Too Many Kits?

July 27, 2010 - Liverpool, United Kingdom - epa02262984 (Bottom L-R) Milan Jovanovic, Danny Wilson and Joe Cole attend a photocall at the Anfield Road Stadium in Liverpool, north west Britain, 27 July 2010. The three soccer players were unveiled as Liverpool's new signings under newly appointed head coach Roy Hodgson (up.
Liverpool's new boys sporting their three kits for the new season

A new Premier League season brings about many new arrivals and one of them which is always a money spinner for clubs are the release of football kits. But recently what is becoming more and more apparent is the alarming rate of more Premier League releasing home kits and third kits every season.

A guide-line initiative from the Premier League charter in 2000 stated that teams should only release home kits every two seasons. For 2010-11 all 20 teams have released new home kits, costing around £45 ($70). 18 of the teams released traditional colours for the 2009-10 season. The only two that didn’t from last season were Arsenal and Liverpool.

For a sixth consecutive season Tottenham have three separate kits, Chelsea are also following a similar suit as they have also introduced three new home strips in as many years.

Is this soon to become a trend of all Premier League sides? At which point will the fans say enough is enough, or will the Premier League intervene?

Below is the number of new strips teams have released for the new season.

2 kits – Home and Away


Aston Villa

Birmingham City (New kit manufacturer)

Blackburn Rovers





Fulham (New kit manufacturer)

Manchester City

Manchester United – (expect a third kit to be released, likely black or blue)

Stoke City (New kit manufacturer)


West Bromwich Albion

West Ham United (New kit manufacturer)

Wigan Athletic (New kit manufacturer)

Wolverhampton Wanderers (New kit manufacturer)

3 kits – Home, Away and Third


Newcastle United (New kit manufacturer)


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17 thoughts on “Too Many Kits?”

  1. i agree , i remember that law being passed but it seems like ppl forgot about it. im not clued up on US sports teams but how often do NHL, NFL, MLB teams etc release their kits/jerseys?

    1. Sports teams in the US very rearly change uniforms. Some teams have a third jersey/through back jersey but they don’t even change that too often. They also sometimes have a one off uniform for a special occasion. The one team that never changes and will never change is the Yankees.

  2. I don’t understand the problem. No one is saying you have to purchase the new ones. I look forward to seeing teams’ new look every offseason.

      1. +1
        I haven’t like the Chelsea home jersey since the collared one in the 08/09 season so I have been buying away and third jerseys. This year I might not buy any of the jerseys and just buy the navy training jersey.

  3. It’s money making. I like three. No more. MLB, NHL and NBA have so many.
    There are some MLB teams that have four or five jerseys. Home, Home day games, away, away day games and a throw back.

    1. Yeah but they don’t change them up as often. Jerseys are not redesigned nearly as often in American sports. Maybe once every 10 years and most are not changed that often.

      1. Most teams release new jerseys every year, they’re just more subtle than the major kit changes we sometimes see in EPL. I understand liverpool coming out with a new kit: they got a new primary sponsor. Some teams create a new away every year. I don’t buy them, I have my home kit I wear and that’s it.

        1. “Most teams release new jerseys every year”

          That is quite the overstatement. Most American sports teams only change their uniforms once in a decade, twice at maximum. There is occassionally a subtle tweak, but that is far from common.

  4. An article completely flawed by the fact Liverpool have only introduced 3 new kits due to a new sponsor and only ever change their home kit every two seasons. Unlike Spurs, for example, who change all 3 kits every season without fail.

    1. Hi Matt,

      thank you for the comment, I see your point, but why should having a new sponsor determine releasing 3 new kits? Yes you were due to change the home kit has you have had that for two seasons, but I seem to remember last season Liverpool releasing both a new Black (2nd) and White (3rd) strip. To release a further two new strips in my opinion is crazy.

  5. ‘Tis the biz.

    There is a website out there, fed up with new kits, that is running competitions where you can win an older kit from the team we love. You have an issue with your club trying to exploit your love? Hit the e-Bay and buy a vintage club kit for pennies on the dollar.

  6. The whole thing is a joke. However, I’m not sure about the PL getting involved, although they are the only major league that forces its clubs to use the league’s proprietary names and number and thankfully (assumingly) don’t allow multiple sponsors on shirts. The best and most effective thing is for fans to vote with their wallets.

  7. Most US pro teams have added a third uniform, though there isn’t the constant change as we’ve seen recently in the EPL. All the teams in South Florida, including University of Miami, have at least 3 options. This goes in cycles here, especially for baseball. In the 70’s, there were a lot of teams who wore very colorful uniforms (a couple were really, really awful). By the 90’s, the league was virtually all home white, road gray. Now colors have come back – there was a game over the weekend where one team wore red and the other wore blue.
    There’s a great website dedicated to this:

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