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The first weekend of the season went into the books with the final whistle at Anfield, Arsenal’s visit to Liverpool the EPL Talk Podcast Match of the Week. To talk about the match and the eight from Saturday, I was joined Sunday night by Kartik Krishnaiyer for the first EPL Talk Weekend Review Show of the season.

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  1. Kartik, I don’t understand how you could possibly think that Arshavin had a good game on Sunday. His footwork was poor and largely unsuccessful.

  2. Kartik’s take on the games was as off I i thought it would be. Arshavin was horrible, he did nothing and rightly taken off, Eboue the same on the other side. Arsenal failed to break a 10 man team down in fact a 9 man team down for a certain amount of time.
    J Cole is a good player, not a great player and no one in England thinks he is a one off world class player, I don’t know where you get that idea from.
    A lot of people think he has never been given a chance to show what he can do as he prefers to play in the hole in a 4-4-1-1/4-2-3-1 type formation but as chelsea don’t play that way he was often used on the wing.
    Wigan were crap, their defence was horrible, probably all these south american players that have come in. Alcaraz was terrible and was at fault for one of if not more of the goals they conceeded. Why no mention of how crap and totally pathetic he was on Saturday?
    You also need to brush up on the 25/8 man rule. I take it you do know Bellamy is home grown but Mancini has chose not to go with him or have him in the the squad even though he was one of the best players for them last season. Why would he keep right Wright-Phillips and more to the point START him if that was the only reason. If the 25/8 rule was the reason he kept him you would have him on the bench and he would only start if it was an emergency or injury.
    Have you seen Arsenal’s players who qualify for the 8 home grown? They are nearly all non English players. WAKE UP will you.
    The best player of the day, the man who kept Man City in the game and the main reason that they got anything out of Saturday’s game, Joe Hart doesn’t get a mention apart from your idea that the English Media forced Mancini to play him. OMG you guys are frigging clueless, he was the best player in any game today, not just that one and rightly got the man of the match award.

    1. This is really … a strange piece of feedback. Your ax to grind with Kartik is unfortunate.

      * The idea that nobody in England thinks he’s world class is a bit strange.
      * Joe Cole did, essentially, play “in the hole” at times last year at Chelsea, playing at the top of the midfield diamond when he came back from injury.
      * About the only thing we talked about from Wigan-Blackpool was the poor defending and how awful Wigan was.
      * We both mentioned how good Bellamy was last year. Really, what podcast are you listening to?
      * Regarding Joe Hart, we mentioned him in the Player of the Week segment.

      If you are going to take Kartik to task, you really need to provide a comment that gives the impression you listened to the show.

      1. No one in England thinks he (Joe Cole) is world class, they think he is a good player who like I said, would play better behind the front man given the chance.
        He wasn’t selected for the England squad and I didn’t hear a peep of complaint about it anywhere in this country. If he was this one off world class player as you think he is described as, don’t you think there would be an all out uproar as to why Joe Cole was not playing and not in the squad’?
        As far as the Wigan team was concerned, you seem to have some kind of bias as the how good you think these South American players are, but when they come over here and play total rubbish it is quickly brushed over and described as Wigan were really poor today. Lets not say anything about the new Argentina striker who was crap or Alcaraz who was worse.
        The point about Bellamy was how you failed to mention one home grown player being shoved out of the club and chose to mention Wright Phillips, giving some stupid argument that he was kept for the 25/8 rule. Why would he start if that was the reason? Why would Bellamy be pushed out if the 25/8 rule was the reason, wouldn’t it make sense to keep him?
        Joe Hart, no mention of his performance, just the clueless notion that Mancini picked him because of the Media. A case of lets not talk about the 5 or 6 world class saves he made lets just say Mancini had to pick him because of the English media putting pressure on him.

