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Juventus want Elia instead of Krasic

 Juventus want Elia instead of Krasic

Juventus hasn’t been spending big bucks to reinforce the team, the bianoneri have decided to go for a route which includes youth developement, and Italian players. But now that they have 20% less season ticket holders than last season, the club needs to do something to convince fans to go watch Juve at the stadium. It depends, who is the player you’d rather watch, Dzeko, Krasic, or Elia?

Edin Dzeko was the first idea, a center-forward which has creativity and strength, but Wolfsburg demand at least 40 million Euros for the striker, which is probably a bit overpriced, especially for Juventus. After Dzeko, Juventus wanted Krasic, the speedy CSKA Moscow winger, but while the player said that he had everything worked out, there seemed to be a few problems with the negotiations between the clubs, so the Serbian wasn’t bought. Now, Juventus are looking at Eljaro Elia for the left wing, 23 year-old Dutch winger who currently plays for Hamburg.

Juventus already made a bid of 11 million Euros for Elia, but it was rejected by Hamburg, who would want more money for the very promising player. It seems that Juventus will have to offer at least 15 million Euros to get Elia, an amount of money that can probably be spent, especially now that some players are starting to leave. Elia would certainly be a great addition for Juventus, a fast player with great dribbling ability who likes to cut inside to use his right foot, and the youngster can play in the midfield, or even in attack. And at just 23 years-old, Elia would be an addition for the Juventus of the future, and if the player were to explode and become the next Cristiano Ronaldo, even better for Juventus who would probably sell him for the money.

But just because Juventus like the idea of having Elia, doesn’t mean that they haven’t been looking at other players, in fact Juventus have been very interested in Michel Bastos. Bastos who currently plays for Lyon would probably fit better to the teams needs because he can play on the left side of the midfield, or he can slot in at left-back. A very attacking player who scores plenty of goals (last season 10, and the one before that 14), but he is older than Elia at 27, and would probably cost a bit more. Juventus have plenty of options, but they’ll need to pick one soon, or else they might end up empty-handed.

Juventus still haven’t really decided which player they want, they could still chase after Krasic, or go after Dzeko, but it seems like their preferred choice would be Elia. And the young Dutch player might attract some more fans to the stadium, but what do you think? Be sure to comment below and vote in the poll!

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0 Responses to Juventus want Elia instead of Krasic

  1. bookmakers says:

    Elia is indeed the better pick

  2. Rami S. says:

    I’d prefer Bastos but he showed he can be provoked and could lose his temper as seen in the clash against Holland when Dunga had to replace him to avoid a red card. However, he was marking Robben who is very talented and has many tricks while also displaying a wide range of flopping moves! Robben is quite talented but he showed time again in the Champions League and then the World Cup that he has a tendency to flop. Considering that, I think Bastos could be a good fit for Juve.

    I think Dzeko is over-priced and if I had a choice between him and Krasic, I’d pick Krasic at the much cheaper price.

  3. Niccolo says:

    Yep, I prefer Bastos to Krasic, but I really think that Elia is a talent for the future, a player that if in the right environment, can become one of the best. But I also think that Bastos has the most experience having played in the French league and for the Brazilian national team, so I think he would fit best for Juve.

  4. Luciano says:

    It’s so hard to say who’d be better, but my opinion, Krasic/Elia

  5. Well right now more people have voted for Dzeko, but I agree with you Luciano, Juve need someone on the left wing.

    • Rami S. says:

      Some tend to vote for the likes of Dzeko because he’s a finisher. No doubt the Bosnian can score but when considering what Juve need, I’d say the left side is in desperate need of reinforcement.

      The thing about Bastos is he can cover all the left-flank but if a deal for him is not possible then Krasic is a cheaper option than Dzeko (yes Krasic is not a striker but I am talking from cost perspective) and if he fails then at least he would have cost much less than Dzeko.

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