Manchester United Have New Inspiration

Old Trafford Manchester United v Newcastle United Premier League 17/08/2010 Dimitar Berbatov (Manchester United) celebrates first goal Photo Robin Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

The Premier League is underway and the two main title protagonists have recorded emphatics wins coupled with extremely impressive performances. Chelsea’s 6-0 victory over West Brom was somewhat of a surprise given their lacklustre pre-season form and disappointing Community Shield display, but Didier Drogba has now declared Chelsea aren’t even ready for the season yet, an ominous warning to the rest of the Premier League.

Title rivals Manchester United though have already captured some silverware and in both competitive matches so far this season have produced two displays of hunger, fight and desire to win. This hunger was typified by Antonio Valencia and Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez, both pressed high up the pitch against Newcastle winning the ball in the final third with both opportunities leading to goals for their side.

The team though is being led by evergreen Paul Scholes and a rejuvenated Dimitar Berbatov.

Scholes has undoubtedly been the catalyst for the victories over Chelsea and Newcastle; he exudes calm and patience before picking that killer pass. He controlled the Community Shield from start to finish finding acres of space in the centre of the pitch, Essien, Mikel and Lampard couldn’t get near him. Sir Alex Ferguson labelled him ‘special’ after the 3-0 victory over Newcastle in the Premier League and few would argue as at 35 years of age, he can still mix it with the best of them.

His age though will inevitably work against him in the long run; he can no longer be expected to play two games a week at the highest level. Despite starting the season brightly, it would be safe to say Sir Alex will be managing his game time to the minute making sure he is fit when it matters.

United’s other star performer has been Berbatov, the Bulgarian enigma. The moody, lethargic and sometime disinterested £30 million man has seemingly sprung to life scoring a delightful chip against Chelsea and a well taken chance against Newcastle. It has not only been his new found liking for goals, his general play has gone up a level, on the face of it he seems happy and enjoying his football but journalist Andy Mitten followed United on their pre-season tour and noted the Bulgarian’s off pitch attitude is still lacking.

Given this he controlled the final third of the pitch in both matches, dropping deep to collect the ball, moving wide to occupy the full-backs and drag the central defenders from their comfort zone, all this then sewn together by his undoubted touch and vision. His partnership with new signing Chicharito looks promising in addition to his link up play with the improved Nani.

Can this form be sustained? Possibly, as on the pitch Berbatov is playing with a smile on his face, the burden he was saddled – the huge transfer fee – seems to have been lifted somewhat. The belief and desire emanating from Old Trafford is clear to see and on early season form only it would be hard to see the title not making its way back to Manchester.

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    1. One game has been played, One goal has been scored by Berbatov. There were plenty more vintage and laughable misses by the Bulgarian, whom was aptly described as Enigmatic. I love EPLtalk for the TV schedule and the often ridiculously premature predictions. Wasn’t David Bentley held up as one to watch having a breakout season, just last week? Cool yur jets, its a very long football campaign. JGR

  1. I’ve been an often-reviled Dimitar Berbatov supporter. Watching him bag up the goals for Spurs b/w ’05 and ’07 was largely responsible for my conversion to a die-hard follower of the Premiership (and Spurs supporter). Last season during the Wayne Rooney show there was little place for Berbatov in the formation. He would come on, bag a few, but not figure centrally in the play of the team. True, he missed a couple of opportunities but he outperformed Rooney by a long shot. Also there seems to be a confidence placed in him by his team-mates that has not been there previously. Scholes and Giggs LOVE playing w/ Berbatov, there were a half-dozen sequences of beautiful one-touch passing b/w these three, right in the middle of the pitch, in traffic… Off the ball they could be seen smiling, communicating. They’re on the same frequency. Once Rooney is back to his best, he and Berbatov are going to be an amazing pair.
    The Bulgarian sensation! My cat’s namesake! Dimitar Berbatov!!!!!!!!

  2. With the Chelsea and Newcastle performances Scholes looks to be heading for an Indian summer. He could be one of this years best, and good luck to him he’s a decent and honest guy. Bit to soon with Berbatov though to say the least, if I was a United fan I would be starting to worry a little regarding Rooney though, he is not looking good a all.

    1. I agree with what you say about Berba and Scholes, but it’s too early to worry about rooney. Remember this was his 2nd match since the wc, and he only played 45 mins against Chelsea.

  3. Maik,

    Rooney hasn’t scored since the Munich away, many games ago, he was one of England’s worse performers in the world cup and he also played 45 minutes against the Irish league 11 and didn’t score either. As I said if I was a Utd fan I’d be worried about this.

  4. Say what?

    Are you all watching the same game?

    Rooney got a huge ovation deservedly from the intelligent United Fans who know quality. Wayne is an all around player. His goal scoring form will come back. His passing, running and hustle still makes him valuable. When he is keyed on, it opens up for others.

    Berby has been on great form since preseason games, he still misses wide open chances but they all do. He is tracing back, linking, he is a talent. Having said that we do not win the league with him and Rooney. It would be helpful for Conchita to score goals, along with Owen and Macheda in support to contribute a few also. Valencia I would like to see score 8-10 goals. We need a lot of support…

  5. Rooney will come back to form, he is incredibly streaky. Beware premier league, when he scores one, the floodgates will then open for him and united.

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