Premier League Miss Out on Mesut Ozil as Madrid Secure German Playmaker

Mesut Ozil Dejection after defeat Werder Bremen 2009 Shaktar Donetsk V Werder Bremen (2-1) AET 20/05/09 in Istanbul The UEFA Cup Final Photo Fotosports International/APress *UK ONLY*

Mesut Ozil has officially signed for Spanish giants Real Madrid as Premier League clubs Chelsea and Manchester United miss the chance to secure the talents and play-making abilities of the 21 year old German international.

At a bargain, Real Madrid payed somewhere in the realm of £12m to Bundesliga side Werder Bremen for the midfielder who led Germany to the semi finals of the World Cup. Madrid faced a ‘buy now or risk cup tie’ scenario as Bremen are set to take on Serie A side Sampdoria in a Champions League playoff on Wednesday.

The acquisition of Ozil by Madrid signals another defeat in the ongoing war between the Premier League and La Liga in snatching up the world’s best talent. Manchester United looked most poised to make an offer for Ozil after Chelsea signed Brazilian midfielder Ramires from Benfica last week for £18m.

Ozil would have been a brilliant fit at Manchester United as the legend of Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs slowly but surely starts to fade with age. As current United midfielders Anderson and Michael Carrick continue to struggle with form and regular first team action, Ozil seemed a good bet to replace Paul Scholes along Darren Fletcher in the coming years.

As a United supporter, the Ozil news comes as a major disappointment and shock, especially since Sir Alex Ferguson and the club just splashed some £7m on Portuguese striker Bebe without ever having seen him play live. Such it is that United miss a great chance to secure Ozil’s talent as Madrid reload for another run at Barcelona and European glory.

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  1. Just to clarify, Özil does not play in Scholes position. Özil is a winger and supporting striker. Maybe a replacement for Giggs on the left, but we already have Nani, Valencia as starting wingers.

    Also, it is not a war between La Liga and the Prem, but a destruction of La Liga by widening the gulf between Barca+Madrid and the rest of La Liga. Premier League still provides the best entertainment and the most physical football in Europe — Germany is pretty darn close 2nd.

    Lastly, I think you should also mention the depth that Madrid already has in Ozil’s positions
    Winger: Ronaldo, Di Maria, Pedro Leon, Ozil
    Midfielder: Ozil, Kaka, Van der Vaart, Canales, Granero

    If Madrid do not sell some players, I think they will kill a couple of careers and possibly even Ozil’s by benching him too often and not allowing him a good run in the team. Add to this the fact that Mourinho said that he would be fine without Ozil. I am sure Ozil’s dream have come true and he is being paid a good salary… the rest is for the season to show.

    1. “Also, it is not a war between La Liga and the Prem, but a destruction of La Liga by widening the gulf between Barca+Madrid and the rest of La Liga. Premier League still provides the best entertainment and the most physical football in Europe ”

      What a load of crap!! Atletico Madrod who finished mid table in La Liga last season won the Europa Cup beating a strong Liverpool and Fulham side along the way. Top scorers in WC finals plied their trade in Spain. WORLD Champions are Spain whose first eleven exclusively play in La Liga.

      Face it, Barca and Madrid would spearhead any domestic league they’re in and the rest of the teams in La Liga, on average, pretty much play the same style of play which won Spain the World Cup and Euro 2008. Not to mention there are stars everywhere (Llorente, Munian, Canales, Javi Martinez, Beniga, Forlan, Kun Aguero etc etc).

      If playing like headless chickens ala England is your cup of tea, don’t assume everyone else shares your opinion, otherwise, world class talents would flock to EPL and would take pay cuts as well. Right now, the actions are all in Spain. That’s an undeniable fact (don’t believe me, check the IFFS ranking).

      1. Sorry for being so verbose, but…

        “Atletico Madrid who finished mid table in La Liga last season won the Europa Cup beating a strong Liverpool and Fulham side along the way”
        1) Liverpool were 7th and Fulham 12th (I think) last season… that’s also mid-table and Fulham lost the Europa League Final in extra time.
        2) Top Scorers in World Cup were Müller (Germany) and Sneijder (Italy) + Villa and Forlan (Spain, Spain) were not all from Spanish clubs but it is not relevant to fact that La Liga = RM + Barca, really.
        3) Actually, of Spain’s starting 11, all but Torres and Capdevila came from Real Madrid or Barcelona — quite a statement about gap between RM+Barca and rest of La Liga, indeed.

