Manchester City's Roberto Mancini Must Go!

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No. I am NOT serious, but how long will it be before someone takes up that chant for real? This has nothing to do with Saturday’s match. It’s about a comment I made about Mark Hughes before last season began. I said I felt sorry for him because it was going to be no easy task melding the egos and expectations into a cohesive team. Well, it sure wasn’t. Goodbye, Mark. Hello, Roberto.

Mancini now has the same problem, maybe worse. He’s no longer new to the team and if anything he has even more of an embarrassment of riches than Hughes. He even has “stars” no longer deemed necessary. Yikes! City doesn’t need a great coach so much as they do a team psychologist on full retainer.

This all came to mind again while I was watching Emmanuel Adebayor come on as an 82nd minute substitute. I am not criticizing Mancini. I just think that is a perfect indication of his problem… too many stars and options. How many teams have the luxury of sitting someone like Adebayor until there are just 8 minutes left in the match? Not mine (Fulham). If he’s on one leg he’s out there!

What is Mancini to do? We have all seen great coaches make more out of a team than the sum of its parts. With a roster like City’s you’re more likely to see the opposite. Perhaps more than any other sport soccer requires all the pieces to mesh and work together like a well oiled machine. There is no question City has the talent, but how do you get the right parts working together? How many combinations can you try and how much time do you have to find that perfect combination? I don’t envy Roberto any more than I did Mark.

I do not begrudge City the money spent or the fans their high expectations. Let’s be frank, there are tons of teams in the Premier League that would love to have City’s problem, mine included. However, in the end, it is results that count. City fan or not…what do you think is the answer? Can you make a tight eleven out of that roster or is it Mission Impossible? Do more egos need to be shed first? Is it Champions League or bust?

By the way, I would be quite happy to take that little Welsh madman Craig Bellamy off your hands. At least he would then be *my* team’s madman.

18 thoughts on “Manchester City's Roberto Mancini Must Go!”

  1. As a City fan, i am well aware that billions may buy you Carlos Tevez but they will not rid you of being “typical city” and all that entails.

    But, since you’re asking, i’d line up like this:

    Boteng Toure Kompany Kolarov

    AJohnson Milner


    1. Expensive bench-warmer that Silva bloke!
      Oh and Shay and Joleon and Gareth and Old Man Viera and SWP and Ade barn door and Robbie and Rocky…well you get my drift.
      Yeah, I know…it’s a squad game these days – what with your Champs League commitments.
      Good luck, mind

    2. Well, Mizzy, from all the pluses it looks like City fans agree with you. That certainly qualifies as a better than “good” line up…..if they can work together. Time will tell.

      I’m still not sure how you keep Adebayor and all the others happy with late subs and Cup play, but that’s Mancini’s job. A hell of a problem to have.

  2. “There’s only one thing worse than being talked about – and that’s NOT being talked about” – Oscar Wilde…………Bring it on! Too many people wanting & expecting City to fail…it will be so much sweeter for City fans if they succeed. If they don’t, well, all the “I-told-you-so” journos will be coming out to play. Whatever happens, it’s just another rollerocaster ride in the lives of The World’s Most Loyal Fans

  3. I think mancini is going about it the right way. He deosn’t appear to be trying to be pally with the players he seems to be laying the law down and quite rightly so! He needs to establish that what he says goes and it’s not worth challenging him. I hope it is beginning to work!! Robinho hasn’t had much to say since returning to City and neither Onouha or Bellamy (yet) have been critical of mancini after they have been moved on.

    Ultimatley the most succesful manager in recent years is Fergie and he certainly doesn’t take any rubbish, how long would Bellamy last at Utd? I’m confident mancini’s hard nosed approach will start to pay dividends soon.

  4. The difference this time is two fold. Firstly Mancini is the owners choice, Hughes was not. Secondly the players Mancini has bought are, almost to a man, better than the players Hughes bought for the same positions.

    Everyone seems to assume it will take almost a lifetime for the team to gel. Who knows, with better and more intelligent players on board they will gel quickly and defy all their critics. I suggest we wait a couple of months before letting the hangman loose.

    1. Good points, Neil, but I think the Bellamy situation points out a potential problem. I realize he’s a volatile douchebag, but his summary dismissal might leave a bad taste in the mouths of remaining players.

      Maybe it won’t, either. But I won’t be surprised to see another “outburst” or two from City players before the season’s over.

      All the best to City and their fans, but I think Mancini has his work cut out for him.

    2. “I suggest we wait a couple of months before letting the hangman loose.”

      Oh, I absolutely agree. I will be fascinated to see how Mancini mixes and matches as the season progresses and if he can indeed keep all the heads on straight.

  5. This is the new ownerships first manager. The former manager was hired a few months before they took over, so they felt it only right to let him prove him self.

    And after the performance of his transfers, and all the draws they felt the need to sack him. Four of the six transfers this summer have said they talked to Mancini, he was part or most of the reason they moved to the club. So I think he has a very long leash, and depending how it happens, I feel finishing 5th might not even get him fired.

  6. He will have to keep the players happy for the first couple of months. But after that we’ll pick up injuries and suspensions and fringe players will get their chances. More attacking players ( SWP, Silva, Adebayor) will play at home, more defensive players (Barry) will get games away. The size of the squad will be justified once we’re playing two games a week with the Europa league.

  7. Being a City fan, I agree that Mancini has a tough challenge on his hands to determine the best starting 11, deal with ego’s, etc…But what manager wouldn’t want that challenge? Chelsea is loaded with talent and no shortage of goal scorers yet they are said to be on the verge of signing Neymar. You can’t have too much talent. It’s like being “too rich”.

  8. “Bellamy Joins Cardiff City” :-(

    Well, there goes that dream. Let’s see, who does City have left? Roque! Hey, he’s not doing anything. How about shipping him to Fulham. :-)

  9. Mancini I feel has not done anything better than Mark Hughes up to this point. However, I do not feel we are more into the book but an early chapter.

    Mancini has so much talent. The fact is Hughes never looked comfortable there, so why not root for both as Mark is best where he is. He is best suited for a small club. ManCity will not miss Bellamy good as he is, there are ample replacements. He has to find the right combos, but so many matches with UEFA and cups, everyone will have chance to shine. I expect Robinho to be an eventual factor and key component once back on the squad playing on semi reg basis

  10. I think Mancini’s problem isn’t going to be getting the team to play well, but rather, that the bar has been set very very high, ie the EPL title. The amount of money being spent, is not being spent to finish in 2nd or 3rd, though a Champion’s League spot would be some consolation. And to take first, he has to contend with Chelsea, Arsenal, Man United and perhaps Liverpool. I don’t envy Mancini’s position… though I’m sure he is being paid enough to deal with that.

  11. mancini is neither a good coach defensively or in attack. are not italians supposed to be masters of the defensive arts. the city defensive is as fragile as any arsenal player. honestly i still dont understand what value addition kolo toure brings to the team. any given day irrespective of whether city are playing united or stoke he would make the top 3 of the worst players on the pitch. if the former captain is this pathetic what more can you expect of a team. city should have got mourinho when they had a chance.even rafa i guess would have been better than mancini.

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