        1. This seems to be carry-over animosity from the World Cup podcasts. Perhaps you have a longer history with Kartik of which I’m unaware. Regardless, I am going to apologize to my employer for the poor customer service, because I’m feeling a bit protective of my colleague today:

          You seem to want a much different show than I’m willing to do, so much so that you’re manifesting an entirely different version of the EPL Talk Podcast than what as been distributed. The podcast I do will be filled with neither xenophobic-laced bias toward any subset of players nor jingoistic bellicosity to placate the volume of a subset of listener(s) over-represented for a willingness speak free of inhibition.

          But at least the link to the poker site gets out there.

          Again, perhaps I am being over-protective of my co-host, but your attitude towards Kartik’s opinions is disproportionately passionate.

          Try to enjoy the show.

          1. If you’re so concerned about customer service, why not just answer the questions I posed in my previous post? Why not call the rule the 25/8 as it is and not the 25/7? Why not offer a fair and true reflection of what happened on the pitch rather than a biased view?
            You seem to want to put out a professional podcast and discuss the new rules without even having the numbers right. How can I take that serious?
            I think a simple google search would point out that Premier League clubs are required to name squads of 25 players, eight (8) of whom must be homegrown. Clubs are permitted to select a maximum of 17 foreign players, while there are no limits on the number of under-21 players.

  3. We made the “25/7” mistake once in this show and multiple times last week. We made the mistake of joking around off-air about it being too close to “24/7,” and it’s stuck. I addressed this issue on a show last week, one day after we went over all the rules as you’ve noted them.

    We have to take accountability for our mistakes, and our continued “7” slips are definitely mistakes. It’s not for lack of knowledge of the rules, though I wouldn’t begrudge a listener that implication. We’ve gotten a device stuck in our heads, unfortunately.

    So to answer your question ” How can I take that serious,” you can do so by putting the slip in appropriate context. Yes, it’s a mistake, but it’s not one that need justify most of the vitriol you’ve targeted toward Kartik, both in this thread and historically.

    1. You seem to be under the impression that I am having a go at Kartik for some racist reason which is just not true. Am I not the one hear defending Wright-Phillips while you say things like he is only there because of the 25/8 rule?
      I just happen to disagree with a lot of what he says and sometimes question if he is watching the same match as I am.
      You want feedback and I am giving it, if you don’t like it, tough. I’m not here to kiss your arse or agree with what you say or tell you how great you are when you can’t even get the 25/8 rule right. I’m here to give you my opinion, whether you choose to take that into account is up to you.

  4. Mystery rule changes aside you are in mid-season form. Glad to have Kartik back and I continued to be amazed on how both of you are so up on the talent throughout the league.

    Fair comment on Joe Cole. He is another example of why England won the World Cup this year. Oh, forget that Spain won it and the US won England’s group. Ok, we watch the EPL because of the players and managers from outside of England. Does anyone think Blackpool v. Wigan would draw a worldwide tv audience on it’s own. You would of thought the world cup would have silenced a lot of the Golden Generation crap. England’s only WC win was at home, against half of a Germany side, on a disputed score. Enough with the great English players. What did Wayne Rooney do btw without the Man U team setting up his chances.

    The player limit rule which I will call 24/7 so I do not get confused is the right rule for the wrong reasons. Someone in Soho Square has determined it will help English football. It will not.

    In any event Cole shouldn’t have been red carded and was the first week memorable for goal keeper errors more than anything else, including my own hero Tim Howard.

    Glad we have it back!

  5. Interesting discussion here. I stand by what I said about Hart. I am almost positive the majority of Prem and top club managers around the globe would take Shay Given over him a heartbeat. I feel strongly that the decision to start Hart has been made by media pressure, the same type of media pressure that is forcing the Premier League, the most successful and marketable sporting entity on the planet to begin sliding down the slippery slope of protectionism with the 25/8 rule. England has so many problems in its footballing infrastructure that need to be discussed and overhauled but the Premier League is falling victim to knee jerk/xenophobic reactions over England’s performances over the past few years.

    As for Joe Hart, he had a great game. Shay Given has had many great games/blinder through the years for Newcastle and City.

