Brazil’s Future Destroys USA In The Present

Brazil 2

What a fantastic crowd at the New Meadowlands Stadium as over 77,000 came to see the US National Team take on a young and hungry side as Brazil is looking to get back to the flair and fun from many sides that have worn those lemon shirts in the past. Tonight we see the start of the Mano Menezes era and I have to say that Brazil is back in business.

After a shaky first fifteen minutes for this young side, they settled down and went to business. It would be a great power header from Neymar who wasted no time in scoring the first goal of the match when he received a fantastic cross from Andre Santos. All Tim Howard could do is stare at the ball and watch it go into the net. Jonathan Bornstein had no idea Neymar was behind him when the shot was taken.

Of course if you knew about Alexandre Pato he has been documented very well if you watch the Serie A on Fox Soccer Channel as he plays in Italy for A.C. Milan and occasionally David Beckham’s Teammate when Becks comes over for his loan spell.

You knew how special he is when he scores some pretty good goals & he tried to get one in the 32nd minute and when Pato couldn’t get a foot on the ball, he intentionally knocked down Tim Howard and tried to claim the goal his own. But the far side assistant raised his flag for the foul and the goal was wiped out. But Pato did get his tally in first half stoppage time as he was fed a great ball, danced around Howard and scored.

Then of course the entire second half was all Brazil. Making fantastic runs, setting up plenty of chances and showing everyone why they are always developing fantastic players. But the two things that were stopping them was second half substitute Brad Guzan and the woodwork as they nailed the posts three times. Once again it goes to show you that no matter who is on the roster for Brazil, they are always ready to play for their country.

When Dunga made his World Cup Roster many Brazilians were very upset that Neymar and Alexandre Pato were not included and after what we saw from them in this match, once again Brazil knows who their next talented players are and they know when to unleash them on the world.

What was the good points from Bob Bradley’s side? Very simply it was the first fifthteen minutes of the match as they should’ve been awarded a penalty in the third minute from Silviu Petrescu. Landon Donovan got a fantastic ball from Edson Buddle in the area and when he got shoved down, Donovan refused to flop and unfortunately his fair play wasn’t rewarded.

There was some chippy play going back and forth between the two sides, but once Neymar converted his goal everything fell apart for the boys. Once again the midfielders to the defenders got out worked and gave too much space to this up and coming bunch of players that will be world class.

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