Premier League News, Daily Ticker: Aug. 16

SOCCER/FUTBOL WORLD CUP 2010 COREA DEL NORTE VS COSTA DE MARFIL Action photo of Sven Goran Eriksson of Ivory Coast, during game of the 2010 World Cup held at the Mbombela Stadium, South Africa./Foto de accion de Sven Goran Erikssson de Costa de Margil, durante juego de la Copa del Mundo 2010 celebrado en el Mbombela Stadium, Sudafrica. 25 June 2010 MEXSPORT/OMAR MARTINEZ Photo via Newscom

Eriksson Thinks Capello Was Wrong To Force Beckham Out

Former England manager Sven Goran Eriksson has criticized current manager Fabio Capello for announcing that David Beckham would likely not play in any more competitve matches for the Three Lions.

“Beckham deserves all the respect you can give to him,” Eriksson said. “When he gets fit, he is still a very good football player.”

Capello surprised many when he announced before England’s friendly fixture against Hungary that Beckham, who is 35, was “too old” to continue to make a significant impact. The Italian manager was also roundly criticized for not speaking when the superstar midfielder before speaking to the BBC.

“If it is somebody with 20, 30, 40, 50 caps then, yes, you have to speak to him before dropping him. I would do it myself, I did it many times – David Seaman was one,” said Erriksson

Bellamy Banned From Manchester City

Manchester City Roberto Mancini has banned Craig Bellamy from the club and has ordered that the Welsh winger stay away until a loan deal can be arranged.

The move comes after Bellamy was ordered to train with the reserve squad late last week but was uncooperative and “disruptive” enough to draw the ire of Mancini and City’s senior officials. The Guardian is reporting that Cardiff City is the most likely destination for Bellamy, who has never shied away from speaking his mind.

The saga began near the end of last season when Bellamy was seen high-fiving Tottenham manager Harry Redknap after a 1-0 defeat effectively ended City’s Champions League hopes. Bellamy than repsonded by saying Mancini hadn’t spoken to him in six months. Tottenham are reportedly interested in Bellamy’s services but City are reluctant to sell to such a close competitor. Celtic and Sunderland are also interested in buying Bellamy.

Liverpool Will Not Appeal Cole’s Red Card

Liverpool have announced that they will not appeal the red card issued to newly-signed Joe Cole and the midfielder will serve a three-match ban.

Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson said that he was considering appeal in post-match interviews after Liverpool’s 1-1 draw with Arsenal on Sunday. “We now have the benefit of replays on the TV and those replays suggest to me he [Cole] was a little bit unlucky,” said Hodgson.

Cole will miss Liverpool’s upcoming fixtures at Manchester City, West Brom and Birmingham City.

5 thoughts on “Premier League News, Daily Ticker: Aug. 16”

  1. Man City self-destructing–almost as satisfying as United winning the 19th title! :)

    Me thinks Adebayor will beach-slap Mancini if he’s on the bench in the next match.

    1. “Me thinks Adebayor will beach-slap Mancini if he’s on the bench in the next match.”

      I was really surprised at that. Was Adebayor injured in any way? A bruise, twist, sprain, anything?

  2. Why should David Beckham need to please or care any more? He should be relieved it is over. Nothing more to prove. Injury prone age 35. If I were him, focus on closing out his career before the end of the season and 2011 the last year of his contract. Win the title for the Galaxy. If they do not choke again in the playoffs. I hate the 1 game winner take all, it is not fair. The season will be a failure if they do not win and he might help them at end of season. All it takes is a slight off performance and the likely semifinal opponent RSL is good enough to win.

    1. Compare spade to spade, David Beckham is too injury prone – especially with that achillies tendon, there is no guarantee he can come back as the same player that he was in 2002. Look at former Blackburn player Tuguy, for instance, he had done everything possible for Turkey, but his age caught up with him and he had to retire. Why can’t Becks just accept he is getting too old for the game? England has to look forward with young players instead of letting some of those “hounds” sticks around until they too get hurt and unable to compete at all. David Beckham, if I am you, you have served England well, but it’s time for the young guns to shine.

  3. City are imploding already and they are going to struggle with so many big egos in the squad. It seems like Bellamy is going to go to Cardiff and I think he is going to be wasted there.

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