    As for Joe Cole, Poker I respectfully disagree. When an ex-pat LFC fan tells me at a game Saturday night here in the states, that Joe Cole is the best technical player England has produced since Glen Hoddle and another ex-pat tells me his is England’s best player right now other than Rooney, we have a problem. I don’t know how many times the community of Chelsea fans I interact with held their various managers accountable for not featuring Cole in a more defined and permanent role.

    Poker, you show your judgment about J. Cole to be sound, but don’t simply assume all your fellow countrymen share your sophistication and objectivity when evaluating the quality of some native footballers. Many have overstated his virtues since he walked out of West Ham’s Academy a decade plus ago.

    1. I don’t think Man City earns a tie with Given in net. So maybe the media gets your side a point, Kartik. 😉

      To me, the 25/8 rule is a means to some end. Maybe it is domestic development, perhaps it’s the beginnings of a way to slow down the top teams from overspending. At least from my vantage point, I don’t think clubs crapping out because of money mismanagement (like Portsmouth or Liverpool) help the Premier League. It would seem to me that the EPL should be investigating ways to promote sound fiscal spending by its clubs without costing teams the top talent from around the world.

  6. Kartik I am a big fan of Shay Given, for me he is one of, if not the best keepers in the Prem but I wouldn’t have thought that Mancini is as weak as to let the media decide which keeper he should pick. The question he had to ask himself was which one did he want to risk losing? Shay given 34/35 yrs old and coming to the end of his career or 23 yr old Joe Hart, future keeper for Man City and England.
    I’m sure when he asked himself that question, Joe Hart won out.

  7. Richard and Kartik, this is something that grinds my gears on many soccer podcasts…can we just accept that in the USA, we use many different terms in SOCCER…sometimes it sounds like you guys are trying to sound more Euro-cultured by using pitch (field), side (team), fixture (game), Yanks (you are Yanks!) and other British sports terms…but you switch back and forth between using “football” and “soccer”…honestly, it makes the pod hard to listen to hearing Richard try to sound Euro-cultured…not doubting your SOCCER knowledge, but just accept your country of residence and call it team, game and field

    1. I use the terms interchangeably because they mean the same thing. I’ve adopted this as a choice. I’m tired of people making a big deal out of soccer vs. football. I’m going to use the terms interchangeably so as to highlight that they are, in fact, equivalent.

      Accept my country of residence? This has nothing to due with where I get my mail. It’s language, and when you use language – be it written, signed, or spoken – you are afforded choices. I’m utilizing mine.

      This whole football vs. soccer thing is a huge waste of time.

      1. Richard,

        You ended the last show alluding to the fact that the next time you’d get together was after the weekend. Is there no preview show this week?

        And don’t worry about Rakeback- some people just want to hear analysis that confirms their opinion. . . most enjoy differing opinions. I do, however share his view onthe Arsenal-Liverpool “fixture” (lol) You both seemed to focus onthe first half where Arsenal controlled the match and tempo which they did, but what was shocking and noteworthy (to me) was the way Liverpool controlled the first 15 of the second half and didn’t look distressed with 9 men.

        And for selfish reasons, I’d like to hear Kartik’s thoughts on Man City’s best 11 and whether or not going for a tie away means that Mancini was never serious about contending for the title this season. This can be on the pod or just a message here.

        Thanks again – you’re doing a great job!

        1. BBC:

          Yeah … Laurence was on vacation this week and we weren’t able to arrange a time for the preview show :(

    1. Hi Brad:

      Possibly within the next 2-3 week. On Sunday, I’ll talk about the change in direction I’m taking with the podcast.

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EPL Weekend Review Show #1: EPL Talk Podcast

The first weekend of the season went into the books with the final whistle at Anfield, Arsenal’s visit to Liverpool the EPL Talk Podcast Match of the Week. To talk about the match and the eight from Saturday, I was joined Sunday night by Kartik Krishnaiyer for the first EPL Talk Weekend Review Show of the season.

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