Which Premier League Side has the Best Home Support?

That’s the question I want readers of EPL Talk to pay special attention to over the course of the next few weeks as each club will get a chance to open up a new season at home. As the new campaign starts, every club has ambitions and feel like world beaters as they begin anew. Whatever the result teams earned last year, either good or bad, the slate has now been wiped clean. Now is the time for a fresh start and for the home supporters to let their voice be heard by helping to push their respective clubs to a win or last ditch equalizer. These are the outcomes supporters live for – that building of tension for 70-80 minutes before the break through, then eruption. What a priceless moment in football and one of the many reasons we are all addicted to it.

In order to find which club has the best home support, one must first define what makes a home crowd great. I believe it’s a perfect combination of crowd songs, clever chants and attentiveness to start a match to form a great buzzing atmosphere, but also a loud roar when the home side isn’t at their best. Too many times in a Premier League match I hear home crowds go quiet when their team isn’t impressing. This sentiment is wrong. It should in fact be the opposite. That’s essentially what the home crowd is there to do, to cheer on the local side when things aren’t going great and to give the team that extra twelfth man advantage. Any fan can cheer a brilliant goal, but it takes some special supporters to give it their all when their club isn’t at their best.

I’ll throw in a shout for Stoke City. Although I’ve never visited the Britannia on match day, one can easily hear the boisterous and rabid Stoke City fans whenever the Potters play at home. Often cited as the loudest home ground in the Premier League, the Potters will be away to Wolves this weekend and will open their home season when Spurs visit the 21st. I’ll definitely be watching Stoke’s home opener and can guarantee Stoke City supporters will be in great voice then and for the rest of the season. I learned last year what a passionate support Stoke City have and look forward to visiting their ground one day.

Another shout goes to West Ham. The East London club has a rich history in English football and always has great home support at Upton Park. Even though the Hammers have had a difficult season or two in the Premier League, the West Ham faithful remain in good voice and good spirits. Although I support an English club currently associated in the top four, I seem to notice some of the smaller clubs in the Premier League and npower Championship with easily the most impressive home support and atmosphere in the country.

Lastly, I also believe Newcastle United fans are brilliant in their own right. Here are a passionate bunch of supporters like that of West Ham, who have had a difficult season or two that didn’t effect the overall attendance or atmosphere at St James’ Park. Whether they’re shirtless in the cold or in fine voice praising their heroes, I’m thrilled Newcastle are back in the Premier League where they belong.

At one point or another, every Premier League club can boast impressive home support. But if you’re as die hard of a fan as I am, you usually notice one or two clubs that really seem to be above the rest. Maybe it’s the over-powering songs and aptly timed eruptions, maybe it’s something in the water, or maybe it has something to do with the size of the club – smaller clubs that rarely have a shot at winning something often have home support who seem more hungry.

Whatever the reason, I’m on a personal quest this season to find which Premier League side has the best home support.

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    1. Chris,

      Sure, every club in English football has some undesirables who unfortunately attend home matches. These despicable few can’t be given the responsibility in representing an entire club, can they? If you’re answer to that question is yes, please explain why you let a few rotten apples taint your view on an entire club.

      I should have prefaced in the post that I was basing those clubs on what I’ve seen/heard by watching matches on TV for some years and not actual fan behavior outside or inside the grounds.

      1. It’s always going to be tough to judge from TV. Now i haven’t stood in the Brittania and no one team has purely saintly fans but West Ham are known for their shady past. And that unsavoury incident at the Brittania should keep them out of any top fans list.

        Villa fans always have a good feeling and can get their point across humourously. Thinking back to “We’re not fickle we just don’t like you”.

    2. Chris, Just so you know… the poor guy from Blackburn who sadly lost his life was hit by a bin thrown by one of his mates in the away end (ie Blackburn supporters) of the ground. No Stoke fans were involved. Its easy to dig up stories when it suits you so i wont follow suit with Man u Fans who trashed the away end concourse at The Brittannia, broke into the bar ,intimidating the young bar staff and stealing.Of couse this was a one off…. except for the time they did it at Barnsley. Easy to mud sling eh?

      1. I never said the Stoke Fans did it, and i know this is about home support but the Brittania has seen too much violence away fans away fans or no.

        Also, I’ve never claimed any sort of higher ground here, these are my local “fans” http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/northern_ireland/7311282.stm


        I daren’t go to local football matches because of my religion.

    1. Clampdown,

      No, not yet. However, that will soon change.

      I headed to the UK this fall for the month of October. So far, I’m attempting to line up an England match, 2 or 3 Premier League matches and a few Championship matches.

      I’ll be staying in London for the majority of my time and am also looking to take a weekend trip to Manchester and maybe Scotland.