        “Barca and Madrid would spearhead any domestic league they’re in”
        1) Real Madrid have not made it 1st knockout of ECC for 6 seasons
        2) Barca’s super-star Messi struggled to make an impact at World Cup when he was up against real opposition. I think, it is general consensus that he would struggle in EPL.

        “Right now, the actions are all in Spain”
        1) Really? Is that why players are flocking to La Liga’s 18 other teams? La Liga is popular ONLY because of RM and Barca and players “flock” to RM+Barca for two reasons a) they will likely win a trophy (50% chance) and b) they get paid more at RM and Barca because of Beckham Laws.

        “check the IFFS ranking”
        1) Ummm… Fulham is better than Man United and Real Madrid rank equally to Anderlecht according to the IFFS ranking… that says a lot, I think, about those rankings.

        Now, don’t get me completely wrong here, but I enjoy watching Barca play Real Madrid twice per season, however, that is only because I looooove Ronaldo — Madrid are a bunch of corrupt bureaucrats using tax payers money to finance ridiculous transfer fees a la Ronaldo and Kaka. Barca have a very strong team but I cannot stand their pass-the-opposition-to-death tactic, as I see it as a negative tactic.

        1. 1. That’s the point…Atletico Madris, a mid table La Liga team had success over its EPL counterparts which shows the strength in depth of La Liga. Past performances of Spanish teams in UEFA cup proves it. Doesn’t matter if AM won it in AET, a win is a win same like Manyoo’s win over Munchen in CL final 99.

          Villa + Forlan (top scorers in WC)…both plied their trade for Valencia and AM before the summer (remember Villa has just signed up for Barca). Name me any EPL players who made their mark in WC?

          2. Some of your points only enhance my case. Majority of Spain WC winning team play for Barca+Madrid, which clearly shows the superiority of the players over any team in the world. Thus my statement, “Barca and Madrid would spearhead any domestic league they’re in”. Remember there’s a difference between a cup competition and league games.

          3. Doesn’t matter if players went to Spain only to play for either Barca or Madrid. They still La Liga teams, no? Hence my point still stands, “Right now, the actions are all in Spain”

          4. Firstly, I was talking about league standings. Secondly, I still take cold hard facts produced by a legitimate body (IFFHS) any time over yours. Fact: La Liga is at the top of the ranking. Your argument is pretty baseless, only looking at a club’s reputation/history than its actual peformances. For eg. Fulham managed to get to the final of Europa Cup, and Manyoo??

          So your points are pretty weak and easily rebutted. That “pass-the-opposition-to-death” tactic was the very reason no national teams can live with La furia Roja over the past 2 years. That’s the reason England NT was mediocre to say the least, none of the so-called golden generation players made even a ripple on Intl. stage let alone an impact.

          I enjoy watching EPL games from time to time but there’s no need overhyping things. There’s life outside of the British Isle you know…EPL is not the be all and end all.

    2. Ozil is an attacking central midfielder not a winger and his age would make him an excellent long-term investment (I’m not sure if long-term counts at RM though). He will definitely add depth to the RM squad as Kaka struggles with injuries and Van der Vaart’s form is unpredictable. All around an impressive piece of business from Mourinho.

      As for RM/Barca domination EPL is not that much different. I don’t see any team really challenging Chelsea/MU for the title this season. And expect this duo doing their share of routing of lower end table competition. Chelsea started with 6-0 win; last season they stomped #6 Villa 7-1, #10 Blackburn 5-0, #11 Stoke 7-0, #3 Arsenal 3-0

  2. Agreed. Why are people making the equivalence between Ozil and Bebe? First, the £7.4 million figure is not verified and the real fee is, more likely than not, a lot lower. Second, it is clear that Ozil only wanted to play in Spain, seeing United and Chelsea as last resorts if things completely fell apart. (If the Madrid deal had not gone through this summer he would have remained in Bremen for a year and then signed for Madrid or Barca on a free.)

