for Dish Network’s My Sports Germany? I can’t seem to find it anywhere, and I’d like to see it before I pony up the $20.

    1. I can tell you that evenings they show only Austrian Football, Friday they show the 2 Bundesliga live, then Bundesliga after live. From 530 a.m. Pacific they show on Saturday 2 Bundesliga then Bundesliga live, same for Sunday and Monday show the 2 Bundesliga live then repeats all day various Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga games intermixed with Golf and Handball. What I dislike is it is call My Sports Germany but they show Austrian Football evenings only, no Bundesliga which is a pain. For me prime time evenings, is no fun watching Austrian football. There programming choices are not favorable if you have a day job and want to watch an evening game.

  3. Finally Google TV is reality for soccer fans and it delivers.

    You remember how I was saying last time that Google TV will change the way we watch football, it is heppening.

    I went shopping at Best Buy today and bought a Logitech Revue box, a google set-top-box with google TV access. I plugged in everything in five minutes and I was streaming a replay match from my ESPN3 account in no time, Napoli vs Milan to be specific. The picture was awesome, way better better than SD but little less clear than 720p. Next I checked my Uefa.com and streamed few Champion Legaue and Europa league games still the picture quality was SD but not as clear as ESPN3. Generally Uefa.com streaming quality sucks since they use a 14th century software. The only thing I haven’t checked out was Fox.soccer.com since I don’t have an account with them but I think they have better streaming quality than ESPN3 since they use better software.

    I am really impressed. I can watch all the live soccer and replays of ESPN3 with great quality at my own time. This is the future and it is happening.

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