  1. Okay, before I say this, let it be known that I have always been and will always be a Manchester United Supporter…

    The best home fans is absolutely, unequivocally those who call Anfield their home. Although I dream of making it to Old Trafford one day, if there was one place I would absolutely have to see a match (especially a CL match), it is definitely Anfield. The atmosphere is unparalleled.

    1. I will say that when Liverpool are doing well the scousers can sing like no other. But as we saw last year, Anfield does not have the atmosphere it once did. The “smaller” clubs have the best. Stoke definitely and the Geordies are always up for it.

    2. LOL!! You’re completely adamant that Liverpool has the best home support, but you’ve never actually been to Anfield… Mate, you can’t tell a thing about what the noise is REALLY like unless you’re IN the stadium. Pool often do better than the rest of the ‘big 4’ in this respect, but they really are a fickle bunch and can become disinterested easily if the team isn’t doing well. I’ve been going to away games there on and off for the last 10 years, and can attest to this.

      Also, the hype over those “special european nights” at Anfield is largely just that — hype. It’s an overused catch phrase which is repeated ad nauseum. BTW, they just took *30* supporters to their away match in the UEFA Cup this week. 30. You need to go to some games before making these sort of pronouncements, mate.

  2. West Ham?!?!

    West Ham?!?!

    Putting aside how much they like fighting on the pitch, the Club had to give out clappers to the fans last year to try and create something near atmosphere. How embarrassing is that?

    They tried to buy big players like Henry expressly to sell season tickets, because they were having trouble getting that “great home support” to come watch the boring football they served up last year.

    I’m just guessing that you’re a Spurs fan, Jesse, so you should know better.

    I’d also guess you probably don’t go to enough home games to really know.

  3. Manchester City have very good home support. Even when City was in the 3rd division they were still drawing 30,000+ people per match. But now that they have the money, people are starting to think all the fans have gone plastic. (Which isn’t true).

  4. Stoke City, Stoke City and Stoke City. There is no other club in the Premier League with a better home support even on those cold, wet and windy days.

    When I think of the Britannia, I think of a wall of sound as well as few blokes trying to watch the game for free on the hill that overlooks a corner of the ground. Cheap buggers.

    The Gaffer

  5. I’m biased but yeah we’re pretty good. This is my favourite clip I’ve seen of us in full flow. 5000 away at Blackburn, they wouldn’t let us have the top tier or we’d have taken 7000.


    Since we’ve been back in the top flight I can safely say Everton and Liverpool have been the biggest let down in terms of noise and atmosphere at the away games I’ve been to. Spurs have been the best by far and Arsenal may have left Highbury behind but they’ve managed to transfer that legendary library atmosphere to The Emirates.

  6. I forgot to mention, in the youtube clip above Stoke were 3-0 down just after half time putting in our worst performance of the season when we belted that out.

  7. hi There,
    just to correct the first poster No stoke city fans were involved in throwing anything to cause the tragic death of a supporter That was caused by the away fans, the brittania stadium is a very Noisy stadium Great fans,who have modest expectations, They are the best by a country mile

  8. I remember SkySports or The BBC or someone put decibal meters in each stadium a year or two ago and found White Hart Lane to be the loudest on average. I agree Stoke are incredible and would top my list of home support, but Spurs supporters have always impressed me as well. After Stoke, I’d have Liverpool and then Tottenham.

  9. I may be a bit biased but Newcaslte do have great support, in the Championship last season we had an average attendance of 43,000+, we sold out every away game in the league (even Plymouth which was on a Monday night) and when we played Barnsley we took 7,000+ away fans. In all cases, the noise is booming. I don’t necessarily subscribe to the whole “decibel” level theory as it doesn’t really take architecture into account and i doubt these studies actually take into consideration true external factors that make them significant considering they are judging something which is for football.

    Truth be told you’d have to look outside the Premier League to find someone you could consider truly the best fans in England and that is Derby County. The season they were worst team in the league (and the fans knew from the start they had little hope) they sold out their ground game after game, and even in the Championship they still see great attendances despite a stingy board that refuses to fund the manager.

    But even then the whole idea of the most passionate fans is a redundant idea, as fans are often referred to in a collective term. Individually is what makes fans, it’s too often that fans are generalised and many people then misunderstand the support for a club can be varied.

    Also I’m inclined to agree with Jesse above that every club has its fans who can look to cause trouble, even the supposed legions of Man Utd supporters caused a lot of trouble at Barnsley in the league cup not too long ago.

  10. I believe Newcastle has the best home support in England at any level. Even when they were down in the Championship last season they still drew huge crowds.

    Liverpool’s Anfield provides ther best atmosphere to watch a match and the singing of their anthem “You Never Walk Alone” before every match is truly inspiring. No better way to begin one’s viewing experience.

    1. “the singing of their anthem “You Never Walk Alone” before every match is truly inspiring”

      Yeah it’s that great they have to start it off by playing it over the tannoy, there’s no spontaneity in it that’s why I don’t buy into this theory.

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