    [OPTI]Madschester United is right. The real problem is Barca and Real Madrid’s insistence on using their clout to destroy any competition in La Liga and abroad. They pay huge salaries and offer the comforts of Spain, something no other club compete with (Man City & Chelsea can provide the former but superstars do not seem to find England too appealing.) Add to that access to limitless bank loans and the ability to individually negotiate TV rights and you have a system that is rigged for their success. If the Premier League allowed individual negotiations of TV rights, the Big Four would command astronomically high rights fees, enough to fund tons of acquisitions. They do not do it, though, because it’s in the best interests of the league for there to be some modicum of competition.

    Simply put, there was no way United were going to get Ozil or Khedira or David Villa. Even without a cent of debt, they cannot compete when Barca and Real are in on the deal. Either UEFA needs to fix this competitive imbalance or United need to develop better players.

  3. I’m sorry.. is this site called EPL Talk or ManchesterUnited Talk? Jeez… talk about being biased toward one team. It’s all-United all the time on this site.

    1. Sam, it comes in waves. We’ve been criticized of being Chelsea Talk, Man City Talk, Spurs Talk and other clubs in the past. We try to mix it up as much as possible.

      The Gaffer

    2. Sam…..write up an article on some team/topic you want to talk about. If it’s any good at all the The Gaffer will publish it. He is not running some kind of closed shop. He doesn’t control what his writers send in.

      I have sent in two articles recently and he has published both. They were *my* ideas….not his. Have at it. How about, “Why Blackpool Will Finish On Top”.

  4. After having watched Real Madrid play Bayern last week, I’d say they are in a desperate need for a “playmaker” regardless of what position he plays out of, so Ozil is a very good fit.

  5. well, it is obvious that manchester united is the greatest football club out there, that is why they dominate the headlines on this site – DUH!!

    as for ozil, how did the prem miss out on him? who’s to say saf was even interested in him? tabloids? yeah, real reliable.

  6. Maybe because even with the Glazers in debt, Manchester United signings make sense getting the most out of theyr’e bucks they have, see Conchita Hernandez. Who wants to talk about Bolton Wanderers? I feel the writers here are always balanced. I cheer for Manchester United, subscribe to the gameday program and collect stuff, I still picked Chelsea to win the league.

    Far as Ozil. Jose will know how to utilize him that is why he “is the special one” and will dethrone Barcelona as champs this season. After Barcelona poor effort vs Sevilla and Kanoute going nuts, first signs of Barca slippage

  7. Whilst the acquisition of up and coming talent is essential to most clubs looking to bolster their squad, I am of the view that United have the luxury of a wealth of talent coming through in midfield. For that reason alone, I do not believe Ozil was a priority target. I also recall that his preference was to play in Spain given the more physical nature (and lifestyle some might add) of the English game. Our game will suit some but not others.

    So I am perfectly happy for United to grow organically by nuturing and developing the likes of Tom Cleverley, Darron Gibson Gabriel Obertan and Cory Evans. My hope is for these individuals to learn from the likes of Giggs and Scholes, Fletcher and Carrick. If the fledglings are managed properly, it can only be good for team morale the balance sheet and England itself.

    Having witnessed at 1st hand the interplay within the team prior to and over the summer period, I really do believe SAF ought to trust in the kids, as he did in the era of David Beckham, the Nevilles, Nicky Butt and, of course, Giggs and Scholes. There are stars in the making right on the doorstep.

  8. As I said in your open letter to Sir Alex, Man U and anyone in England stand in pretty tough positions to lure top paid talent. Chelsea and others have used agents to tempt players via image rights and triple pay checks.

    British taxes for foreign workers making PL salaries are upwards of 50%. Real Madrid’s political influence help create a law, called the Beckham law, that reduced the same tax listed about to around 20%. That’s a lot of money in your pocket.

    So this war you speak of is more Germany V Poland. England’s top teams are on horses looking down the barrels of Spanish tanks.

    Now there is hope. As the economic climate has turned sour, such give aways of tax monies make easy targets, and there is a huge ground swell to repeal the Beckham law.

  9. I think Ozil just killed his career, and I don’t think Mourinho will play him this season. To mnay people in his position. His star will fade where it could have risen at other European clubs. It just goes to show about football players, they have the skill and talent for football, but when it comes to brains, there is nothing to discuss. Bye Bye Ozil,you made a poor decision.

  10. As a United fan, I’m disappointed, but it is hardly a surprise. When he hadn’t signed in the week it was obvious he was going elsewhere. I trust The Wizard to find another midfielder for United before the window shuts.

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