FIFA 11 Gameplay Trailer From EA Sports: Video

EA Sports has released the official gameplay trailer for FIFA 11, one of the most popular soccer video games in the world.

New features include:

  • Next gen gameplay engine (PC),
  • Personality+ (Xbox and PS3),
  • Pro passing (Xbox and PS3),
  • Creation centre (Xbox and PS3),
  • Career mode (Xbox and PS3),
  • Improved celebrations (Xbox and PS3),
  • And much more.

The demo for the FIFA 11 will be released on September 16 for Xbox360, PS3 and PC. The game is scheduled for release on September 28 in North America, September 30 in Australia and October 1 in Europe.

26 thoughts on “FIFA 11 Gameplay Trailer From EA Sports: Video”

  1. CTBlues, thanks for that info.

    I typically sell on amazon to other buyers, but trading it in this case seems to be just as cost effective and easier.

  2. I hope they don’t get all high on their own success! Fifa 10 was remarkably good and only needed some fine tuning (plus the ability to vote people out of a game if they haven’t picked a position! Seriously what are you doing?).

    Could be a good idea to trade up at Amazon now, get my monies worth!

    IF Fifa 11 carries on where it’s predecessor left off and PES doesn’t improve then we can officially close the lid on the casket on lower the old girl into the ground (sniff)…

  3. Having recently experienced one of FIFA 10’s many glitches (the “2 billion dollar debt” glitch on Manager Mode), I won’t be rushing out to buy this until I can be sure that EA has done some work on fixing all the ridiculous problems these games always have.

  4. I can’t wait! I hate that it gets released a full month after all seasons have started. An August release date would be ideal. Anyhow, Gamertag: ChitownBeatdown. Add me. Let’s Game.

  5. Really excited for this one. Hopefully the new passing and persoanlity changes with bring a whole new level of play. I’m actually really looking forward to the amount of customization available in FIFA11. I can’t wait to start designing some retro and custom kits for teams.

    1. So Forweg, you won’t buy this game unless they add more EPL stadiums??? That is pretty sad. Who cares that much about stadiums??? Sheesh. You can’t please anybody these days.

      1. seriously? If you’re a Fulham fan and go to games there from time to time and they don’t have Craven Cottage on there, that’s gonna be a major drawback. I don’t think it would stop me from getting the game, but I can imagine it bothering some other people.

    1. Jacob,

      Don’t forget now if you buy a used copy of an EA Sports game you have to buy a $10 card from EA to play online.

  6. Too bad Ozil will never play in that Werder kit this year. They might want to change the trailer to show Ozil in a Real kit and Kaka riding the bench.

    Anyway awesome trailer.

  7. Awesome! Oh wait, I have a WII so I’ll only be able to buy the kiddie-anime version with virtually no features (no manager mode, no changes from year to year if you carry on, etc).

    I hear FIFA 11 will be the last game ever made for PS2. It might be special order though.


  8. Like I have the past 10 years, I’ll buy this the day it’s released.

    And like the last 10 years, I’m disappointed to see EA concentrating on trivial, eye candy like “realtime multi-player celebrations!” instead of making the desperately-needed manger mode tweaks.

    Oh, but I’m sure personality plus will more than makeup for the awful board AI they’re bound to continue to use.

  9. I have a dream that EA finally fixes the problem of having your players standing there waiting for a short pass, and actually have your players run to the ball instead of watching the opponent run past them to the ball. That’s my only gripe with FIFA….that and they made chipping the goalkeep far too easy in 10.

  10. Also for any one that gets fifa for the pc you do not need to go to a store and get it you go on to the website and you downlode the game they have done away with cd.

  11. I thought the World Cup game greatly improved on FIFA 10 in terms of the physics of the players and ball. FIFA 10 pisses me off how you constantly run into players and fall down (especially when trying to clear the ball on defense). Now they just need to adjust some of the teams/leagues. Who gives a crap about the Australian, Irish, Polish, and Korean leagues. Why not add Russia, Greece…or at least some of the teams who are constantly in the Champions League…

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